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Blood And Ashes

"Blood And Ashes" (2003 Demo)

1. Heathen Divinity
2. Spread The Plague
3. The Misanthropic Creature
4. 6:666 PM

1. Heathen Divinity

The corroded society of hypocrites, where mindly weakness is refined,
Where normal life is sin and for that your salvation is denied.
Keep your mind free, hang religion in the gallows of knowledge.
Wrap the rope tight, and burn their ornaments of pain.
Wormtungue preachers, falsehood vows.
Another bloodshed, another corpse.
Another victim craved, raped by the light of christ.
Another mind enslaved, another carcass for the flies.
Seems easy to escape the hell we live in every day.
Easy to be forgiven, by the grace of divine decay.
Your chain of faith grows weaker your minions fall prey
to the enlightened, to the beasts of heathen divinity.

2. Spread The Plague

Born in captivity, growing from a whisper to a scream.
A force too strong to seal within, leaking through the wounds of man.
I saw it back when it was fetus and yet my blood was ice.
I've seen it now and felt its powers, undrying well of our demise.
"So listen to the inner voice of lies"
Spread the plague, invite it, embrace it!
There's no escape when the virus takes its toll.
Spread the plague - rebirth in hatred.
Through sickness and pain.. infected, corrupted, dissolved.
Hungerless and sleepless, moving faster than light.
Over oceans, over cities, destroying bounds, infecting hearts.
I'll have to end this now, for I feel I'm not alone...
And the day the first bombs fell, who would take the blame?
Connected by blood, severed by greed, we were all infected!
All that was torn to see the dawn of a new day has forever been smashed.
The tattered pieces of yesterday are but memories, ashes and dust.

3. The Misanthropic Creature

I'm like a shell without core, the scream that never dies out.
I'd cut myself but there's no pain,
(just) an endless symphony without sound.
Today we gather, come forth kins, creatures of the night.
We lay to rest the shell of the misanthropic creature.
I am the bloodless heart, the dreamless sleeper.
The cursed, forsaken pagan. I am the misanthropic creature.
The silent chaos, (the) dissonance in sanctity.
I am the broken mirror staring back through pieces.
Of glass, of stone, of filth and weed.
Cloaking through aeons of grief - backbound, bleeding...

4. 6:666 PM

There was no prophetic wisdom, last signs or revelations.
Every holy book was silent as we completed our own destruction.
That day we died as equals, falling warheads don't segregate.
As the clock struck 6:66 p.m only blood and ashes would remain!
We dug our graves and raised our tombstones,
deep inside our casket shelters we waited.
Foul air crept in through steelclad tunnels.
Mankind died justified lower than the insects.
We played god and we played devil, turned our Eden to Gehenna.
We were judge and we were hangman hence we never saw the sentence.
Parting us in good and evil, we could close our eyes to reason.
Thus our chapted reached an end 6:66 p.m!
In whatever twisted cosmos, in whatever carnal breed..
in a world that creates a spark flames will follow!


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