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"Indulgence" (2001 Demo)

1. Post Mortal Rape
2. Contuinity of Species
3. In Love
4. Shameful Intercourse
5. The Quest for Happiness
6. Innocence I defiled
7. Brutal Judgement

1. Post Mortal Rape

Fast precise entry

Into festering asphyxiated cunt

Six feet under ground

Yeah! Orifice torn apart

Black stinking pus leaking out

Genitals stuffed with animals

Leaping frogs thrust inside you

Rotting uterus eaten by rats

Degenerated men have come

Armed in spades to dig you out

And baptise you with sperm and blood

Post mortally embalmed

Shivering with ecstasy

They break bones mercilessly

Raped in grave, laughed at

Defiled and torn apart

With no reverence nor justice

Left to rot and spit at

2. Contuinity of Species

I live my double life

The unknown tantalises me

A shopkeeper turning into a terrifying surgeon

Brain pastryís more palatable

Than the subtlest piece of veal

Human fleshís eating less sound

Than dead animalsí consumption

Mankind suffers from the chronic overpopulation

I heal my race shortening its pain

Your memories will remain

Nourishing my body

Neurones from your brain

Running through my liver

I crush your fucking skull

Drenched veins stimulate my senses

My lustful tongue

Licking your brain tissue

3. In Love

My quests effect in my victimsí mutilation

Men, women, children and infants

Each of them so longed to be loved

In a unique way

Now itís your turn 7-year-old, yet beheaded

Larynx sticking out of your cut-off-inverted head

Is titillating my testicles and anus

Iím choking on the snot

Iím splitting your guts

Spleenís leaking slowly


Smell of your innards drives me hot

Your substance with a rusty poker I explore

I masturbate with your large intestine

Undigested remnants mixed with my semen

Ejaculation, mutilation and pain

No one knows youíve been here

I hush up my atrocities

Your blood will be poured to lavatory

And your remains will be cooked and eaten

4. Shameful Intercourse

I share my gusto with the dead

The touch of her cold body invites me

To spread wide her pale livid legs

I lick her stiff clitoris

And put my penis into

Her stinking moulded flesh

Our playís broken with undertakerís footsteps

I flee unnoticed and head for cemetery

I find middle-aged womanís recent grave

And unbury her half-eaten-by-worms flesh

I feel like making love with the dead

Fucking her festering anus

I feel the swarm is creeping me

A minute then I ejaculate

Maggots biting my cock and entering my ass

The gift of life set inside

Of her decaying innards

Iím satisfied for 4 days straight

Iíll come back

To shag you where you once had a chest

5. The Quest for Happiness

Money, fame, power and women;

Inner peace, redemption and paradise

Mankind heads for its goals

Ages of war, degenerated institutions

My recipe for happiness

Is inside and beyond me

It was conceived in my sick mind

I denied morality

Transfixing your left knee with a huge pick axe

Iím you god Ė your life in my hands

Your yelling and dismay are my thrill

I tongue your nipples and grind them with pliers

I stab your forehead staring as itís dripping with blood

No stigmata Ė non-divine reality

Insane and suffering into convulsions

Yet feeling as Iím nailing your shoulder-blade

Warm human flesh studded with nails

Your mutilated and defiled body

Going beyond the boundaries

Approaching people, even...

No reason to obey rules

Regardless of what they say

Pain and mutilation

Are my way to reach my bliss and happiness

6. Innocence I defiled

My heartís beating faster

My thoughts are in a whirl

When I follow them

Holding sharpened knife

Thrust in bushes

Facing my lust and anger

Blunt blade is mutilating their throats

As they hopelessly beg for mercy

As I commit those horrifying crimes

Undoing his trousers

Cutting off his genitals

Inserting his cock into her mouth

The only one blowjob heís been ever given

My penis erected and wet

As I push the knife into her rectum

Blood-wet vulva in boyís mouth

The fellatio they will never forget

I orgasm inserting my genitals

Into pulsating hole

Emasculated gouged crotch

7. Brutal Judgement

Combat boots relentlessly kicking your head

Hard beating smashing your eyesore face

Clubbing your kidneys and crotch

Hacking up with a cleaver

Your legs and hands

Pierced with a rusty fork thrusting within

Excruciating pain

No chance to beg for mercy

Devour your cut-off tongue

With scalpel I split your guts

I throw them along pavement

Your gouged eyes are staring at this

Whipping you with ripped backbone

Brain dropped into a dustbin

Pissing into eye sockets

On your genitals rats are gnawing


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