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"Mutilation" (1992)

1. Dead By Dawn
2. Last Second Of Pain
3. No Choice
4. Disbelief
5. Aggression In Effect
6. Psychopathic Mind
7. In The Flesh
8. Nation Under Siege

1. Dead By Dawn

Rotting In His Hole
Waiting For Dawn To Come
My Heart Is Pounding The hour's near
Years And Years I've Spent
Pain And Sufferings Clear

Image Of My Body
Stiff No Sign Of Life
Condemn My Soul Enternal Hell
Words Of The Priest
Cleanse My Soul Salvation
Lost Cannot Grasp The Gates Of Heaven

Fear Is What I Feel Inside
In The Hole My Body LIes
People Come To Greet My Death
My Bloody Corpse Is Laid To Rest
Kill A Mortal Sin
Guilty Of What Has Been
Death Arrives By Dawn
My Plea For Life Has Been Ignored


Dead By Dawn - My Plea For Life Has Been Ignored
Dead By Dawn - My Life Is Gone I Feel No more

The Sun Has Rose My Pulse Is Dead
There Is Nothing To be Said
Can't Escape This Haunting Dream
That Turns Into Reality
Life Has Left My Brain
My Body Decomposing
Left To Serve My Lord
Punished For My Life Of Scorn.


2. Last Second Of Pain

Screaming Souls Of the Damned In Hell
Beneath Destruction Resurrection Of Life
The Cursed And Weak Have Been Sought out
The Force Of Darkness Rules In Doom
Lay Down The Law Righteous Sin
Apostles Of Temptation Steer The Mindless
Spineless Being Influenced By Hate
The Season Has Arrived

Arise Looking Up To The Sky Behold Your Master
A Friend In Disguise
Pray The Beast Has Taken Form Heed The Law
With His Words You Will Comform
The Earth Sickened Minds Shall Rule As One
The Good Of God Has Been Overcome
Slaughter The Streets Will Turn Red
With The Blood Of Feeble Souls witness the dead

Dismise Cursed For Enternity Put To Sleep
Numbing Your Brain
Rotting The Stench Of The Earth Repulsive
The Extermination Of Your Life
Condemned Your World's Void Deteriorating
Globe The Worlds Destroyed
Your Last Second of Pain

3. No Choice

Turn 18 Off To War
Dont Know What Your Fighting For
No More Parties, No More Chicks
Killing's Is How You Get Your Kicks
Vietnam What A Place
Come Home In A Wooden Case
Wish You Didn't Have To Go
But Uncle Same Just Said No

You Must Kill On Sight
Make Sure They're Dead

Burn The Village To The Ground
Feel No Remorse

Brainwashed You are now
Over The Edge

Your Rifle Is Now
Your Best Fucking Friend
*Your Friend*

Now You're Home And With Your Friends
In Your Mind It Never Ends
People Treat You Like Your Shit
Toss You In The Endless Pit

4. Disbelief

Go Through Life Disbelieving Everything You See
Questioning My Every Move, It Doesn't Bother Me
You Think Your Gonna Get Away With Everything You say
But Every Time I see Your Ass You Run The Other Way
Your Life Will Be Meaningless In Everything You Do
Unless You Use Your Brain And Your Talent As a Tool
Putting People Down Cause You Know You Won't Succeed
So Go live Your Shitty Life And Leave Me Fuckin' Be

Existing For No Reason At All
Pretending You're My Friend That's Wrong
DIsguising Your Lies For Truth
Disregarding Everything I Say And Do
Now That We Are On Our Way You Try To Make Up
For The Things You Say Realizing What We've Said Is True
Our Best Is Yet To Come We Need No More Of You

Disbelief Uncertain Future Is Clear
Two Faced Lies No More Will We Hear
Unsatisfying Life You Brought Onto Yourself
No Compromise From Us You'll Get No Help
Your Decision Was Made To Pop And Talk Your Shit
Contradicting Yourself You Finally Realize It

Running Scared THere Is no Place To Hide
Helpless Feeling Grips You From Deep Inside
Stalking You now I'm Right Behind You Every Move
Time Is Ticking Now You Shall Meet Your Doom
Laughing As Your Blood Spills On The Floor
Now You Know Your Life's Not Worth Living anymore

Disbelief Uncertain Future Is Clear
Two Faced Lies No More Will We Hear
Your Decision Was Make To Pop And Talk Your Shit
Contradicting Yourself You Finally Realize It
Leave You In Disbelief

5. Aggression In Effect

Awakened By The Night Tonight I Feel Alive
Calling Up The Crew To Party And Get High
Working All Week its To Let Loose
Looking For A Show Which One Its Time To Choose
The Decision Is Made Its Time We Gotta Go
Which One Of You Is Driving Boy I Don't KNow
Now We're On The The Move No Keeping Us Down
Pop A Tape In Play And Pump The Under Ground
Feel Us Getting Violent You Know What We Have To Do
Pull To The Corner Man And Get Some Brew
The Driver Doesn't Drink So Now Were Feeling Safe
Ten Miles To Go Feeling Shit Faced

We're There Its Good To Be Alive
Meet The Boys Before We Go Inside
Hanging Out On The Street
Suckers Walking Try To See If Anyone Is Gonna Talk Shit And Get Beat
Yeah Walk Away Scared Dont Say Shit Boy
This Is No Truth Or Dare You And Your Crew Are Soft
Step On The Floor You Slam Like A Pussy And A Punk
So Why Don't You Step Off
Its Time To Go Inside Feel The Tension Growing
Inside The Bouncers Eyes The Music Is Pumping
Though My Head Open Up The Pit
New Jacks That I Hate I Swear To Beat'em Down Without A Trace

Aggression In Effect The Floor Begins To Move
Earth Shaking Violence Commences Through The Room
Falling And Dying Bodies Fill The Air
Broken Bones And Blood Nobody Has A Care
Breaking Up The Madness The Bouncer Has A Fit
I'll Kick You In Your Face Punk You Ain't Shit
He's Steppin' To My Boys Like He's Trying To Shut Them Up
He Better Watch His Back Before He Gets Bumrushed
It's A Never Ending Rampage The Seconds Grow Too Long
As We Start Slamming To The Bands Next Song
The Attitudes Enlightened The Violence Will Succumb
Side By Side Together The Damage WIll Be Done

6. Psychopathic Mind

Feel The Power Surging Though Your Veins
Evil Throughts Eat Away Your Brain
Taste The Blotter-acid on Your Tongue
Do Not Like The People You're Among
Time Bomb Ticking In Your Head
Soon To Explode Leaving Others Dead
Bad Trip But You Don't Even Care
Violent Actions Lead You To Despair


Gun Is Loaded Terrorize-Mind Is Lost Better Hide
Insantity Taking Over- Psychopathic Mind Is Closer

Killing Is Your Goal Seeking Out Your Victims
Cold Blooded Murder Feeding Your Intentions
Nobody Understands Your Psychopathic Symptoms
You Enjoy The Path You Took No Longer Will You Reason

*Repeat Chorus*

Pull The Trigger See Them Die You Have No Gult
Nobody Can Overcome The Walls You Built
Tripping Out Is Something You Thought Would be fun
But Now You're Finding Out There's No Place To run

Your Victims Beg You For Mercy You Just Smile And Stare
Take Your Blade Slash Their Skin Without A Car
Better End Your Life Before They come For You
Pull The Trigger End It All You Played The Fool....
*Repeat Chorus*

7. In The Flesh

If Theres SomeThing To Be Done
Why Don't You Just Do It
I Waste My Time, Its Mine To Waste
That's All There Is To It
Try To Tell Me How To Live
But Who The Hell Are You?
No One Tells Me How To Live
Or Tells Me What To Do
You Feel That It Is Your Duty
To Guide Us And To Teach
But Your Pathetic Life, It Sucks
Who Are you to Preach
Tell Me All The Answers
To Things That You Think You Know
You Think That I Believe Your Words
Yeah, Right, I Dont Think So
In The Fleash And In Your Face
Talk To Me Like I'm A Disgrace To Society
But Who Are You To Say
Run Your Mouth Again
Your Sorry Ass Will Pay
In The FLesh

8. Nation Under Siege

Nation Uder Siege World Gone Wrong
Homeless in The Streets Ignored Too Long
Politicians Falsify The Freedom Of Our Needs
The Rich Getting Strong The Poor Staying Weak
Justice Is A Lie Reality You Can't Deny
Feel The Pressure Of The World Born To Freedom
So Your Told Oppression In The USA
Liberty Is Gone Away
Censorship Has Got To End We The People Must Condemn
These Are The Times Of Hate War And Fear
The Talk Is Clear But They Will Never Hear
Make A Choice And The System Cuts You Down
Speak Your Mind But THere Is No One Around
I Believe That The Future Can Be Saved
Stop The Hate Or Dig An Early Grave
Begin To Search Deep within Your soul
Open Up Your Mind And Let It Take Control
We Try to Live Our Lives By The Laws Of This Land
But The system Is Corrupt Its Time To Make A Stand
Red White And Blue Unted As One
The Time Is Now For Us to Overcome
The Police Are corrupt They Bring You To Your Knees
The Justice Is Made By What They Want To See
They'll Lock YOu In The Cell And Throw Away The Key
You're Gonna Rot THere Unless You Pay The Lawyers Fee
Nation Under Siege
Desolation Of The Earth
Cancellation Of Your Birth
Unity And Force Are One
The Epidemics Just Begun

Nation under Siege
Fall To Your Knees


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