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Return Fire

"Return Fire" (1997)

1. World of the Dragon
2. Supreme Hatred
3. The Doom of Planet Yucnown
4. The Surrounding
5. Dreams, Sweet Dreams
6. No Longer in Wait
7. Manhunter
8. Return Fire
9. Dawn of the Magic Aeon
10. Master of Fire
11. Necrophiliac (Slayer cover)

1. World of the Dragon

Darkness - We're flying through the
cosmic night
The dragon has devoured the sun
Earth exists no longer
Hatred and pain is gone
We are the survivors
immortality's granted us
In the end they could not conceal the
truth of our lives
Now it has descended the eternal night

A new world, dark, without the false light,
free from the hypocrisy of mankind, and
of Christ

Flashback through my mind
Helpless feeble christian souls
Condemned into nothing
Demons, howling mighty warcries
I lifted my hammer and forced souls to die

The four demon warriors
all so fearful and black
Came riding up on pounding horses,
they led the attack
Bringing justice in their rightful quest
judging the world with Famine, War,
Plague and Death.

Mighty lightnings strike for me
I ride the whirlwinds, in heart i keep
The true spirit of my ancients land
The night will never end
God is now crushed and gone, like the
bastard son Jesus Christ

I see the world, the world of night
It's hard to describe it's beauty and it's might
Infernal - I feel the force grip my soul
I survived the doom

2. Supreme Hatred

Out of the crypts we burst, to destroy
your world, so false and weak
Warriors under command of the raging

We are the masters of hell
In your mind we will rape you, torment
you, until there's nothing left but a torn

Humans like ants crushed crunshingly
under my feet
Their cries do me nothing, they feebly
My hatred's supreme!

Your resistance will fall (dawn is no more)
Damnation from hell, incantation and spell
(god has failed)
Your face llike a million others I unidentify
with blood, I'm the omen of evil, drown in
my red flood

Humans like ants crushed sweetly under my feet
Their cries do me nothing, they feebly scream
Screams of pain amusing to me, your
suffering brings me lust
Hear me I am the son of hell
I'll turn you into fucking dust
We shall oppress your puny world
Soon will death come for thee
We are to raise hell on earth
Fear our hordes of blasphemy

From below we are rising
We are the ancient tyrants

Out of the crypts we burst, collecting your feeble souls
The demons will eat you, destroy humans is the goal
Humans like ants I crush sweetly under my feet
Their cries do me nothing,
My hatred's supreme

Give me your soul!!

3. The Doom of Planet Yucnown


Silently through the gloomy woods we walk
Cautionally, everything we are prepared for
Now we are close, I hear the voices of two foes
Eliminating them, not a single sound from their throats
Now we see the camp, it's huge
Ten stormtanks down by a lake
We're trying to get a closer look to infiltrate

"Halt! Who's there? We have been
discovered by a guarding troop.
Halron quickly fires his gun, first foe's
dead but we have to run

Fleeing from the enemy they are breathing
at our backs
But we shook them off, they couldn't
follow our track

This battle I was born for to kill without
My enemies I will slaughter
We are galactic warriors

Back in our camp, we're planning the
warfare, we must attack before dawn
They might have spotted our place and are
taking position for war
The tanks are motivating, warheads
Under the starlit sky, troops are invading

War - breaking bodies with our

Stormtanks crushing through the night
Fatal, blazing fire, erasing with enormous
Nothing can save your precious life

As the morning wind sweeps the ground,
fires are still burning
From a hill we look down at our dying,
whimpering foes
The mills of death are turning...

4. The Surrounding

Desolation of mankind, from the horizon
you can hear them ride
Towards the damned village
Mighty warriors waiting for the sign of war
The bloodred moon above us guides us forth
Raise the swords of hatred, execute with darkest power
Screams and cries will be all you hear

Permeate bodies with our swords
Resurrect evil souls, drain human bodies of blood

I am the strongest one, my powers are
granted by the darkest sources
I am the ancient to doom your life, I will
rule in infinity

Hail mighty warriors!
Devastate life one by one

A battlefield with dead bodies are all that remains
Fifteen days of rain and our victory's eternal

Resurrection of evil, an army from the tomb
Pain and grief shall be, eternal darkness come

Surrounded by the darkest troops and you'll die

5. Dreams, Sweet Dreams

In the midst of night, I come to you
In your sweet lovely dreams, there is nothing you may do
I have the key to your mind, take my hand and step through time
Here inside my world your is forever mine

Shadows devours you like an abyss of claws, tearing at your soul
Shadows of horror, faces of scorn, a hall of madness, demonic faces in stone

The faces are coming, your run but cannot move
A sudden shill, your soul is frozen in stone

Lower, deeper, darker
You're coming with me

They try to wake you up, you've been sleeping far to long
Your heart and pulls are beating well but still you don't respond

"Oh please God, give me back my child" your father screams in vain
For there is something he don't know, his child is where I reign!

Shadows devours you like an abyss of claws, tearing at your soul
Shadows of horror, faces of scorn a hall of madness, demonic faces in stone
Demons eats your soul by the music of your screams
I'll make sure you'll be comfortable here, in the deeps and forever sleep and dream my sweet dreams

6. No Longer in Wait

Storms of magic rolling forth
A power so strong, an inhuman force
Apocalyptic signs puts the terror on your mind
Now you must decide
Join us or die!

Crushing the gates of Oreus, we come back to life
We defeated death, nothing stands our might
The fire of our hatred couldn't die with our flesh
To the last you denied us but you can't deny the cold hands at your neck!

We are of a race from beyond the stars
Through timeless space we've come for thee
We are the spiteful ghouls of eternity
Our eyes will cut like knifes
You will die by our very sight listen to our song...

We come from beyond, we bring the new dawn
Now join us and be strong or die by our ineffable wrath
We hold the crimson might
You cannot see us and stay alive
We'll take the world to it's chest and bring eternal darkness

The thunder shakes you, you are frozen by the roar
The roar from the mountain
The heart of war comin', louder...louder -

Die and die a thousand times more
Is this world worth dying for?
Does it's inhabitants deserve your respect?
Wouldn't you rather just give 'em all eternal fucking death??

One day you'll understand bu it will be too longer in wait

7. Manhunter

In a distant world from here my roots belong,
one night I arrived, that's when the terror begun.
The terror of madness, the cradle of death,
your skull a piece of reward for the quest

I'm the manhunter

Trophies on my wall, makes a good sight
but more I shall have it's the climax of season hunt
I have the skill to move without a sound,
I have to force to crush you to the ground

I am the manhunter

Here I come, on the path of extinction
Here I come, on the edge of reflexion
I'm the on of fire, I'm the on of hate
I hunt you not for necessarity but to satisfy my rage
Mutilate, decollate, exterminate
This feeble race

I am a ghoul, far beyond human, I am your doom, you imbecile moron
I have the seal to infinity, I'll grant you one, if you'll grant me some experiancy

I'm the manhunter

... and I'll be back, ready to attack

8. Return Fire

9. Dawn of the Magic Aeon

10. Master of Fire

There's a storm coming...his storm

The air is thick of fog
A calm but ominous atmosphere over the city
A silent but distinct thunder awakes your fear
You wonder what it is but deep inside you
know what's coming nearer

Now black formations fills the sky
Stand up in your execution line
Invincible demons ready to take the fight
The Grim Reaper's here tonight

Legions of demons ready to strike
Powers of hell, grant me the sight
Master of fire, the ancient sire
Let the riders attack tonight

Heaven's on fire, it's shining so nice
Kingdom of summer, turned into ice

Our storm is coming and when it arrives it
will shake the universe

I see a battle, the time for revenge has come
The power is unleashed, it's the night of the ancient ones
Chtulu - warrior lord - almighty god

Humans are screaming in pain but nothing
can stop us this night of mayhem

Chaos is now complete, eternal death's
your destiny

The air is thick of fog, a calm but ominous atmosphere over the city
We have come to end your crippled kind, stand up in your line

Legions of demons ready to strike
Powers of hell, grant me the sight
Master of nuclear fire, the ancient sire
Let thy riders attack tonight

11. Necrophiliac (Slayer cover)

Mortures Dead Of Night
My Body Starts To Rise
In My Mind The Horror Lives
To Feel Death Deep Inside

Relentless Lust Of Rotting Flesh
To Thrash The Tomb She Lies
Heathen Whore Of Satans Wrath
I Spit At Your Demise

Virgin Child Now Drained Of Life
Your Soul Cannot Be Free
Not Given The Chance To Rot In Hell

Satans Cross Points To Hell
The Earth I Must Uncover
A Passion Grows To Feast Upon
The Frozen Blood Inside Her

I Feel The Urge The Growing Need
To Fuck This Sinful Corpse
My Tasks Complete The Bitches Soul
Lies Raped In Demonic Lust

Her Stomach Burst The Casket Breaks
The Seed Has Taken Form
A Writhing Shape Of Twisted Flesh
The Devils Child Is Thrown

Hungry For The Smell Of Death
He Rules Forbidden Evil
Vengeance With A Frenzied Hatred
The Bastard Now Must Die

Lost Souls Of The Dead
Form Legions That Burst Through Hells Gates
Death Of One Sacrafice
To Avenge The Raped Corpse From The Grave
Blood Of One Mortal Man
The Fire Grows Stronger Within
Fate Of A Frenzied Lust
Lucifer Takes My Dark Soul

Down To The Fiery Pits Of Hell


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