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Deeper Down

"Deeper Down" (2006 EP)

1. Deeper Down (Uberdoom edit)
2. The Child of Eternity
3. A Kiss to Remember (Live)

1. Deeper Down (Uberdoom edit)

An unfortunate journey
Through a bleak sea of
I carved through the waves
of grief
In a black vastness of self

I have never felt so alone
So pitiful and wretched
and low
I'm tried by a terrible wind
The misery and the pains

Fill my vast sails of ruin
Steer me toward a bleak end
A horizon of purples and
The still waters of my
welcome end

The clouds of grey come
A storm will hunt me down
And rip the guts out of my
That I would surely drown

The unforgiving wind
And lashes me like a whip
The self-pity overwhelms me
My heart sinks like a ship

Thrashing out at torment
and pain
The maddened sea engulfs
I let myself be swallowed up
The magnificent weight
upon me

Deeper i go, deeper down
Didn't think it could get any
The cold bites, the pressure
I think i no longer matter

Can't tell if my eyes are open
or closed
The grieving waters swallow
The pain I'm in through my
life of sin
The Devil will doubtless

Loneliness is agony
For those of you who know
A war of grief and sadness
Through mind, body and

When lovers die and
friendships fade
When kin all lie forgotten
The gates of agony spew
Your memories, stinking
and rotten

So deep now i feel so numb
I'm ravaged by utter loss
The guilt, the grief, the
astounding pain
My body, they all will wash

I hope I ne'er return to life
Oh, Christ just let me go
Let death devour my Simple
Lest my misery grow

I quietly leave. A lonely sight
Relieved of all my guilt
To join a wall of deepest
The Devil himself has built.

2. The Child of Eternity

Screaming out
Windows of victory
Tolling bell
Burn into history

Screaming out
Icons of hating
Tolling bell
Drifting on, manís pier

As ghost we swords clash
Racing up the stair of god

Furyís fire
Oceans of sorrow
Dark desire
Dream has to fall in

The ancient child of eternity
Not a thing of this world
Tortured movements
Into the terrible seas, drowning, drowning
Time is lost for every man
Counting downwards

Poised with arms
Raised for holy angels
Conquerors, warriors
Holy angels
Leaving flight, a bloody sight
Crimson rivers

Screaming out
Windows of victory
Holy hell
The child of eternity

3. A Kiss to Remember (Live)

Open me
And drink up my scarlet
Kiss me deep
Kiss me deep and love me forever more
Bloody love
Bloody love inside of you
Swallow me
Thank God, there's nothing I can do

Come with me my friend, come and see the end
And let me swallow up your pain
Leave the village lights, step into the night
Open your mouth to my bloody rain
And at your second birth, we will slay the earth
And stalk mankind 'til Heaven burns
Just lay down for me, naked for me to see
It's just one kiss, that's all I need

Take me down
Down to the bloody shore
Dig me deep, dig me deep
And leave me forever more
Lay me down
Down with all of them
And forget me
Like you forgot the rest of them


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