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Demo 2000

"Demo 2000" (2000 Demo)

1. Blindfolded
2. Fades away
3. Murk
4. Revenge
5. Sons of Muspell
6. The final oath
7. The gathering

1. Blindfolded

Blindfolded by your beliefs
Crushed by false griefs
Crying to be saved
Instead you are enslaved

Silencing the voices of devestation
No more christian salvation
Live to see
Be free

Blindfolded by false truth
Capturing your youth
Fed by false desire
Engulfed by the liar

Provider, truths rider
Pagan fighter

Evolution, institution

Blindfolded by your beliefs
Fed by thiefs
Iced thoughts, fried brains
Need to be saved

We have arrived

2. Fades away

Give me money, I give you pain
All your life I completely drain

Smash your head to the wall
Down to hell you will crawl
Take my drugs, spray them in
The bridge of life is getting thin

"Show me mercy, give me more"
I push you down to the floor
I rise up high, I spit in your face
You are nothing but a waste of space

Your life slowly fades away - You are going to die
The morning of your dying day - There's one reason why
There is nothing more to say - You did too much crack
Your life has faded away - Now it strikes back

I am god and you are mine
There is nothing wrong, your life is fine

3. Murk

Once there was a time
when everything was bright and clean
The air was healthy and pure
Everyone lived in peace

They didn't know that soon it would end
The cold winds would blow
and destroy it all
Darkness came from the north
come over the country with pain

No one could make it better
No one could save us all
No one knew what to do

There was nothing left
Everything was destroyed
but the sun
My master had one more thing to do

Paint the sun with black
Let the dark side attack
Destroy the shining days pride
Drown it into the night

Hunt, crush, burn the day
let all life fade away
Spare nothing, kill everything
The birds will never sing again

The end is near
can't you hear
Life is no more
death knocks at your door

Life was destroyed by us evil ones
in one dark evil force
Hunting victims down one at a time
With my sword I made them mine

4. Revenge

The laughter begins,
laughing at mankind.
The laughter begins,
You fools, you are so blind.

We will win, can't you see
Wy won't you understand
You wish you could be
Like us, from Iceland

Standing as the last stronghold
Our voices are so strong
The truth must be told
That's why we wrote this song

Screaming for the pain
that gives me pleasure inside
My enemies are slain
Victims of my pride

Torturing the mind
Yet stroking me so kind
The pain is strong in me
The thoughts want to be free

Mighty were the fathers
That stood up for their lifes
Slain by their own brothers
Pierced by Christ's knives

Their time passed away
Yet they still live in me
I have something to say
They will come, you just see

5. Sons of Muspell

From the south, Surtur comes
With fires burning,
that shine from the sword
of the gods.
Mountains crumble
Men are dying
and sky splits

The sun goes black
Earth sinks into the sea
From the sky
all stars have gone
Fire burns in Yggdrasil
Fire touches the sky

Brothers will fight
and take each others life's
Friends will rage wars
Wartime, swordtime, Shields are split
Windtime, wolftime
Before the world falls
no man will spare others life

When we ride at the fall of time
When we ride through the gates
When we ride and make them blind
When we ride through their halls of fame

With one single deadly stroke
All life is turned into smoke
Fire engulfs it all
Time has reached it's fall

6. The final oath

"May this please the one eyed god
the raven master that sit in Hlidskjalf
where he sees and understands all
This offering of a now blooded steel blade
is given in fulfillment of my final oath
given in promise of blood"

In this autumn night
cold steel opens my skin
as I stain the knife with blood
and commit my greatest sin

I give up the Jehovah god
and join the only true force
The force that my ancestors praised so high
with great releaf i sigh

As the wolfs howl of Fenris agony
the ravens spread the word
"One more has joined us,
Hel has lost another soul"

7. The gathering


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