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Darkness My Eternal Bride

"Darkness My Eternal Bride" (1996)

1. From the Absu
2. The Majesty of Empires Doom
3. Darkness (My Eternal Bride)
4. Astral Keys to My Mighty Visions
5. On the Desolate Shores of Eternity

1. From the Absu

The coloumns of flames
raises toward the black sky
funereal clouds in storm
the echo of catastrophe calls the hidden demons
Abysmal powers
invoked by the ancient cults
conceived by the primordial hate
the worshippers of the black dame dance
Wining their faces toward the rising red moon
And from the unknown ancestral absu
the hordes will follow the secret and eternal paths
illuminated by an alien blaze
terrestrial powers burns
in the flames of immortal rites
And on the earth
innomminated gods will dwell
through the eons from their immortal thrones
will see the cosmic abysses open wide
where the black planets will dominate in chaos

2. The Majesty of Empires Doom

The storms come from afar
the buried mysteries has been revealed
by him that dwell in the most dark of universes
magick arts to invoke the eternal gods
of the ancient ages
engulfed in abomination of a secular sleep
Vision of infinite battles
at the edges of lands of fire and ice
there where the moon is coloured by the
blood of the black men
The last emperors behold the triumph
drinking in blasphemous chalices
in the night of the last eclipse
infernal winds blows
cosmic sands obscure the sky
And the storms
the deicides rides
abominable battle hymns
pushed by the primordial forces
The temple of light
the throne of god
crushed by the power of the hellhammer
And there
where the lights dies
the empire of darkness will rule
the universe
in the supreme majesty of the purifyng silence.

3. Darkness (My Eternal Bride)

When her black veil
fall on my every thought
surround my brothers
while the wind graze my hairs
one flame burns
the burning passion capture me
Her eyes shine
now that light is so near
the spectres dance
the wicked shadow fade away
fly free afar from nothingness
Her hand
lull me lightly
take the ash with your fingers
thoughts, temptations
Surround my life with black flowers
let that the petals settles on my skin
now the eyes gaze this void
and all it's freezing stars
beside me their own bodies
beside me their own bodies
we all
in evil

4. Astral Keys to My Mighty Visions

I rode on the darker storm of time
engulfed in alien frost
breeder of abysmal fears
the cold blow of wind have guided my path
Toward the mighty pantheon
where the eternal ancestors dwell
where the venom of the gods fall from the coloumns of hate
where the black flames burns the mortal souls
where the gates to eternity are opens
I've crossed the edges
sorrounded by a freezing air
blinded by the glacial blazes
pure and vast cosmic landscapes under a sky of blue dust
My frozen eyes will follows the star beyond the stars
astral path to the supreme keys
Inside the circle of cosmic forces
throned under the sign of the sideral power
materialized in my immortal soul
with the sword of hate on my left hand
I summon the primordial hordes
around my fiery throne
From here I'll rule the dark battle
where my blood will rise
and my hands will burn in flames
of contemplation
From here I'll raise my arms and will open my eyes
to receive the eternal triumph
to embrace the supreme majesty
in the night of my time

5. On the Desolate Shores of Eternity


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