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Songs of Darkness, Words of Light

"Songs of Darkness, Words of Light" (2004)

1. The Wreckage Of My Flesh
2. The Scarlet Garden
3. Catherine Blake
4. My Wine In Silence
5. The Prize Of Beauty
6. The Blue Lotus
7. And My Fury Stands Ready
8. A Doomed Lover

1. The Wreckage Of My Flesh

Loathsome I�ve become.
A creature so undone.
Wretched and broken.
Cannot find my faith.
Any God will do.
Nothing said is new.
Nothing said is true.

The embrace of shade holds me dear.
Eats me away.
Loose the dogs of disgrace upon me.
I have no faith.
Raise the poor outcast I have become.
I am undone.
Calm is the air. Still is the sea.
The valley of death keeps calling me.

Rest my eyes from the world.
This dying place, it�s so absurd.
Oh, Christ above, whom I love.
Lost to me. My snow white dove.
Make this day like the night.
Songs of darkness. Words of light.
Pulling down my heart.
I won't forget my lovers heart.

With utter loathing and scorn.
I was somehow born.
Strewn in black decay.
None shall I obey.
The wreckage of my flesh.
The nakedness of my death.

2. The Scarlet Garden

I know no shame

The empire of my desire
Gathers you into my fire
I hope you fall. I hope you call,
My filthy name. It makes you crawl
On your knees, with all your pleas.
Lay down there, look up at me.

Are you alive my dear, and breathing?
Are you diseased my dear, and bleeding?
I�ll lift you high my dear,
I�ll have you dreaming.
�Tis time to say farewell, to your pleading.

Poor devil as thou art. A ruin at my feet.
Go drop your little life, and welcome up my sleep.
So briefly at my side. So simple in defeat.

No more lies utter from you.
From mine eyes I must take you.
No longer wise. Nothing is new.
Tears from my trembling faith.
You shall not die unsung.

Goodbye my dear, you wicked thing.
I have no tears, beautiful thing.
No silver pail to catch them in.
So ends this tale you did not win.

3. Catherine Blake

So vile mens� torment was truly a pleasure
A plan that would change mankind for ever more

Catherine Blake slept finally in the
Summer night. In the heat.
She murmured gently, and moved smoothly,
This way and that. Oh, the beauty.
Her luscious eyes, delicate fingers,
Clawed at her sodden bed.
Catherine smiled. Took a fabulous breath
Of summer air and tasted death.

Die Erorians� visit had been successful, rewarding.
Wish nights of female screams of whimpers
Lustful dreams.
Night followed rampant night of
Delicate soft gasps.
The ultimate attack on all Heaven and it�s glories.
Seduce them as they slept, obvious to
Their midnight tryst.
The seed of doom was planted.
Phantom raped in their dreams.
The sad ones take their own lives.
Slay their men night after night.

Catherine Blake dreamt of a horror.
Of passion too and of terror.
Over silent breast, shadows swept,
Shades caressed.

Motherhood was destroyed by the seed
And laid to waste.
A great rift was born. Men and the
World were torn.
The daggers went in deep, vile and sickening.
Women swept away all infancy from their wombs.
And still the Lord God remained silent,
No utterance, no movement, no tears.
The earth became red.
The cutting machines of man.
Disgust and hatred for the lives of women.
The butchery, the savagery, did spill
Unto themselves.
A chorus of agony from Heaven and rain poured
In a colossus of angels tears.
The creature of all sins. The lord of the bleakest abode.
Did wonder at the silence.
What did the Almighty know?
All Hell did fill with the screaming souls
Of dead men.
The mighty army of God did stand and wait,
Hoping our lord would unleash them all.
The great fiery pit. Hordes ripping apart.
Chaos ensued, screaming from the dark.
Observing his darkened child, in the miserable corners
Of earth.
The great heart of God will heal up the earth.
The Lord watched as he beloved slipped silently
Back into the darkness below.

4. My Wine In Silence

Where are you now my love?
My sweet one.
Where have you gone my love?
I�m so alone.

I only think of you.
And it drives me down.
I only dream of you.

I�ll come to you. Take my hand.
Hold me again. Please take my hand

Please me now my love.
Where are you now, oh my sweet love.

5. The Prize Of Beauty

I cannot turn my life unto you.

A storm of ebony hair.
A hail of wickedness.
Handsome as a God.
Wild and shameless.
Given the prize of beauty.
Image of wretchedness.
Divine like no other.
Kiss the poison breast.
Flamed like the sun.
Lives make undone.
Words soft as snow.
Souls claimed and won.
An opiate drugged haze.
Beds of shapeless dust.
Cries all night.
Dreams of filthy lust.
Lair of hopelessness.
Mires of sorrow.
Never falls.
Our lives are borrowed.
Hold fast my soul.

She waits for me in my dreams.
Every night misery brings.
Haunts my day. Haunts my wake.
Oh, my lord can't you feel her grow,
Inside of me. Tearing my mind.
For once my lord please help me
Believe in you.

She claims the day in her name.
Over you and over me.
We dare to be ourselves.
Next to her and all her war.
She comes our way and takes the day,
From my hands, it is her way.

The milk of woman fills up my
Branching veins and lonely heart.
Trembling children she adores,
And gives flight to her art.
When April sheds her fitful rain,
Glory be, we may live again.

Truly my hope will perish within her.
Truly as always I cannot forgive her.
Cruelly she keeps me near to her,
Forever to this day.

6. The Blue Lotus

Under the darkened, Ancient oak
Gentle in the nights breeze
I stop and stare, rest a while
With hands upon my knees
Through jaded leaves, bush and scrub
I spy my journeys end
Black it looms, silent in gloom
The castle called Avend
On I trot, past the forest eyes
Past the horrors of the night
Through the dark, I see a sign
A gentle glowing light

Upon reaching the castle I ascend the ivy
Toward the golden window
My heart pounds and my breath is rushed
As I fight both brick and branch
The ledge is mine and over I sweep
Silent like the falling snow
Quiet, I slip across the polished floor
Tonight, I will dine with chance

The Blue Lotus, a legend, I thought a myth
Old poems and stories gone
A beauty of unimaginable lust
Both men�s hearts, and the Gods, were won
Skin like milk, an angels face
They say her smile could kill
Her hair is the blackest of all black
Stories I thought though, still

So there she lay sleeping upon the bed
Half covered by fantastic silks
He breast I see, moves with her dreams
A sight I will always recall
A single candle that showed me the way
Through forest, river and hills
Glows upon that lovely skin
Shadows dancing around the walls

Closer I creep, toward my prize
The Blue Lotus lies before me
Her lips are full, red as blood
Moist as they invite me
Stoop I did to kiss those lips
In the glowing room
When suddenly, she did awake,
Her eyes filled with doom
From silks, her hands were round my neck
Escape there was no hope
A brief flash of teeth is all that I saw
And gone was my throat
Her bloodlust deep, she swallowed me
Red was all I saw
She drank her fill and watched me fall
Gently to the floor

A league away from death is found
By locals who tent this land
Who lay me down in shallow earth
A single Lotus placed in my hand.

7. And My Fury Stands Ready

Come from where you hide.
(So I may) unchain my tempest.
None will stop my ride.
(And you will) tremble at my unrest.

Find you I will.
(And take you) up into your Heaven.
Commeth soon the kill.
(For I have taken) kings and feeble men.

And my fury stands ready.
I bring all your plans to nought.
My bleak heart beats steady.
�Tis you whom I have sought.
Feasting myself sick,
On your pathetic sins.
Wounds for me to lick.
The work of the slaughter begins.

In my face you see your killer.
You can wish me away.
In your face I still see her.
No more shall you betray.
In her face (she) saw her killer.
Thou shalt not pray.

8. A Doomed Lover

Your unbreathing sleep.
Our dreamless bed,
Is mine to keep.
In my dark eyes and frozen arms,
Nothing lives �cept my harm.
Now you�re worn with years.
Years and sorrows,
Like saints with arrows.
Once again I see an end.
I watch it die with a humble sigh.

Calm these tides of sorrow.
He leads me away and I follow.
Sighs and then slumbers,
Wakes and sighs again.
Opens up the eyes,
Sees the ghost again.
Our dying love, it prays in the vain to live.
A pleads for help, I simply cannot give.

My devoted love takes tiny backward
Steps away.
Loneliness aplenty spreads before me.


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