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The Last Season Of Life

"The Last Season Of Life" (2003 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Mirror's Face
3. Winter (The Last Season Of Life)
4. Hallucination

1. Intro

2. Mirror's Face

Look inside, deep inside, very deep into my mind,
Search my thoughts, all my dreams, see what happens when I sleep,
Trust my word, that will lure into my dead fantasy,
Embrace your heart, and your soul, come with me to my world,
Life means death when not fed, do you see everything red?
Crime is sweet, flesh is week, I saw the pleasure in dead meat,
My hands are blades in beauty’s face, where I thought appears disgrace, I want to kill, I want to feel, I want to steal souls.

The devils mark in my heart shines like a dead star,
My mind in terror, in a broken mirror, my reflex,
A double personality, confusion and insanity, I hear the voices in my head,
I don’t want you in me again,
I don’t want, I'm me again.

The devil has won again the soul of this man
The devil has won again the soul of this man

Here am I, again in me,
My mind his mine, for one last time.
Who am I when I’m not here?
I don’t now, but I fear
What beast shall live inside of me?
What thoughts does he hide from me?
The night hides his other face.
The light pulls him from disgrace.

The devil has won again the soul of this man.

3. Winter (The Last Season Of Life)

The kiss of winter feels again,
The ice of its lips covers the land, again,
The wind and the moon dances one more time,
With the sound of silence that never dies…
Never dies.

And there’s a lake made of silver tears,
That was left behind with the years,
And it reflects only the coldest past,
Of our life’s that vanish so fast.

The aged trees offer their lounges to nature,
In respect of the end that comes for sure,
They make this as if saying,
“For you we die cause you are our mother,
Our most precious queen...”

Their roots belong to this precious earth,
Their pain on us does not hurt,
And so the gathering is felt one more time!

The gathering is prepared for the event,
Waiting only the true end,
The choosen of the strongest ones,
And the death of the weak blood,
By the lake gathers every kind of life,
The magic flows in the air of the night,
The whispers of the wind become stronger,
The lights of the lake become stranger.

And suddenly silence screams with pain,
Death with its presence has came,
To take the ones who must die,
And to kiss the ones who can see the moonlight.

4. Hallucination

Magic and its creatures have found a way to be free,
Like angels with dark winds, they fly indeed over the sea,
There’s leprechauns and unicorns hide afraid to show,
But you know you can see them all in smoke when you want to fly!

Sorcerers in flames, their spell begins to burst inside your brain,
You hear the angels choir singing your name felling your hot desire,
Eyes in red with blood like if paradise had fall into the earth,
The breath of undead hounds fills your longs like they never did before,
The witches makes you spin changing to white the colour of your skin,
Such beauty fantasy living inside of me and now I see,
All source of creatures crawling around my presence screaming
“We are free”
And you don’t know who you are ‘cause your soul just wants to fly!!

This book of magic will only close when you fall asleep,
Such beauty fantasy living inside of me, and now I see,
Those creatures that crawled around my presence,
They know they’re free, and I'm now a part of them,
Now I'm also free!!!!!!!


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