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Shine of the End

"Shine of the End" (1995)

1. Shine of the End
2. Decaying Kind
3. Negatively Alive
4. Retrorevolution
5. Dead Life
6. The Arrival
7. The Prey
8. Imperfection
9. Fantasy Fall
10. Frozen Flames

1. Shine of the End

People are walking on the fire
Evil is ruling the lands
Driving their thoughts toward the end
Controlling their acts a blind faith

The eyes of my god are upon us all
All the time watching our ways
Stinking smell of repugnance
Off this contortionned race

When the sky fades black
Nobody will rule your fate
You want to be destroyed trying to live
Last day is near - holocaust shine

Time to eat, live
And time to die
Is near vultures feast
Still you are wallowing
In the fire
Soon you will twist
In your own blood
(solo: Garza)

Filthiness, feebleness
And stupideness
In those ways
The feeble is ruled
Over all the world
Insanity lives
Bastardity, humanity
Transformed in pigs

I just want to see your glorious demise
In this day I can see the end shine
Armageddon rise up!
Glorious day, all this will be destroyed
(solo: Martinez)

2. Decaying Kind

(solo: Martinez)
Being horrorized
By the fear to reality
And reality lived among them
The truth has...
In the depths of their brains
The lie lives

Besieged by insanity
Which causes them
A great pleasure
There was not sanity
Only sick minds
By the internal disgrace
Of a wretched

3. Negatively Alive

What is to be alive?
To exist
In this filthiness called earth
I can understand
I do not deny life
But what is there behind?

Windows to the world
My eyes are
Hunger, sickness
Crime, war and death
(solo: Martinez)

Where are we?
Sometime I read a tale
About a place
Where the fire was a...
Eternal pain
For each one who fell
Where demons fed
Of crueltu and horror
(solo: Martinez)

I do not believe
This human doctrine
Just here we are
In this kind of infernal land

What's the difference
Between the tale and our earth?
The world burns and you can see
The pain and torture
The demons you can even see
(solo: Garza)

What is to be alive?
Perversity and lies
Rule the world

Could exist
A positive side?
I could see it
If I survive the end

4. Retrorevolution

(solo: Garza)
Following blindmen
Following sterile minds
Advancing mentally
To an illusion misery
True, aberrant
Majestical reality
Of the pathetic
And poor humanity

Black water, dark sky
Poisoned air, extinct species
Eyes that wait
Mesmerize for a piece of bread
Liberty and slavery
Hand in hand
Retrorevolution is the world's brand
(solo: Martinez)

Keeping the hope that some day
The doors to mortality shall open
To enter into the world
That exists in my mind
Where there is no autumn
And where the minds never decay

5. Dead Life

What am I seeing in my dreams
Awaken this night?
A decaying world
Dead people and even more dying
And it seems there's not
Hope for the real future
(solo: Martinez)

Something is wrong in this dead life
Can your eyes distinguish
Black from white?
Can your ears distinguish
Thunder from silence?
Visualize the destruction of this

One thing is for sure
Something in your life
It had crossed your mind
And going though
The dark walls of your brain
Which will be the culmination
Of this plague
And dazzing life
Death of death
Or life of life?
(solo: Martinez)

Days without light
As the sun sets his blood
Draining death
This prostrated world
Its beings are returning
Weak, sickish and dying
And they are all
Truly dead at my sight

6. The Arrival

Blinded by the dazzling power of
The dark
Knowing one
Ray of the sun will break the spell
Watching the
Wisdom growing up
Retroceding to
The beginning of all
It seems to be
The infinite narrow of the future
That shudder the senses
Burning bitter inside

The ways that had been closed
For a long time
Are now open
And show what they had inside
In those immense coffers
Once all knowledge is acquired
There's just one leaf left in blank
Inside the mind
That soon will break
And will cause ravages
And all internal chaos
As if the leaf were a book
A book that will be
Filled of memories last to blind
A useless life
(solo: Alanis)
(solo: Garza)

Indestructibles walls of faith
Had been made inside the brain
Now they're as sand mixed with water
Tumbling down lacking of foundations
(solo: Martinez)

Chasms begin to appear in the brains
And the truth starts to flow
In desvastation
Thy domain arrives on earth
As the dreams of mankind

Light has come to break the night
Wisdom fall
The path of the minds is destroyed
The narrow is spilled
Those lives of lie and filthiness
Destroyed by thy power
(solo: Martinez)

7. The Prey

Fighting against a natural
Invisible force
My life tries to escape from me
I am fighting
Against myself
But it just seems that I'm dying

My body wants to go
To his tomb
But my mind wants to live
It is natural live!
But my body and my soul
Want to die now
(solo: Martinez)

Awaiting the irreversible
Call of my demise
Is on me
Convulsions, contortions
Liquid spewing from my mouth
Screams never heard before
Which live and rise from me
Screams of desperation
And pain
Which vanish
In space
(solo: Garza)

I'm turning in my death bed
My fight will soon be finished
I feel it, I feel it... come

Now I can't
I can't tell nothing else
Just my mind think
Think and die

8. Imperfection

I'm walking upon this world
And the things are as real
And imperfect as death
Life vanishes quickly
Imperfection and sickness
Live within us
Carefully, mentally and spiritually
I am not pure, are you
I live into imperfection and sickness
And so you do

Living the perfection
Of being alive
Living the imperfection
Of living
What I can see is the anxiety
Of seeing perfection
And the perfect
Imperfection of death

It all begins to decay
When I ask myself
Where are you
Did never found perfection?

I see the sea,
The sky, the sun, the stars
And they all have a shine
Ever seen in any human
(solo: Martinez)

Hear the whisper of the night
What's what you hear?
Now open your eyes
What's what you see? Think!

Now I am seeing myself
And imperfections on me
What are you expecting from me?
I'm not telling this as an excuse
Of my imperfection
And sins
(solo: Garza)

You can see my outside
But you can't see my thoughts
What you are hearing and reading
Is just a piece of my being

9. Fantasy Fall

You think that things will change
And you'll ascend to heaven by saying
"Lord, lord, I believe in you"

You believe in a man
Who is just like you
The difference is
He tells more lies
By telling you with a host
"Corpus christi is within you"
And at confessing he could tell you
"I forgive your sins"

Who is he
Or who is in this earth
That could tell
What's right or wrong?
Weak of mind
You who believe in men
Who can release you
Of your sins?
Who can tell
You are forgiven
In this rotten world?
(solo: Martinez)

Twilight living
In the dark side
Blinded by a lie
Makes you believe
In a man like you
Telling you
"God is with us
He's an envoy from heaven
Can you believe this, I do not

10. Frozen Flames

(solo: Alanis)
Tormenting the minds of children
With a place called inferno
Where the torment into fire
Awaits you if you're a sinner

Who's reached until a window of hell
And tell that story?
Only an untrue doctrine
Is teaching that lie
(solo: Martinez)

Get your feet
Down on the ground
And live reality
Inferno is here in life

Why tell lies
Someday they'll be known
Among lies I want to see
The perfect fall


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