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If Tomorrow Comes

"If Tomorrow Comes" (2000)

1. Crematory's Yard
2. If Tomorrow Comes
3. I'm Your Fear
4. Fatality Insane
5. Slave Of Fate
6. Sea Of Tears
7. Realm Of Shades
8. Don't Say Never

1. Crematory's Yard

Stoves are burning hot
Blushing all around
Are you feel the smoke
Of the burning fire
Millions of voices calling from the ground
Tireless conveyor waiting fat exiless

Fire of hell burning this world

All are burning in the hell
And boils blood
Nobody can't stay alive
Killer imperator want to destroy the god
Nothing more to save us from the devil's eye

Fire of hell burning this world
Silent rows of corpses
Down into the flame
Worms can't penetrate
In his dead brains
Legions of Death Satan leads again
To Eternal Hell, into the Fireland

2. If Tomorrow Comes

Infected nation,
Damned society
Hungry animals
Figthing for a piece of meat

Good night my generation
And maybe you will see the sun
Rising like a sign of your salvation
If tomorrow comes

Lying justice
And money talks
Freedom dying
On the bleeding laws

Mighty oldmans
Talking about love
Mind destructors
Give us the right to live

3. I'm Your Fear

I know your thoughts
Before you do something
I broke your hopes
I see your dreams

I'm inside you
You belong to me
I'm inside you
Do you feel me?
I'm your fear

I hear you crying
When no more dried tears
I'm your nightmare
I will be always near

You'll always be my real enemy
I'm invisible, my life lasts eternally

4. Fatality Insane

Party of the vampires
Dancing on the graves
Blood neverending lies
On the faces of the saints

Living under whiplash
Staying on the edge
You made your first step
On the way to death

Fatality insane

So much cruelty
Given birth by human race
World full of tragedys
But we don't care

5. Slave Of Fate

Open the door
Leading inside your life
To unknown world
Full of pain
And you can see
Temple of the heart
Staying on the hill
Of your insanity

You wanna change yourself
But it's too late
Your soul belongs to hell
Slave of fate

Feeling of hate
Poisoning your mind
Living in your head
With your dreams

Skill of kill
Became the only trade
Like the load of curse
Like fates grin

6. Sea Of Tears

We live our life
Like rats on the ship
We pray for peace
And god our souls to keep
We're killing ourselves
And there's no other way
No way to turn
No way to stay

We're doing everyday
Sin after sin
We're playing the game
And we don't know
Who's to win
We try to find peace
In our souls
But found this
Deep in the ground cold

We want to go away
From reality
But this way will bring us
To the Sea of Tears

7. Realm Of Shades

At night, when you hear the call
From the realm of shades
You see the reaper face to face
Your mind is fading
And your breath is going away
You feel free from every sway

No gods can hold you
In eternity
No rulers comand
The shadows are free

Realm of shades
The land of the damned
Realm of shades
Ii will always expend
Realm of shades
The empire of the night
Realm of shades
Breeding it's might

An empire of delivered souls
Is rising in the dark
The realm were everyones
Got the mark
Living free with no rules and laws
The host of the wise
Be bored of whole world's lies

8. Don't Say Never

I feel so lonely
I'm a stranger
Going through the night
Of my dreams
I live without you
Like an angel
Fallen angel without wings

I know it's not forever
I see end of my pain
Please don't say "never"
You don't say "never" again

My soul's in emptiness
I'm a prisoner
I wanna break this chains
Of silence
But I believe
I needed by you
I'm waiting for you so many days


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