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Reborn Through Hatred

"Reborn Through Hatred" (1999)

1. I Am Brutality
2. Apathetic Termination
3. Anger and Hate
4. Bound
5. Reborn Through Hatred
6. Visions of Chaos
7. Prey
8. Pain Millennia
9. Sadness
10. Dominion

1. I Am Brutality

My will dominates
With every
Euphoric breath
Simply closer
To Death

Controlling, conceding
No longer leading
Your life
Mine to control
To deep depression
Your very soul

Life shattered
Every hope
Is this?
How you cope?
With your
Problems meek
Soon I
You will seek

I am brutality
That you can't conceive
Killing people through
Millions of years throughout time
This is how
I take your wretched life
I am brutal

Your soul I possess
Simply control
No less
Your desire becomes need
Your life I feed
This is, this is

2. Apathetic Termination

On your way
Kill this day
Out to find another victim
With my friend
She'll meet her end
Killed her just because she trusts us?
Yes our prey
Innocence strayed
How she suffered
Right before us
Know our will
It is to kill
Senseless random acts of violence

Tortured left to die
Butchering the weak
For trusting all your lies
Your confession

Make my path
Sedate my wrath
In the coldest blood my vengeance
Kill them both
To this my oath
Sware on this a darkest penance
Murder and take
Final mistake
Watch my hatred as it grows
I don't care how
The time is now
Reap the seeds of death they've sown

Beaten 'til they die
Slowly watch them bleed
No less will i abide
For their crime

Your lives
Are worthless
Yes meaningless
Just try
Some of this
Yes you've inherited
My wish
She could hear this
Just to see this
This time
You'll pay
As you're flayed

Blood begats blood
( 2x )

My will becomes your will
In this
Moment of endless time
This sense of justice
That shall prevail
Your souls now become

Blood begats blood
Blood begats blood

Apathetic termination

3. Anger and Hate

I am the one
Who stalks behind you
And cuts your throat
I am the hand
Around your neck
And begins to choke

Or pity
I feel none
Of the darkest one
Change how
Because it's far to late
For I am
Anger and hate

I am the heroin
That you pump
Inside of you
Turn you life
Into mass disdain
This is what i do

Never the righteous one
Darken the brightest sun
Change never
For it's far to late
When you are
Anger and hate

Killing you
I'm filling you
With anger and hate
Killing you
I'm filling you
With anger and hate

I am the one
Who has turned
Your life into despair
I am the one who crushes
Your hope
And all your cares

Why should
I have one
To all I've said and done
I live simply to aggravate
Yes I am anger and hate

4. Bound

Why must I
Endure this hell
Why must this
Be so hard

Inept feelings
That rise again
Mentally inflicted tortures
Morbid views of world and self
Taken to unheard extremes
Broken will
Becomes my life
Seems just my proclivity
Well, you see,
Within my rights
To drown in depravity

Why must I
Endure this hell

Exhausted, weakened
Drained of Spirit
My bounds for living
Emotionally raped
Becoming livid
Soon just tire
No more giving
Reaching far beyond the limits
Close enough to
Give in
Madness seeming
Not to break
How much more
Just can I take

Why must I
Endure this hell

Fills my empty soul
Staking my heart
The bittered

Remorseful in my needs
Self loathing
My spirit
How it bleeds
It bleeds

Remorsefull in my needs
Self loathing
My spirit
Now it leaves

Why am I bound
To this hell

5. Reborn Through Hatred

With a cleaning of the race
By your nature
Your intent

Racially becoming prejudiced
Cloud your mind on every issue
Hide behind your worthless
Mask of lies
If you were dead
No one would miss you

Reborn through the hatred
Inside me

Running rampant in your head
Are your actions words you've said
Kill a man
Just for his skin's pigmant
Dealing death and endless sorrow
Killing families, and entire race
Take way their tomorrows

Reborn through the hatred
Inside me

I am reborn

With a cleansing
Of our race
Is our nature our intent
Purifying and to what ends
Rid the world of your bias
Hypocrites is what you've all
How can killing make you pious?


I am reborn through hatred

6. Visions of Chaos

Staring at what was my friend
Horror grips my end to end
Riot takes over the street
Now flows at my feet

Visions of chaos
Watch the city burn
Visions of chaos

No one hears or sees
Brought down to its knees
How this came to be
From a
Verdict of guilty

(repeat chorus)
Will this
Madness ever cease?
Ripped up piece by piece
Brutally torn away
Quickly start to fade

(repeat chorus)
Brutal crowd dispersal
Riot guns now speak
Bashing helpless victims
Violence at its peak

Of all my neighbors
Raining down on me
Cries of orphaned children
Deafening the pleas

Hoping just to live
Not much more to give
A life that had
So much promise
By ignorant prejudice

(repeat chorus)

7. Prey

Twisted eyes that see
A past that I've survived
Never knew how i went on
Nor reasons why

Feeling as if I
Was never meant to see
The arrival of the goal
I searched for endlessly

I have become

Torment riddling
My sould and every pore
Emotionally wrecked
As I plunge
Long toward the floor

Wounds are mine
Yet caused by nothing
Made from me
Dementia spreading
Through my spirit
Into my being

I have become

Fragile life
Has turned
From what
Once was strength
Now am I ending?
Is this really?
What's to be
Life has victimized
And stripped my

Knowing all to well
That this grows worse
In it's due time
Knowing all too well
Is why this peace
Shall not be mine

I have become
I have become

Now it waits
Feeds from my strength
It's far too late
To undo what i've done
The end of
What was me

8. Pain Millennia

Hardest thing it is to bare
Hardest thing to be
Stare within my soul
My conscious
Gaze into my being
Always fear just what
I'll find as I look
Inside crazed and
Simply frayed a madman
Beneath the surface lies


Justify my mixed up
Justify my hate
Simplify the reasons
To stay in
This wonderful state
Wishing only early ending
With my own demise
Fantasize just how it
When I'll come to die


My life so far
Is hard

How did I come to feel
This pain, such hate
Bitter disdain for my life
End this pain

Such hate
Such pain

9. Sadness

I have no faith
In this
Where was I remiss?

Bond of one
Becomes two
Trust betrayed in you
Lived through of such misery
As cold as I could never be

Still I try
Through my doubts
And my fears

(repeat chorus)

Cold as I could never ever be
Cold as I could never ever be

10. Dominion

Your mass debate
To set things straight
Has turned around
And failed you

Your words so hip
They don't mean shit
Such little words
Become you

This breed of music never dies
Simply grows stronger
As it hides
Join my dominion

This trend will end
With it your friends
Perfect example
Fair weather

Now as you boast
The end draws close
When this fad dies
Much later

This breed of music never dies
Simply grows brutal
While it hides
Join this dominion

Rise up

Now it's too late
You've sealed your fate
In your obscure
Related horror
Music prevails
Bashes, impales
Changed your opinion
Crushed dominion


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