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Sound of Destiny

"Sound of Destiny" (2002)

1. Sad Princess
2. The Battle
3. Sound of Destiny
4. Rainbow's Line
5. King of Madness
6. Defenders of the Black Faith
7. Empty Night
8. Mr. Powerful

1. Sad Princess


Wherever I'm dream, I'll flying on you...
Wherever I'm run, I'll ending on you...
I always moving so fast and so soon
Wherever smile, I'm still getting
close to your eyes, but not so close
And I'm still waiting a chance to
To change your soul

I'll try hard to change your soul
and now I'm living on it
I'll try so hard to feel your warm
and now I'm living under

There is no unbreakable secrets for,
our souls are now just one in dreams

I'll try so hard to change your soul

2. The Battle


Before the dawn...
I'll been waiting for,
for your Knight
Before the war...
I've been searching
for the laying corps

And I been crying
As it working after all,
the Right and wrong
Is not that simple,
losing all that friends
In the battle field...

Feel the power,
the hate and the anger,
It's the sound of
the battle to reach you,
Feel the hate, you don't get it?
There no time to avoid this feeling...
Can you hear it, can you don't hear it
It's the sound of thousand thunders,
blowing pain and death for us all...
There's no time for running back again...

3. Sound of Destiny


There is no unbreakable spirit on,
Cause his heart is made of stone
There is no untouchable warrior soul,
Cause his spirit seeks for freedom

As I told you once before thereís no way to scape his call. Once
So he send as to this field, wait for the end the darkness end.

Unchained my soul, and wait for his call
Them raise your sword, and scream with hate

4. Rainbow's Line


Sometimes Iím thinking, that
I have to stop now
Across the rainbow, than my
head is drifting on.
I try to reach you, when you
walking in the night.
Is not that easy, when you see
the rainbow's end.

I can't see, all this
losing souls going
to rainbow's line

5. King of Madness


It could be funny, but Iím still feeling lonely.
A drifting man losing all in the night
I'm getting in a sin city and burn in my madness
I getting nothing, and going to nowhere...

This life could be the same
Of a life of a king of madness

The reason came and go for no one approach us.
I could cry for you, but I had no more tears for.
I'm a drifting man, losing all in the night
I'm getting nothing and going to nowhere

This life could be the same
Of a life of a king of madness

This life is all most end
Like stars in solitude
No tears are dropped now
Just feel my spirit standing up

6. Defenders of the Black Faith


Press them, and see what's going on in pain.
Rush now, it's time to get your faith black.
waste them, the losing souls are going down
Torture, and see what's going on in pain.

Run, run to the hell
Just keep your faith and
see what's in this light

It's time for you, to see the evil
And feel that pain, across your soul

7. Empty Night


I can see another night coming
A losing one,
a cold one a lost one
The straggle for our lives,
was despise in here
I've been setting here,
and thinking.

No one but you,
can touch my heart...
No one but you,
can whisper secrets in my soul.

I can try another passion,
but it doesn't work again
I can climb another mountain here,
but you really isn't there
I can jump to the sky,
to see if I can reach the stars
But I'm just setting here, and crying.

8. Mr. Powerful


Now watch behind your shoulder
I'm side by side with you
You believe in your power
You forgot the eyes of the night
You insist in your killing
It's nonsense to stop now (you say)
But I'm looking down on you
I've been watching your moves

Mr. Powerful looking down I've been waiting
Watch you black you may die on this night

You seem to ignore these words
Cause you ain't no frightened of nothing
You still smash the weakness
Day by day until it's death
There's no mercy for the losers??Looser
But I walk behind your trail
Waiting for your fail
And I know I'm close to stop you

Now I see I could feel, the lights of the stars (shining on me)
Telling how the evil must be exterminated by the blessed sword
So I fight so I bleed
I must fight until the stars are shining on me

You have to fight against me
I'm the eye of the night
On your knees behind my sword
You feel your blood turning cold
The pain is over
The evil is dead
Now everybody can breathe
The air of the freedom


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