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Solar Child

"Solar Child" (2001)

1. Monument
2. Cosmic Orgasm
3. Bound & Lost
4. Failed Experiment I
5. Failed Experiment II
6. Mirrors
7. Solar Child
8. Dead Season
9. Twin
10. Kings of Plush
11. Infinity
12. Sunday

1. Monument

Hello next century - next millennium hello
Should we be afraid
Should you be scared of mankind

A skin protects us but it will be a sieve
The pores will expand fantastic gates
We have the chance to survive or to die
A gateway predicts new ways

Spread out your arms - enjoy it
Spread out your minds - be afraid

You will sense the pressure
You will taste our filth
You will drop out of society
You will suffocate on the new light

Maybe we should hope
We can pray - but to whom?
Icons are useless
Datafiles will help
In the true sense of words
We can exclude the mentally-ill
Millennium means start all over again

Spread out your arms - enjoy it
Spread out your minds - be afraid
And raise a monument of future

2. Cosmic Orgasm

I?m getting in - instinct gives me the power
You can feel me - I am here
I take possession of your sentiments
An invisible veil

The haze is organic - it's a real threat
Possessed by ecstatic - shrouded in mysteries

Look at her you are wild with enthusiasm
Movement's getting uncontrolled
It?s fun to torment with my sensual kind
I make you blind

If you want - call me virus
If you can - come to terms with me
Anytime you'll see I'm your friend
Call me virus - if you still want
Call me!
Amorousness if you will see

3. Bound & Lost

I sit on a wooden chair
A place with cold grey walls
The sun gives off a faint beam
Which will be destroyed by dust
Nothing happens, nothing
Eyes are swollen

You'll be bound and lost in these walls
I don't know
What has robbed your control
Once more
Rescue from the freedom
I don't know
You rot in your own excretions
No one helps you

The colour of things begins to change
I will go sick
No one's screaming, laughing, crying
The skin is wrinkled
Eyes are wide opened
Forget all thoughts of hope

Caught in this nowhere
Bones will get rigid
Motionless you lay down
On this cold grey stone

4. Failed Experiment I

I am a tender something
Caught in a golden cage
The wonder of new age
Created in a moving dream - just a concept
Years passed by - countless equations
'Til the theory about me was created
I broke their minds
Even though I did not exist
They were possessed by the dream

No one comes close to me
Sometimes I taste the salt from my skin
Life goes through my mind
I want to be damned

I was predictably influenced
By diabolic genius
No one thought about possible aftereffects
And now?

A failed experiment
Well, here I'm held
Fenced in but intelligent
None of them provides me with affection

None of them provides me with affection
They are afraid of me - the monster of a new age
Sometimes I wish I was stillborn
Sometimes I dream I was simply different

5. Failed Experiment II

I could run away and hide
I could writhe with pain
And I'll sense you're still on my side
And I know I could never love you

I am the eclipse which covers up your sun
I have authority over you which overwhelms
I am your supervisor

No second without your torture
It makes me dead keen on

Full of malicious energy
Pleading and prayer won't help
Instructed to devastate a soul
For a prolonged period

It depressed me a necessary evil
Obsessed by the lack of clarity
Am I the source of error?
That's my own fault
I waste someone's time

6. Mirrors

Standing before a mirror
And I put a gun to my head
Day by day a step further into nothingness
But now the cask is overflown

It seems to be that there's a voice
Speaking to me from within the glass
I hear words that try to save me
And tell me something about the good things in life
Maybe I should think-over my situation?

Suddenly I realize that mirrors cannot speak
And I see that the light at the end of the tunnel
Is just another train

A growing fear is filling my inner void
Is there another sense in life for me?
What else can I expect for myself?

I think I'm at the point of no return
Now I will disappear
This is the end
It?s better to lose all control

7. Solar Child

First assembly will be a reunion
New breeds produce old poverty
Time finds new dimensions
Forthcoming the beginning of the next existence
Come fortress come

Are we prepared for uncertainty?
We are the mind of this machinery
The future - the start of new mortality

The center of energy
A solar child will assert supremacy
It comes from the galaxy of friendliness
Where the sun shines

Where flowers are in bloom
Where birds chirp on the trees
Where dolphins glide through the ocean
But here there'll be no sun!

8. Dead Season

Fog is passing through these dunes
Little seagull trembles on the breakwater
Behind us trees are barren
I admire Mother Nature in her beauty
Only the sea is living
But very shallow - it's the dead season

Come into my arms tonight
I will keep you warm
My little princess
My baby I'll hold you tight

Is nothing there to let us know
In which time we are?
Nothing that's turning around us
A gentle breeze blows a melody
On the withered grass which paralyzes
A sight only for the pair on the beach
Nevertheless - it's the dead season

My promise - you will never lose me
I will never leave you
And slowly your inner sun goes down
I can't shed your light upon

9. Twin

Open the gate to a new level
Zero point starts 2008
My friend is me he has my genius
What is to come for us
We have the same girl

Scientists duplicate me
3, 4 or 100 times
Fear or pleasure

No feeling for risk, no overview
No time, no return
The history comes through our future
Comes through my genetic code

She loves me and everybody gives her my seed
Is there a sense?
Now it makes me sick

We have the same girl-and she'll never know

10. Kings of Plush

Do you like to follow us?
The invitation leads to a coloured kingdom
Do you want to talk with us?
You have to take off your rags

We're the unknown cuddletoys
And live in space
We abduct you in our empire
You have to call us
The kings of plush!

We are the kings of plush

Diamonds and pearls show us the way
We are the friends who look nice everyday
We transform to wizards, magicians
Who radiate pleasurable sensations

Is the transition accomplished
Is the inhibition given up
Virgins are addicted to us
We enchant their intimacy
Virgins are addicted to us
Is the inhibition given up
The transition is complete

11. Infinity

Are you excited? Why?
You'll be the hero
Say goodbye to your vicinity

Look what a starlit night
Take a seat - forward line of vision
10 seconds - maximum adrenaline
Look what a starlit night

No drugs can expend the mind so strong
Emotional outburst after a while
Hormones gone crazy
Massive it drills through my own galaxy

On the verge of tears
No mind expansion
The first cry of fear
It's too late for recall

Soon it's time to start
Say goodbye to your wife
Say goodbye to your vicinity

12. Sunday

In the galaxy of friendliness
The birds are still chirping
I take a look at the beach
Where the supervisor feeds the little seagull

Only I can watch the whole scenery

The solar child touches the princess
For a moment her sun is shining bright again
It's good to see that only through my vibes
The equilibrium of things is intact

The cuddletoys have some drinks with the twin
In the pub where the tender-something works
There's a mirror - big as a monument
On the wall with the dolphin-wallpaper

Only I can watch the whole scenery
A perfect unity - all together
I stand for recovery and harmony
But soon a new time will come


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