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"Filicide" (2000)

1. Cut Throat
2. Internal Organs For Sale
3. Addiction To Sexual Slaughter (Part 2)
4. Fetus Mutilation
5. Rectum Irritation
6. Eaten By Fish
7. Euthanasia
8. Unbearable Reek

1. Cut Throat


A child lies on the road
Blood flows out of his cut throat
A car stands near the corpse
Bumper covered with the blood
Father grew numb
Horror's in his eyes
The kids guts stretched
From the burst stomach
Bones protrude of his broken legs
Daddy looks at his only son
That has just died before his eyes
Something changed in his brain
Murder's now need of life
He can't see the other children
He can't hear the voices of kids
Ambulance takes away
Mangled little children's body
Father stands on the street
He can't go anywhere
Soon after that police collided
With the most horrid crimes
Of this town
Children with cut throat
Opened bellies
Guts fell out on the ground
Pools of blood
Some maniac kills the kids
With the very brutal ways
With certain motive
One after other
He leaves his innocent victims
With the clean cut throats
Black out of his brain
Darkened by accident
To kill all kids
Is now his present life
Nothing can stop his crimes
In this town.Only resurrection
of his own son from kingdom
Of the dead will give back
A mind to him

2. Internal Organs For Sale


Striking cleanness of the rooms.
Abundance of latest
Expensive medical apparatuses.
Perfect secret admittance.
Entrance not for all.
A narrow circle of the people
Let into it.
Conveyer is working here
By provision of orders.
For human's internal organs.
Rich clients pay
For transplantation
Of inner vital organs.
Pumping purest blood
From infant baby.
Somebody needs a new liver.
Somebody needs a new kidney.
Experienced surgeons
Do their job in this clinic.
Healthy children are missing
In different places of country
Of various ages.
All of they get here
Intact safe and sound.
Dissected torso
Exposes the heart.
Blood runs through the drains.
Internal organs for sale.
Rich men pay for it.
Empty bodies.Incineration.

3. Addiction To Sexual Slaughter (Part 2)


She's walking down the street.
Alone in the late evening.
I'm waiting her in bushes.
I wanna fuck her.
I like this kind of pleasure.
Knife in my hand.
Begin the violent
Sexual death.
Blood splashes aside
when I stab her by knife.
Scream from acute pain
is dying away in the night.
I don't care.
Take out my prick.
Stab in her cunt.
I tear her clothes apart.
Sex with the dead.
I like to fuck young girls.
It makes me pleasure.
Fuck young dead body.
Touch her hairy crotch.
Blood runs from her cut throat.
Kiss her elastic breast.
Guts from stomach
that I have opened
are falling down on ground.
I carve her flesh in pieces.
Blood splashes on me.
I've got a satisfaction.
That's all.

4. Fetus Mutilation


Blood is coming out
From genital cavity
Legs moved wide apart
Hands are planged inside womb
Pieces of the unborn
Are thrown in the corner
Heap of mutilated
Chopped up little torses
Tiny arm is moving yet
Umbilical cord connecting mother
And child by life is ripped out
From the crotch with caul
The killers of their own kids
Stand in the turn to this surgery
Murder of the innocents
They'll never see sunlight
Pain is the first feeling
Death inside the mother's cunt
Mincer enters in your body
Cuts,shreds in little pieces
A quivering pile of useless flesh
Brain like grey mass of jelle
Is oozing from the cracked skull
The unborn die
There isn't a chance to wonder why
Pulverized infant corpses
Are ready to be burnt
Dying alive embrio
Turn to the pulp of minced meat
Bloody chunks,livid stack
Stripping off muscle tissue
Mother bitch kills her child
For freedom of life

5. Rectum Irritation


I'm an every man I live among you
But unlike you I've got one
pecularity.I don't care for
beautiful girls.I like little boys
Sexual delight is to stick child
assholes with very great effort
It's easy to treat
With the little ones
They resist least of all
I lure away my victims
In different cunning ways
They don't even guess
What I'll do with them
Virgin hole of child
Forbidden lust for blood
Attracts me.The smell of shit
My cock erects now
Shove it into your hole
Tied victim screams for help
Beginning copulation
Blood running on my balls
Leaks out from abrasions
See back of your head
Ejaculate inside your rectum
It's not enough for me
I have a lust for blood
Taking my hatchet
Eviscerate your body
Chop off your head
Spurting warm blood from
Your gullet splashes just on me
Blood appears under the knife
Moist innards steam and smell
Evirated bloody crotch
Your scrotum's before my feet
After all that have done
I'm filled with loathing
It becomes disgusting
Remorse comes to me
I bring damage to mankind
It's nessesary to cure
Fear gives plead not guilty
The sexual instinct
Gets the upper hand

6. Eaten By Fish


Last hopeless sigh
The lungs are filling with water
And child's head goes into depth
Just trembling circles
Run on the water
Cutting short screaming for help
Fish are mute witnesses
Swimming close by child
Mother brings up her child
He's four years old
And he loves his ma
Mother meets a young man
She wants get married him
But son wants nobody
Her love to this man
Is stronger then to her son
She's got two ways
This man or her child
Mother meets a young man
She wants get married him
But son wants nobody
The young man said to her:
"if you didn't have your baby
it would be possible"
They used to like to walk
To pond in forest
That day they went
Like usually they did
Nobody was near at hand
She pushed her son
To the bottom of the pond
"We're finally alone"
She'll say it to young man

7. Euthanasia


They live in the hospital
They haven't got their parents
They were refused
Evident signs of ugliness
Faces look the same
Weak signs of mind
They live at the hospital expense
People need the medicines
Treat for the illnesses
They use the weak-minded
Children like laboratory mice
Nobody won't know anything
Where does new medicine get from
Who was tasted by it

8. Unbearable Reek


Reek of decay
Stands in the room what you see
You are out of breath from this smell
Mortuary. Bodies of children
That have died are swollen
With pus from the time
The unidentifyed kids,victims of crimes
Still-born infants,backward children
Killed out ugly are thrown about in the heap
Some corpses are in the complete stage
Of decay.Streams of the yellow pus
Flow from the burst skin
I must burn down all bodies of the kids
Cast them by turns into the cremator
Furnace full of fire absorbs their bodies
I watch through the stout glass
Their necrosed muscle tissue
Begins to carbonize
Ttansparent blisters
Filled with yellow liquid
Appear on the dead skin
Burns cover the children's bodies
Rotting tissue melts,drops into the fire
Opened bellies expose the guts
Reek of decay
Stands in the room what you see
You are out of breath from this smell
Every day I do my job in this morgue
The death became a common thing
I've got used to the smell of burned skin
Last remains are burning down
Rake out from cremator ashes and dust
All is over


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