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Shades Below

"Shades Below" (2005)

1. Habitation of Fallen Angels
2. The Sickening
3. Pentralia Mentis (The intellect)
4. Ritual Disembowelment
5. Shades Below
6. Searching for the Truth
7. Ovarian Pulverizer
8. Dark Remnants
9. Maximus Neurotica
10. Under Cloven Hoof
11. Barge of the Dead
12. Dethroned

1. Habitation of Fallen Angels

A third world living in poverty
Subjugated ­ governmental hypocrisy
Torture those who dare to speak the truth
Regime of fear based on the Reich of old

Habitation, assent to their will
Fallen angels, lose faith and face death

Lock up your sick in concentration camps
Destroy their health, how can the weak fight on?
The military are treated like royalty
No wonder they will kill their own in loyalty

Insanity breedsí hatred
A manipulated urge to kill
Brainwashed from birth till death
Disciples know not of their guilt

Replaced, a soul in angst will rise!

Haunted millions seek reprisal, their souls condemned to the damned
Heretic transgressor to intercede and lead the innocent into hell
Forgotten solders of past crusades will forever taint this land
Civilization cannot recover, zealous iniquities abound

Forced to starve, and be tortured mercilessly
No prayer in faith will deliver you from what they seek
Fed with fear, donít fail your evil ward
Possessing an angel is far from their cause

Insanity breedsí hatred
A manipulated urge to kill
Brainwashed from birth till death
Disciples know not of their guilt

2. The Sickening

Punishment, obligatory, festering acrid wounds
Sunken into softened flesh, the knife that spells your doom
Only one chance to stay alive, to face another day
A sickening overcomes the mind, a cognizant mental state

Live another day
Elusion of your fate

Undead, bodies all around, animistic hunger for meat
Ransacked, forced into a cage, bound and gagged because you are mortal
Thinking that you will suffer, you summon all your lucubration
But nothing that can be mustered can explain the decimation

Fortuitous circumstances
Allow you to escape

A reign of terror
Lasts 400 years
Bloody, putrid horror
That plays into your fears

Survive ­ The quest ­ Entombed ­ Enraged

Into the depths of the SICK!!!

The final hour of existence is at hand
Belies a day of judgement, a crack of doom
And with the subsequent end on all that you depend
The sickening comes home to root

3. Pentralia Mentis (The intellect)

A vision of torment, a vision of dread
Forward gaze, a reflection of your ignorance
A warning not looked on
With the curious stare of a people blinded, cauterized
Unwilling to believe, that a mortal man can twist their fate
The prophet speaks the word
Enlightened by a semi-transient state

Foretold of impending doom, the stress becomes to great for them to bear
Leaderís whoíve conquered all, are compelled to psychotic rage
Yet instead of embracing death, they castigate the intellect
Beginning to regress and excruciate the disciple of fear

Youíre shamed
Flayed apart

Accountable for nothing
Doomed to recast
Consanguine future tremors

The seer has not come to speak the word of the evil one
Only to restore, a life which has come undone
Met with trepidations, only wanting to obscure
That which makes us kill and kill and avenge whatís not been wronged

Youíre shamed
Flayed apart

4. Ritual Disembowelment

Honor above all else
The pinnacle of existence
Disgrace and shame the greatest fear
For those who's hearts are pure

Deliverance into the void
Four more years of disgust
Given the chance for redemption
The weak minded are bent to their will

Corruption permeates our rulers
Filling them with angst, not overcome
Their decisions are based on their greed
And we are the ones who get fucked
Funding for secret agendas
Accountable for nothing, with morals gone
Controlling the lives of millions
No sympathy, no regrets and no love!

A horrid dream
My reality
This ritual disembowelment

The time has come again
To cast a vote for your life
The masses will wither and fold
Their brainwashed minds all alike

A few of us
See the truth for all it is
The rest blindly accept
They think their choices are their own free will
One day something will break
A crack in society like never before
The weak will perish
A blackened earth is all that remains

5. Shades Below

What is it that lurks inside the common man?
Innate evil? Or part of a master plan
For one need not peer to deep inside the heart
To find a bit of blackness ready to tear apart

Your sanity will come with me
Far down below, into depths unknown

A seed of growing passion for the dark unnatural art
Genocide of the innocent, freedom, structure lost
Becoming sour with discontent as a stillness fills the air
The time has come for fulfillment, to feed on the souls of the damned

Growing fear, as I come near
Iím stalking you, the punisher of deeds untrue

The voice inside my head, it doesnít lie
Revealing only those who defy

Suffering in the shades below, the world in which you live
Discovering a race of terror is what lurks within

A dichotomy in principle but a righteous feat no less
Extinguish the murderers, those whose veins run cold
On the single minded quest to rid the earth of fear
At once become the focus of grief and emptiness

Deep mortal wounds, combust the tomb
A town is razed, completes the darkness of this day

Not long for this world, you who terrorize
A swift glimmer of steel, and the separation of flesh
Vengeance colossal, the ultimate test of faith
Left exposed in extremis, my deity seals your fate

Reject the will, defrock the feigned
A crown of thorns, which wreaks havoc on perverse exploits

6. Searching for the Truth

A heavy heart crushed in the palm of the jackalís hand
A soul forgotten lost amidst the temporal sands
Of time so long that else melts away
Leaving only the truth to behold and not your glaring submissive control
Of my life

Silently I lurk
Seeing all the deeds untrue
Why does this have to be
Iím only searching for the truth

No repentance for your sins
Face the demons from within
No absolution for your lies
Acts of contrition are never tried

I still suffer
Choking on the aspersions
Let me slip away

The jackal spreads its wings
Dominating everything
It will have itís own way
Striking revulsion in its prey

I see the truth now
Lifeís a mirage, a true hypocrisy
The idolater is your keeper
The one entrusted with your metal health

7. Ovarian Pulverizer


solo: Tom

8. Dark Remnants

Losing grip of your sanity
Looking for a way to exploit implicit fears
Tearing through the visions, constrain into submission
That which comes from believing in the ones who twist your fate

To scream will do no good, frozen winds deadened wood
Lost in the forest of a twisted mind
Yearning to return, to the place that betrayed
Created fear in ones own mind

Liars! Youíve killed before
Sent your grizzled carcass to be abhorred
Sold into a life of mental slavery
Surviving only to become the denigrator supreme

Overcome this feeling of revenge
Only to be faced with the deadfall again
Catapult yourself into another realm
Where the light turn into agony and your nightmares become real

Now you fear all is lost
Led to slaughter at any cost
Depletion of your soul is the plunder of this game
Reconstitute your mind
The worst has yet to come as reality closes in on the sublime

Worthless customs are the norm
Escape the dark undercurrent that is spawned
A feeling overcomes those who have ventured into this hell
Before advocation of the empty truths of this world

9. Maximus Neurotica

Psychotic killer bound with disease
Acute agoraphobic left with disaffected needs

Study of the rituals was soon to begin
A way to feed the hunger and find a cause to live
Painful grotesque liturgy is deemed the only course
To hatch a fevered affliction that consumes all living flesh

Finally the thirst for death has reached an inner calm
The taken lives through deadly plague satiate the killerís want

Anger, fear and hatred is what drives this beast to rage
Trapped by his own psyche, will make the innocent obey

As the butcher slowly consumes, the pain of victims lost
Mutilation cripple, lies dead with bone exposed

But wait, there is a price that must be paid

For every soul asunder, which succumbs by rotting away
Self-cannibalism must be followed, a requital for a focused mind

10. Under Cloven Hoof

Darkest corridors, the fading light
In your mind the seething greed
Approaching visions, horrific fright
On your nightmares they will feed
Writhing in unrest and hate
Spawned from Luciferís evil seed

Under Cloven Hoof
Your lifeís misunderstood
Under Cloven Hoof
Condemned to this hell

A mind flooded with impure thoughts
Must be forced to cleanse itself
Or devour the weak at any cost
Your existence, it will be proved
A glimpse of sacrifice, the afterlife
To the master all is lost

This is the place where pain awaits
Your salvation is a fascist lie
Foray of punishment to begin
Your tears of sorrow I will defy

Under Cloven Hoof
Your lifeís misunderstood
Under Cloven Hoof
Condemned to this hell

11. Barge of the Dead

Your fate closing in
Impetuous flight, impending doom
Gripped with dread your mind wanders off
Discovering whatís beyond the tomb
The silence is stentorious

Awaken from a dream
That seems so real that it leaves wounds
Shake them off for that perfect life
Which moves outside your mental womb
Foreboding winds of torment will despoil

Weak belief, in the afterlife
Has led this soul, to a wretched reprise

This barge of life, is no more real
Your lost in purgatory, alight upon theÖ..

Ö..Specious retreat
From the verity of your demise
The guiding light is what you seek
Prepare for solitude, enervation from life

12. Dethroned

I writhe in withering ecstasy
My blood is tainted by those who do not believe
I come to you on a killing spree
Destroyed is what your world will be

An eventful visit one ominous night
A miscreant dissenter
All pain is gone, all conflicts won
The curiosity grows
Dispatching thoughts, imposing will
Typhlosis slowly imbues
A faith restored in oneself sublime
Consume prophetic visions

Transformed by them, self-pride, will flow
Engrossed, worship the throne of man

All hear me, you will suffer, follow my will
Become obsessed with my exploits, none shall defy

Then they return to overturn a tyrant
Whose abuse of the innocent rivals all
A holy war or so perceived
One million more must die
Enshrined in chaos, a people cursed
In fear they deify
Millennium pass and faith still lives
Encompassed on the face of a lie

Still blind, so lost, deceived, not wise
Create fear from a life not yet lived, anesthetized!


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