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Progression through deterioration

"Progression through deterioration" (2004 Demo)

1. From The Ashes
2. Sheltered By Inferno
3. The Beyond
4. Theme For The Dead
5. Alcoholocaust (7 Voices Of Hate)

1. From The Ashes

From the ashes born, a new beginning dawns.
Disciples of chaos resurrect and form.
From beyond the grave sounds the symphony of war.
Smashing through the gates of death with ten fist-wielded scorn.
Thought the beast was dead?
Thought the grave would quiet the call?
Pity are your weapons, fable mortal craft!
Left to rot, devoured by unearthly pain.
Dead and burned, brought back to life to kill again!
A thousand screams of death greet the rising dawn.
From the ashes born!
This is rebirth, adrenaline, breathing life through stagnant limbs.
Zombie teeth grinding deep, postmortem evolution.
Cutting threads of dying faith of narrow-minded ire.
Fire raging in my veins, the lust for blood the thirst for life.
The sound of heavy boots against the marble steps.
The battering of clenched fists against the pearly gates.

2. Sheltered By Inferno

Falling from "grace", from the crumbling halls of the charlatan hordes.
Feathers burning to ashes as I sear my wings to quicken the fall.
Rising again from sulphur plains to your six feet under realm.
Grim and foul behind a mask of obediance and righteousness.
What defines the beast? The hunter or the hunted?
You've locked the cage and thrown the key
but you're standing on the wrong side of the bars.
Now suffer the pain of truth.
Blasphemy <--> lucidity
Malignancy <--> humanity
Brutishness <--> our heritage
Cocytus <--> our mother earth
Spare me of your obsolete words, do I preach for thee?
Ask of me no guidance for none was given me.
Reverence may still exist but only for the mindful few
who tame the beast and burn the cross of ever-enslaving grace!

3. The Beyond

Nails driven into skin, acid scorching flesh.
Blinded by hate they preach: bury the evil beneath.
Sealed in an endless sleep, buried by time.
Veiled in darkness hell awaits their prey.
Woe be unto him who ventures near
the seventh gate to hell, the tomb of the damned.
Living dead will walk the earth as nightmare and existance blend.
Behold the gathering of the damned.
The gateway opens for my frozen eyes
Forever cursed, to feed of flesh and gore
Heed Eibon, see the prophecy unfold
I'm drawn beyond the gates of hell in chains
To the beyond (divine realms of pain)
Flee, the hunt is on, the legions of hell are drawing closer there is no escape.
Trapped, in lifeless wasteland.
Forever caught in this domain, caged forever within this frame!
The gathering of the damned! The armies of hell will walk this earth!
The gathering of the damned! I'm trapped within beyond!

4. Theme For The Dead

Foreshadow of the wicked, uncanny beast of prey
Bestowed with demonic virtue. We watched you stray the path to hell
Inside the sickened heart, terror dwells again
The same old torture with just a different name
The same old hunger begging to be quenched
Another smite for vengeance, this is the theme for the dead!
Praise be the victims the fuel for his fire
Praise be the blood, water for his barren realm
The faces may change but deep inside the mirage
echoes the hymn of vengeance, the theme for the dead!
Inside the sickened heart, horror reigns again
The same old carnage with just a different face
The same old thirst begging to be quenched
Another smite for vengeance, this is the theme for the dead!

5. Alcoholocaust (7 Voices Of Hate)


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