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Dissection Of A Mind

"Dissection Of A Mind" (2002 Demo)

1. My Own Grave
2. Disbeliever
3. Death Is Infinite
4. Ever mourning change '02

1. My Own Grave

Since dawn of time we have evolved from ape to man to predator.
As we rape the land that gave us birth,
infestering our planet with unending thirst.
Another page in history, another year goes by.
We age, we learn, we reproduce, a journey to damnation.
From sword and axe to armored tanks, well genocide's improved,
god seems nothing but a scapegoat from weakness born, obeyed by fools.
Has all the reason lost? If not, can you explain
why you remain the fool, why you deny the blame?
I'm laughing at your heaven, I'm living in your hell
where sanity's rejected, where stupidity is bliss.
And so I betray the light, I refuse the poison,
I choose the left hand path!
this time I won't be begging,
I won't be digging the hole to my own fucking grave!
It seems you never listen, never understand,
filthy, rooted deep, in filthy, holy ground.
I've built my world on reason, I've built my world on truth.
Your shepherd is dead and your herd is dying too.

2. Disbeliever

I have never been so exact. Depraved yet irreverent, modified.
To this I am non-caring, non-understanding
silent stone to all the lies.
Raping the words of a billion voices,
grinning at the agony.
Their absent eyes, staring in disfigure.
I'm not dreamless because you sleep
(I am) slipping away from the grasp
of the misled, decaying flock.
I am the derision, I am the despise
(I am) the disbelief.
This is my indifference, this is my disgust
(this is) my disbelief.
Seeking lore in all this cowardice
keep your icons of hypocrisy.
They call us legion for we are many
I'm not dreamless because you sleep

3. Death Is Infinite

One nervous breath , one trembling step.
The preface starts, my body aches
What is this world, what is my purpose?
Why is there more than what meets the eye under the surface?
Seek out those precious little seeds, the shreds of joy, the shreds of grief.
Turn back the time to laugh and cry, rejoice cause now it's time to die
Come help my fortress to evolve, come put your soul into the work.
What's that? Too tired to achieve? you're replacable with a machine.
This shows my path, this marks the edges of the journey towards death.
To build me up, to drag me down the signs are anxious to misguide.
Without a torch to light my way I stagger blindly in the dark,
I bleed, I beg for amnesty but one must dare to live to die
Slowly I understand as my life draws near the end
I hope it was worth it, kiss the reaper and face the fact that death is infinite.
I sold my soul to buy a life (but one must learn to read the margins)
I trade believes, I trade my sight (and so I fall instead of climbing)
I hope this ride was worth the struggle (my destination is oblivion)
I'm out of keys, I'm out of time. I dared to live, I dared to die!

4. Ever mourning change '02

Inside the ever spinning mouse-wheel
the greyning sky remains a wall.
I play the role of a hand-crafted toy,
quiet scissors cut my form.
Waiting always seems a distant drag,
nothing paving nothing's street with stones.
Solitude was never my demand,
what becomes of this remains unknown.
Sleeping well in... turning my believes over and over in my head.
Silent screaming, rejecting taste of pain,
saving the ever mourning change.
Raging, mumbling, the mouse-wheel turns slow.
A brick is missing in the wall.
Shades of color flickering the toy,
seeking dry land in my leaking scull.


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