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"Corpsophagia" (2005)

1. From The Dark
2. Along Comes Killer
3. Raw Flesh
4. Corpsophagia
5. Dig Me Up
6. I Will Eat Your Heart
7. That's The Way I Kill You
8. Long Sharp Blade
9. Soul Fly

1. From The Dark

2. Along Comes Killer

My first victim was my mother
I was sixteen, she was dissected
She was a whore
When I have known that
It's got me crazy, so I killed her
Since that turning point
I've been hunting for the bad girls
Like was my mother
In our shabby walk-up
Cockroach-infested apartment
I dismembered my mother's body
I was sitting before her corpse
Thinking about my life
I swore to clear this world
Make it clean from that trash
Next night I went out in the street
Where the red lights on
I found the girl, who's living on her back
She spread her leags wide apart
I strangled her by her stocking
She had no time to cry
Then I cut her throat by knife
And set her corpse on fire
It was my second victim
So it has been started
Dirty whores beware my vengeance
I've begun the body count

3. Raw Flesh

See you
Going down the night street
See you
Beautiful young girl
Want you
Wish you'd be my lovely victim
Want you
Die in my hands
Something in my mad head
Pushes me to the crimes
Sharp knife in my hand kills you
Fountain of the red blood
Splashes rights on me
Running from cut aorta your blood
Suck her blood
From the wound I did
Bite off the meat
From her tender body
Chewing on the tendons
Eating her brains
Cut off her vagina
Slice up
Shred her ass until it rags
Skin off her body
It's my microcosm I live in
Nothing but the raw flesh

4. Corpsophagia

A few days after death
The body's swollen
Dark blue and green color of the skin
Your smell, your smell magnetize me
Touch you, touch you
I wanna feel your body
After I enjoyed of seeing your body
I take my knife and cut your flesh to pieces
Your smell, your smell magnetize me
Touch you, touch you
I wanna feel your body
Before I can eat it
Feeding of the rotting human meat I like it
Gushing yellow liquid from your cut stomach
Gashing your necrosed skin
Drinking the yellow pus
Sucking the rest of blood in your veins
Tearing your lives apart
It's oozing from my mouth
Feeling of hungry takes over me
Your stinking gutted corpse
Possessed my mind
Smack of dead body
It means all for me

5. Dig Me Up

Darkness stands before my eyes
Silence is in my ears
I can't see, I can't hear
What's up? What's going on?
Where am I? where's everybody?
Ami dead, can it be true?
Reach out my hands straight in black
Have a sensation of coffin's lid
I can't see, I can't hear
Possibly I'm buried alive
Try to cry but it's useless
I'm not dead, I'm still alive
It should be kidding
It can't be true
I'm alive I understand
Keep on crying, beat and kick
Why it's happening to me
Dig me up from the grave
I can't breathe, suffocate

6. I Will Eat Your Heart

Driven in the dark corner
Fear is in your eyes
You will be my donor
Your death shall be so nice
There's no one who can save you
Don't even try to cry
I'm gonna eat your body
Your blood soon will be mine
Don't try to bring me out with your crying
I don't fucking care it
'cause I'll have eaten you
After I dissect your body
Blood, guts, bones, I will leave after my dinner
All I need this time, it's your bloody heart
I'm gonna rip it out from your opened chest
Place your heart in boiled water
Let it boil until the broth is ready
I'm gonna eat it later
I feel gonna when I drink your blood
When I chew your tender meat
Your boiled heart so delicious
Lies on the plate cut in little pieces

7. That's The Way I Kill You

We often meet together inside of internet
I choose all my victims sitting before my monitor
Talking to girls by keyboard
It's time of new killing
Power's on, modem is connected
I made a date with girl in reality
Brought her home where I live
And I stand before her
And knife with sharp blade in my hand
Incise her skin till her blood splashes aside
On the floor, on the wall
Sleeping pill in glass of the wine
That's why she is tied to the chair
I will not let her die so fast
She must suffer from pain, from bleeding
Ripping the bits of flesh from her legs
While she screams in vain
She's begging for mercy in a high thin voice
Sewing together her lips
She can't shout through the thread
Go on to rip the flesh from her legs
Until the feet stick on bones
Step by step I slice her flesh
Press out her eyeballs, dismembering
Twisting limbs until they break
Torrents of blood, the mash of guts

8. Long Sharp Blade

Be prepared to be my victim
Nothing stops you from the bleeding
Always keep my knife in shealth
It was made by my order
Long sharp blade
You will die; I'll be your killer
Hold in my hand tool of killing
Choosed by chance, nothing personal
I've got you in my sight
You can scream nobody hears
I don't care about you tears
I raise my knife above your head
Long sharp blade

9. Soul Fly

And the soul is flying up to the sky
For the death has taken a life
Across the universe the soul has that flight
The stars go by
Space compresses in time
Feel the end of flight
The soul has god's favour
That's why it comes to heaven
That soul will stay in heaven till the end of time
The happiness and the bliss for eternity
The soul of yours is blacked from the sins you've done
You'll get in hell where fire burns for eternity
You didn't think about the future
About the life after death


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