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Autumnal Fires

"Autumnal Fires" (1998 Demo)

1. Forever Lost Emeralds
2. A Haunting Vision (this obsequious dream)
3. Autumns Fires in Somnolent Harmony

1. Forever Lost Emeralds

On desolate shores sitting all alone my jewelled cup had once been overflowing now emptied your poison takes
my life the emerald has now turned to stone our castles have overgrown Sea Princess take my hand once more
carry me to dark emerald lands of loss so i may forget the priceless jewels Lulled into a deep mysterious sleep
sights of lost love and glimmering hope here my emotions have diverged to gather the flowers of youth Sea
Princess you've awoken my dormant passion your bare hands undress me not like before O minstrel serenade me
with your lute entrance me with your distant sounds the only thing to touch me now would be the icicles from
your heart wandering through the wild and rich fields feeling now as one forever who knew such beauty could
grow in such a barren cold place Sea Princess I bestow this emerald covet and cover with all your seas.

2. A Haunting Vision (this obsequious dream)

Writhing the waves of heaven the glistening moon on my brow carried to lands of desire from deadly and
blackest slumber From savage seas and dangerous lands I wander with no hand to show these deepest dreams from
darkest nights the blackened sun torments me holding me killing me The morning dew at my feet have now left me
all alone alone and cold Through golden meadows afar a haunting vision has now appeared The blossoms that grow
around her enshroud my world with joyous tears O how serene this vision is to me the warming sun reveals a
vessel to lift me above the sea free and beyond beyond

3. Autumns Fires in Somnolent Harmony

A moonlit balcony reveals a majestic beauty "when grief wrapped its cold arms around my body the embers still
flickered in the autumn of our love" the sight of your beauty breaks the hold of sorrow on me Wandering with
passion in our hearts smelling the melodious scent of orchards bloom on a mountaintop gazing at the evening sky
in the midst of life twisting we bleed mesmerising fires breath eternal life (for which we've sought) Autumnal
fire on the horizon fatal embrace crying in somnolent harmony leaves falling caressing our bodies empty the
world we once knew our fires of passion and bliss now doused by rains of morrow


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