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Death Is My Name

"Death Is My Name" (2002)

1. Have You Ever Killed?
2. Fresh Human Meat
3. My Name Is Death
4. Coroner`s Report
5. Oozing Yellow Slime
6. Just Blood (Is It A Crime?)
7. Bifurcation Of The Person
8. Confession Of The Serial Killer
9. Death (instruimental)

1. Have You Ever Killed?


Feeling of nausea
Youíd like to throw up
Disgust and uncertainty
Smack of blood inside of your mouth
Cold sweat and stupid consciousness
Have you ever killed?
That is the first feeling of person
Whoís just killed for the first time
Somebody else is ruling your mind
Youíve lost control of your body
Beats in your temples
You search for answer why
Justification of guilt
Death face of victim
Have you ever killed?
Hand holding knife was beating by itself
Silent scream and body falls
Body falls to the wall
You canít drop the knife
Youíre watching he dies
Numbness and fear overcome your body
His hands cover the wounds
His eyes stare at you
Blood drops from your knife
Falls on the floor with tap
You feel bad yourself
ĎCause you killed a man
Now your hands in blood
Your mind filled of his death
Do you think you can?
Get rid of all this
I remember I killed a man
It was a terrible thing
Remorse and pity overwhelmed me
It deeply wounded my soul

2. Fresh Human Meat


My stomach begins to salivate
When I see appetizing tidbits
Poured with aromatic gravy
Sprinkled with green vegetables
Just one day back
It was a young girl
I have got her here
Then I cut her flesh in pieces
I hung her up and cut her throat
Then I waited while all blood drops down
I sliced her flesh in little pieces
Then I separated bones from meat
I threw out her stinky guts
I gave her bones to my hungry big dogs
Part of meat I laid aside
In order to prepare the roast meat
And the rest I laid in the frig
I love to cook fresh humanís meat

3. My Name Is Death


Small town is seized with fear.
Danger waits for you around every corner
Hide away your lives.
I'm coming with sharp blade in my hand.
Don't get out in the night.
Black night is the only witness.
Silent wind is flying over trees.
See you going, my victim
Next in my list of killed.
Police can't catch me
I do it so fast
Newspapers know
My name is death
I attack you suddenly
Running to you
Knock down on ground
Rise up my blade
Blood, blood
I see blood
Running out from your cut throat
Don't you know that is a pleasure
Watching you die
In suffering and pain
I leave a sign written with blood
On the wall in the place of crime
Look and read
This is my name
My name is death
Death is my name

4. Coroner`s Report


penetrating wound of chest At the
left side,
with damage of lower share
of left lung Approximately the death has come four- five hours back
Plentiful bleeding
Anaemia of internal organs of wounded man
That was founded lying at his home

5. Oozing Yellow Slime


The rotting corpse is lying on the table
The morgue is filled of putrid reek
Time exerted its influence
Blackened meat falls off from the bones
Hollow eyeballs
Screaming skull
Some weeks ago it was a person
With his destiny, with his minds
Death caught him by its claws
And decided to show power of itself
Oozing yellow slime
Rotten guts
Death laughs at your body
With merciless smile
Viscid pus smells vile
Maggots eat your flesh

6. Just Blood (Is It A Crime?)


Sharp blade is cutting your throat
Blood is splashing aside
Crack of bones
Torn muscles
Heart stops pumping
Dissection of your chest
Carving up your body
That is my hobby
Studying of internal organs
Satisfaction of my desire
Just blood gives me full happiness
Cut through your veins
Inside your body
I like this all
Amputation and dissection
All of your donít understand me
Thinking that is kind of crime
Just blood stops me from condition
That I feel without this action

7. Bifurcation Of The Person


Lately two men live inside of me
The former lives his common life
The latter appears sometimes
And pushes me to the crimes
When second is awoke
He makes me take a knife
And drives me in the street to hunt
I go, heís inside together in the dark
And kill, and kill, and kill, and kill
I donít want to listen to him
But heís strongly than me
He comes when he wishes
And heís away after killing
He kills with incredible cruelty
I wonder what he is after
Victim goes, we mug
Knife cuts your throat
Your scream from pain stops suddenly
I stab the knife again, again

8. Confession Of The Serial Killer


Usual sexual life
Didnít give to me pleasure
I have killed my first victim
Completely casually
I just wanted her to rape
But she shouted and scratched
It has enraged me, and I strangled her
I cum when she was dying
The pleasant shiver passed through my body
I still remember her face
I still remember all my victims
I didnít simply killed and raped
I dismembered and dissected them
I opened stomach to second victim
It wanted to me to see her heart
I drowned her body in the river
I felt myself unpunishable
I have got used to this
And I wanted it more and more
I confess that Iím guilty
You can call me death
I donít regret about what Iíve done
It was the best thing in my life
Girlís gasping
While Iím strangling her
My fingers are
Gripping her neck
Knifeís cutting
Her belly
Guts are falling out
On the ground
Iím guilty, yes
And you can call me death

9. Death (instruimental)


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