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The Dawn Of Understanding

"The Dawn Of Understanding" (2004)

1. Epilogue - Tenebrae
2. Fading Away
3. A Dying Flame
4. Thy Threnody
5. The Orchid
6. Butterfly on a Wheel
7. The Sorrow in Your Eyes
8. Embrace the Pain
9. Finale - The Break of Dawn

1. Epilogue - Tenebrae

...And as you close your eyes for the last time
I see that death does not bring the end of the dream
For the same death
that now takes you away from me
Shall some day return
take me by the hands
And guide me back to you.

2. Fading Away

And suddenly I don’t feel anything anymore
My heart has grown numb
Even the tears are cold now
Could it be the absence of your light?
Could it be that the sun has set?
Could it be your eyes that watch me from far away?
Could it be your smile that has faded away?

Show me the being that have been in love
and hasn’t shed tears
Show me the one whose heart hasn’t bled
in anguish and discomfort
Show me your eyes.
Show me the path that will take me there
And the keys to unlock the gate
Let me in and comfort me
And I shall break the chains and set you free
And then free I too shall be.

3. A Dying Flame

Can you feel?
It seams to be so far away...
Would you stay?
My arms are weak and tired now...…
Would you hold my hands
as I start the journey to the no mans’ land
And dive into the endless sleep
there’s no return….

The abyss seams cold and deep
I see the clouds
I feel the crown of misery.
The light is fading away,
the Day is dying now
The light that blinds won’t let me see,
and thunder bolts across the sky
In my tearful eyes the loneliness
and then the silence that bleeds my soul
If I could only fall asleep
I’d dream of us in better days
The Autumn nights and a soft cold breeze
whine and poems by the fire place

In silence I think…
is it really the end of the dream my dearest one?
Must it really end this way?
It feels like the act is over…
Curtains are down the theater is empty and rests in silence
and what’s left Is the darkness and the emptiness
that lingers deep inside my soul

Would you try?
Don’t let me go, I’m so afraid
One more kiss…...
It makes me think if it will be the last
Look at me...
and tell me what’s inside your mind
Hold my hands…
And promise you’ll always be with me.

4. Thy Threnody

Down by the dark river
I can still hear a voice
that softly sings a melody pure and calm
a melody that soothes me
as I drift away on my sleep.

It’s another cold rainy day
the dark clouds on the even darker sky
spills out its freezing tear drops over my head.
The tall and ancient trees cry
shaken by the northern winds can be heard
throughout the valley for so long we called home.
Once a quiet place filled with mystery and magic…

It’s been so long my dearest one,
so much has changed...
Yet some things are still the same
but the dark ages have taken place
in this once joyful heart of mine
It keeps raining all of the time
and my days are nothing but walls
standing between myself
and the day I shall be free as I once was

I feel the weight of the years
on my now frail body
and my face now shows the signs of aging.
The nights always bring some hope
for a morning that would never come

And now by the dark river
a voice sings a different melody
A melody to those without a voice
A sorrowful melody
to those who’ve been embraced by obscurity
A tragic melody of pain and beauty
to those who are no longer here
A mournful threnody carrying all of my pain,
taken by the winds to where you sleep
A threnody to you my dearest one.

5. The Orchid

And so the sun sets...
And so the rain falls...
And I cry on my sleep
for I see her face… so real.

But it won’t be long now
for I shall not see the morning rise.
…And there is a cold soft breeze
that tries to easy my pain
…And when I fall
I feel your arms
leading me to a safer place
…And we’re now one
The dark veil of death
lies upon us now
And we shall never be
apart again.

6. Butterfly on a Wheel

(The Mission UK cover)

7. The Sorrow in Your Eyes

Sleep… Like a child
And Dream…
The dream of angels
And if you see me coming down
hold on tight to my hand
and don’t look back
if it’s time to say good by.

The sorrow in your eyes…
your sweet innocence
the pain deep inside…
The sky has faded to black
but I can see through the mist
I watch the golden fields
as the first ray of light announces the day
I see the blood red sky
beyond the mountains as the sun sets
I see the first star far away
And I see the last one as it rests for the day.
There’s no comfort or joy
There’s no life or will to live
In the autumn I am the golden leaves
at the wind driven away from home
In the summer I am the snow upon the sand.

…And I fall in days of suffering
My soul screams in silence
And here we stay afraid of the light
We take shelter on the shadows
of winters now gone
The winds of the dark night call for us
The cold rain that falls
like frozen tears from the sky
Remind me of
your sweet sad eyes.

8. Embrace the Pain

On your face the fear…
But it's over now my dear
Can you feel the breeze?
Warm... Calm... Comforting...
And what once shinned so bright
with beauty and suavity
Was now laying still
in a humid and dark end.

Such calm in those eyes
Such sweetness in those lips
So much pain and misery
they have brought into this life of mine
Where I come from there is no god,
There's no mercy and there's no joy
Forsaken land where the good soul
is yet to be born...

But still love made its way
through the desert
And planted itself
into my darkened chest
Love bloomed and for some time
it shinned and gave me peace
But as the sand shifted away
love drifted... love faded...
But I had no fear, I knew no fear.

But the gloomy day came on my way
I saw the sky so dark and full of clouds
Your bloody lips and your star like eyes
The brightening light that was your life
the wind put out.
And darkness fell
and at that moment I embraced you again
Helpless I watched you die...
Love had brought me pain!

9. Finale - The Break of Dawn


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