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An Angel And The Eternal Silence

"An Angel And The Eternal Silence" (2002)

1. Lies
2. Shadows Reigns
3. Like Roses And Thorns
4. Tulips (And The Garden Looks So Sad)
5. Songs for the Sorrowful Souls
6. As The Autumn Comes...
7. ...And The Night Falls
8. Eternally
9. In Articulo Mortis

1. Lies

... and the night went on,
not a sound or voice,
but the rain and lightning,
that turned the night into day,
and made me wonder where to go,
for a shelter from your lies.
The suffering inside,
that's piercing through my soul,
became so hard to breath now,
and I feel numb from head to toe.
All the distorted lies,
trying to set me into fear,
but I'm stronger than you think,
and I'm ready to break free.

2. Shadows Reigns

Are you alive?
I think so…
And how does it feel to be alive?
I wouldn't know…
They took my freedom and threw it to the wolves
They've restrained me in this walless prison
and confined me within myself.
I can no longer speak and what I still can hear
is what they want me to. It's like Salem all
over again, it's inquisition on the 21 century,
we live in this land where dreams are like a curse.
Your eyes are just like mine,
But your mind is not so bright
If you think I'm far behind
you've got your ass in the fire line
your theory is a fucking shame the world
is far from a perfect place because of
you and your screwed up ways I'm sick
and tired of your fucking face,
Die, die, die…
Now taste the pain of all those who've
died because of you and your fucking lies
You've got to taste the pain of all those who've died.
Shadows reigns across the land, atrocity…
it's the human nature, heartless ones in the name
of god We fight for peace, are we alone?
Social injustices and your shameful racism
in this no mans land we cry for help We've
had enough of your bullshit. We fight for
peace are we alone?
This is a song of celebration,
let's celebrate the death of us all.

3. Like Roses And Thorns

When the darkness fall
We shall become one, flesh and blood
body and souls.
Now and forever we shall live as one
Like roses and thorns
Like sorrow and tears.
And we'll be greater than death
for death wont touch us no more
or tear us apart, beyond love
beyond fear of loss for we are now one.
Beyond all pain
beyond all sorrow
beyond all grief
Now and forever we shall live as one
Like roses and thorns
Like sorrow and tears.
I shall not live again without your smile
and not a day will go by without your touch
without the warmth of your embrace
wont you return and rescue me from the pain.

4. Tulips (And The Garden Looks So Sad)

..And the night falls once again,
I light the candles...
and as I look out the windows,
the silence and the darkness fill my heart with sorrow.
My body feels, so tired now,
and I hear her voice fading away.. .
the breeze and the cold rain...
and then I could hear a child cry from miles away.
I watch the moon and write about the past,
the tulips in the garden are so sad,
like a lonely bird I watch the night going by,
and I think of when your light would shine so bright,
about the child that once was mine,
and about the flowers that now have died.

5. Songs for the Sorrowful Souls

Act I - Frozen tears

…And if the time has come to say good by,
I’ll dry my weeping eyes,
and feel your hands for the last time.
Don’t fade away…
The winds of the dark night
calls for us, And here we stay with fear of light,
The cold rain that falls like frozen tears
from the sky Comforts my soul…
And angels of the deep sing a funereal song
through the whole land… Give me peace
Bring me peace again And maybe some day we will find
All the joy that there could be in our hearts

Act II - Pact of Souls

I put out the candle lights
and lay alone In the dark tears
running from my sad eyes
…From my sad eyes…
I remember the time
When your light shined so bright
Just like the moon just like the stars…
Come to stay with me now
Break free from your cold dark grave
And then there will be no more pain
And sorrow won’t follow me on my way.
…Because there is no linger life Apart from myself
Can you feel my pain?
It’s tearing me from inside
It’s piercing through my soul
I’m looking out the windows
I’m watching the time go by
My soul screams in silence
I’ll join you on the other side…
Our essence will leave this place today
Our body will turn to dust
But we’ll be still alive I
n the dark of the night...
Of the night…

6. As The Autumn Comes...

... and I'm seating here,
the night is falling in this cold autumn evening...
I watch the leaves as they fall.
The trees are like shadows
against the dying sun beyond the mountains,
and the flowers I sent you did not reach you in time.
Then I remember when I held her hands,
trying to clean the tears from her face
and she passed away slowly,
as tears were flowing out from my sad eyes,
the candles no longer shines."
But you'll still be my shelter,
my angel, my other self,
and every time I close my eyes,
I can hear you, I hear you calling my name..."
I don't feel the blood running in my veins,
the world is full of broken and empty dreams,
I hold on to my dreams as if they were my only reality,
and there is no light from miles away,
it feels like I've been far for so long,
so far from my self...
The darkness took place, no dreams came true,
but the everlasting flame still burns inside,
and I have a dull smile on my face.

7. ...And The Night Falls

The day light is fading away,
the secrets remains untold,
it hurts me so to see you asleep,
a motionless angel and the purple background.
For every tear drop that rolls down my face,
a sweet memory from the now lost days.
And if the sun light now hurts my eyes,
the moon and the velvet sky shall be my rest,
lay your face on my chest,
let me feel your lips... your lips.
I could taste the tear drops from her face,
as she cried she made light from her sorrow,
she opened her long wings trying to clean
the flowing tears from her face,
and she did not say a word,
but behind her body I could
see, the clouds and the mist,
the horizon fading in to black,
and as the sun died and the moon raised
I built my castle around the ruins
of what is gone... of what is gone...
Come closer my angel,
and release me from this pain,
because the winds of time are not so strong,
the winds went by,
but the ashes are still here.

8. Eternally

Act I - Absence of your light

There is a shadow along the river...
its so dark here...
It makes me wonder why was the moon hiding from me?
Was it me? Or was it you?
Who will take the blame for all the wasted time?
And I see tears on the mirror,
I've been far for so long,
it feels like I have been sleeping,
for centuries, sleeping...
and your eyes have died...
in tears your eyes have died. and my eyes have cried...
in tears my eyes have cried.
Your heart became a passage and your soul broke free.
I would choose to keep you here, inside,
but not always the choice is ours to make,
look at me... I'm much more than you can see...
Get closer, feel my lips, and touch my soul,
steal the essence of my flesh,
bring back a piece of what is gone,
of what once was called "life".
Can you answer my questions?
Is not love a word of joy?
So give one reason for my sorrow,
flesh and bones... no longer warm.

Act II - Painless now

Far, so far away...
I can hear your voice as you tell me not to cry.
As the sun goes down in this black winter night,
tears were flowing from my sad eyes.
I lay down at the shades of the old times... and remember,
and to remember is to bring back
pieces of pain from the past.
I'm still here... I'm still cry,
but two souls united by the power of passion,
can't be apart by the shadows of death.
And I'll bring you here, inside, wherever I go,
for ever and ever,
until the day when I'll see you again...

9. In Articulo Mortis

I dreamed of an alluring land,
a land beyond all mans aspirations,
a boundless land,
where the morning breeze blows warm
and the dreams of eternal love,
once faded by the shadows of death, becomes real.
My soul left the flesh,
and as I floated through this land,
I screamed your name out loud,
and as it echoed through this land
I could see through the mist,
your star like eyes, shining,
You, walking gracefully on the
vast field of green grass.
Charming moves, like an angel,
dropping in my eyes a light that shined
and gave me peace.
" Don't be afraid , there is no longer
reason for your grief..."
I could feel the warm tears running down my face,
and the weird combination of cheerfulness and pain
in my heart.
Possessed by the beauty of the landscape,
hands stretched on the air I reached for you...
...I reached for you but I could not touch your hands,
then I saw the lights turning in to darkness,
cloudy and dark it became,
I saw you fading away, slowly you faded away,
crying you faded away,
then I opened my eyes and you where gone.


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