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Demonic Dusk Arising II

"Demonic Dusk Arising II" (2005 Demo)

1. Defenders of Armageddon
2. Kristalna Zima
3. Journey for Eternity
4. Purification
5. Under Stars Unknown

1. Defenders of Armageddon

Inspired by cold, dead ruins of homes
That stands beyond the gaze of man
Where sculptures of mist, lurk in the twilight
Reflecting the secrets of the ancient ones

Death so pure in our hollowed armors
Hate incarnate
As dusk of an era is at hand
We stand dead in midst of life

Defending emptiness is
The grand preparation for wonder of new life
Teach me well, spirits of my past
These dreamy gardens were your home, and thus forever mine

In silent winters the demons whisper
Through their madness elegies of dusk
Revealing sorrows, reflecting hate
As the wolves howl for the winter moon

We are only the beginning
The Messengers of things to come
Fiery blaze in holes of the helmets
Withstand the death and conquer life – again!

Rusted armors, rusted shields,
We're the Defenders of the Armageddon
Writers of satanic epitaph upon the grave of man.

Nekurat, 8. 8. 2005

2. Kristalna Zima

Tema… ki objame ¹krlaten zahod sonca,
Mrtvega za nas, bitij moèvirij
Tema… ki somrak prevesi v noè,
V kristalno zimsko noè

Naj ugasne sveèe, ki v vetru trepetajo,
Kot èrna voda naj zalije
Grobnice mojih bratov in sestra,
Ovite v goste sklade zraka – resnice
Starodavne, preklete

Zima… kristalna v ledeni meseèini
Lesket ivja in ledenih rek
Gore… mogoène v meseèini
Hladne zvezde nemo blede

V ti¹ini te noèi,
Posut s kristalom (èiste) zime,
Pod mrtvim soncem
Stojim v transu te lepote –
-prihodnost èutim blizu

®ivljenje ki odteka…
Noè, ki se razteza v neskonènost…
Kri je ¾ivljenje!,
Zmrznjena je v mojih venah.
®areèi Mars vzhaja,
Lesketa se v mojih hladnih oèeh.
Kr¹èanske cerkve gorijo
Trupla prekriva sneg…

Nekurat, 9. 1. 2005

3. Journey for Eternity

Seeking total darkness
Death incarnate
Pleasures of flesh
Emerge from innocence

Guided by red moon
Towards greater wisdom
Towards greater power
To absorb the life of all flesh

Riding wild, restless
Spreading dreaded and confusion
Journey for eternity
The border between death and emptiness

A scream to the night sky
A whisper in the silent forests
Deep, hot breathe of darkness
Preparing for arrival of the Antichrist

Night so dark entranced my soul
Trapped I am in winter silence
Gazing towards mountains unknown
Where all life is gone, there I travel

A shadow reign of eternal winter
Where Death sits on throne of ice
Where emptiness of life is blown away
By beauty and majesty of darkest nights

I seek this land since my creation
A nameless urge of my sorrows
Landscapes are getting even darker
But I travel on, the path of no return


Bitter sorrow enthroned my life
Just a shadow, memory I am now
I haunt the mountains and deepest valleys
In cold winter nights I reach for stars

Nekurat, 8. 2. 2005

4. Purification

Burning church
Burning dusk
Sodomised cross of
Jesus Krist

Darkness falls
Fear draws in
The sanctuary of
Christian souls

At the end of an age
New era feels nigh
The demons gather
Before monastery

A masquerade
Held in Virgin’s name
Holders of keys
To life’s depravity

The sexless nuns
Defiance of flesh
The beast you summoned
Seeks the caster

The beast…
The moon…
Your doom…
Lies within…

Shadows draw nigh and candle flickers
The tower bell chine in evenfall
As the portal opens, inhabitants flee,
Before that beast that gave them all

And she who holds the wisdom divine
Is nothing more than woman dressed in black
Chosen to bring new God
To this world of flesh

Feasting on sacred flesh…
Breeding on the ashes of humanity…

So the nuns were dragged in their chapel
Old and young, both treated as beasts
And upon the altar placed a sign of Satan’s realm
Shall manifest their last confession and anointing by swords

“Surround with mists this monastery, mother of new God!
In scarlet evening, bless the moon and dress yourself as bride!
Your time is empty, life’s in vain, it’s beginning of the end for Man
For those who died, walk the earth again!”

Drinking from the veil of Christianity
I claim arcane rights at my own disposal
Being the pillar of your knowledge
I plant my seed in sacred virgin’s flesh

The skies swallowed the smoke
Of the burning monastery, I left behind…

I breathe sorrow
I breathe dust
I breathe smoke
I breathe hate
I breathe darkness
Swallowed in sunset…
I breathe… again!

Nekurat, 23. 9. 2005

5. Under Stars Unknown

After the sun has frozen for my eyes
The forgotten paths led me home
To where my journey started
Under scattered fragments of life

On clearing surrounding Opresje
Wind plays with battlefield mist
Where emptiness once reigned
The Ancient ones now scream with hate

Under the mountain passage
Where demons once came to life again
A new power is arising
Gazing towards what’s no longer a dream

Satanic war approaches
First drops of rain hit the ground
Ancient memories breathe again
Awaked in darkest hour of man

With the circle of my dying completed
Under stars unknown, new eons I breathe
Regardless of moon, the sun or shadows
The mists or ancient prophesies

I have become the Ancient souls
The Beasts who died under Turnca
Resurrected in flesh as demons
We dwell in the places abandoned from God

As shadows lurked once cold in the dark
Now shadows we are, lurking cold in the dark
Slowly we lengthen our liquid claws
>From ruins of Opresje into the light

Nekurat, 18. 8. 2005


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