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Essence of Disgrace

"Essence of Disgrace" (2002 Demo)

1. Disgrace
2. Behind The Unholy Cross
3. Morbid Memories
4. Rotten Earth

1. Disgrace

Total Destruction
Bodies heaped everywhere
Minds murders
Hate Reigns in your kingdom

Rotten organisms
Spread by the ground

Disgrace, despair in the children´s eyes
Mothers, running to save your babies

A murderous group, suffered people
Terror and death genocide

The hope not exists no more
The time is short and death is right
Put and end to your enemy
And will survive

2. Behind The Unholy Cross

From the deepest sins
Your sentence will be the excommunication
You are traitor of god
Killed the divine hopes

Behind the unholy cross

Your eyes spread the hate
An abominable creature hides
Living in the darkness of the anguish
Your revenge rises

Behind the unholy cross

The weak ones
Didn´t get to escape
Your feelings
Are dead
It doesn´t exist
Pity and hope
Living in the hole
Of the wickedness

3. Morbid Memories

Despair screams
Souls surround my house
Voice of fear approach
Morbid memories of my family

I am confused
The fear took care of me
My house if a prision
Full of filth and terror

One day arrive at home
I found my dead parents
Now, i am alone
I have to tolerate to this suffering

Cry... I hear, children cry, i hear
Cry... I don´t know that place

A person´s face appears before me
Your suffered eyes
They make a request of help
The black forces want to dominate my soul
To flee to this terrible nighmare

I have to leave of this suffering temple
Going in direction to the light
But the light is more and more distant
The portal is closing...good-bye

4. Rotten Earth


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