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"Amputator" (1993)

1. Decomposing Cadaver
2. Dead Love
3. Amputator
4. Addiction To Sexual Slaughter
5. Post Mortem
6. Exhumer
7. Execution For Meat
8. Blood Thirsty

1. Decomposing Cadaver

Rotten stench as I look at the corpse
Ferment limbs expose the bones
Lies in the pit of rubbish and trash
Here he found his own death
Blackened gore in the screaming mouth
Maggots make in cadaver their houses
Open stomach full of rotting guts
Legs and arms tumefy from the pus
Decomposing,putrid corpse
Pungent stink,bloody limbs
Swollen flesh,mouldy guts
His open eyes look to the sky
Blackened heart under brocken ribs
Wormy flesh gives vile reek
I vomit on his mangled face
I vomit on his mangled rotten face
Ptomaine's oozing from his eyees
Maggots crawl through his eyes
Rats are eating his eyeballs
I can't stand it any more
Decomposing cadaver
Rotten stench as I look at the corpse
Ferment limbs expose the bones
Lies in the pit of rubbish and trash
Here he found his own death
Decomposing,putrid corpse
Pungent stink,bloody limbs
Swollen flesh,mouldy guts

2. Dead Love

My life goes by in mortuary
I like to work with the dead
For me this place is sanctuary
The floor is bloody red
Unfrozen corpse lies on the table
Smell of death in the air
Now I'll get satisfaction
Dead girl with the beautiful hair
I like to touch naked corpses
I like to feel dead skin
Prepare scalpel,rusty blade
Stroke her flesh,kiss her lips
Burn her scalp on the sconce
Blistering skin and burst up
I saw her skull take the brains
They're oozing through my hands
I take the blade and cut her stomach
Her wet guts are steaming and smell
Ripping through her mangled body
Pulling off the kidney and spleen
I kiss her sticky entrails
I lick the goo from her crotch
I suck out the pus from her mattery skin
I drink ptomaine from her eyes
Bloody limbs,brocken bones
Empty eyeholes in the skull
Flies are sitting on the pile of guts
Veins torn out from the flesh

3. Amputator

All began from maturation
Limbs are swollen
The black arms and black legs
You suffer from your body torture
My patient needs amputation
I like to see unbearable pain
The tears drops from your eyes
You think of me that I'm a butcher
Limbs putrifaction need amputation
Prepare my tools the catling and saw
Pus seeps through your necrosed skin
Dehydrated turning green
You tremble with fear exite me
I like it.My knife stabs into your skin
Incise your flesh on the arm
Your black blood splashes me
Rotting liquid from your cut
Gashes off making stench
Rotten yellow slime intermixed with blood
Drooling on the table
Your scream enrages me
Saw your septic bones away from flesh
Take your carved arm in my hands
Throw it in the heap of stumps
They call me amputator
Begining to saw another arm swollen with pus
Pain in your eyes
Then I saw your decayed blackened legs
With dead skin
Your amputated limbs discharging the infection
Green and yellow matter
Flowing out from under heap
You're lying on the cart
You are looking like a chump
Without arms and legs but you're alive
Putrid remains I must burn down
Smoke in the room malodorous reek
You think of me that I'm a butcher
They call me amputator

4. Addiction To Sexual Slaughter

From my childhood I like to see torture
Women suffer from my sudden violence
Waiting in the night alone accidental girl
Compress in my hand knife with gleaming blade
I hear taps of shoes.I see beautiful girl
My cock erects now.Feeling rush of blood
From the dark of night I jump on the girl
Lift my pointed knife over little head
Her screams die away.No one hears in the night
She's falling down before me
I drag her body to bushes
Look at her beautiful face
Feel brutal lust deep inside
I tear her clothes apart
I throw her panties to grass
Take her bust in my hands
It takes my breath away
I have lust for her sticky guts
Blood now gushes from her throat on the ground
I bite her tits.I touch her clit
Fucking her open mouth
Trembling rushes through me
Her cunt twitches slightly under my hand
Spurting warm cum
Her lips have a pale blue colour
Perspiration covers my forehead
I take my knife.Thrust in her cunt
Cut her flesh from pudenda to throat
Her guts fall out
Moving apart her flesh twisted
Immerse my hands in her bowels
Ripping out her entrails
Bringing up to my face
Her liver gives warmth
My mouth's in her blood
I bite off her tongue
Chew it with her blood
Feeling satisfaction
I dig up the soil for her grave
And throw her body to black pit
Shaking off dirts from my knees
Wipping my mouth from her blood
One more female corpse
Pick up from the ground her guts
Throw out.My mind needs a rest
My body wants to sleep

5. Post Mortem

Yesterday I was alive,and now I know I'm dead
But what is it,I feel no pain
I'm feeling no flesh
Mortuary,here I lie
I can see without my eyes
Blood doesn't run into my veins
My brain doesn't serve to me
Lying on cold table.I see my lifless corpse
Strange thoughts fill my soul about the living dead
Death-it's not the end of human life
Soul-it's spring of life in the beyond
Coroner cuts my stomach,pulling out my guts
My heart with torn veins,blood dripping on my eyes
He saws my skull,takes my white and grey brain
Place my corpse in the coffin
Nail the cascet lid
I hear the bell tolls and noise of earth
My corpse gutted and cleaned
Lies in the grave under ground
I know nothing what will be with me
I've been lying here for many years and rot
Maggots ate my intestines long ago
I feel the strenght fill my lifless corpse
Beggining to crash my rotten coffin
Now I come out from the grave
My mind works inside my skull
Forbidden evil is rulling me
I need flesh and human brains
I will consume it by my jaws
I am creation of father Satan
You will die.I'm bringing world destruction

6. Exhumer

He goes to the cemetery,dead of night
Spade and bag at his back,empty sight
He digs up soil of grave under moon
Deep in ground,can't see him inside the tomb
He lifts the lid of wooden coffin
Feeling smell of rotten flesh
Buried corpse not long ago,it begins decay
Searching values,looking at the corpse
He sees a golden ring
The precious stone shining in the night
Attracts the evil man
Trying to take it off from the finger of the corpse
Deadly frozen cold
Swollen from the pus hand of dead man
He can't take it off
He takes a knife,cuts the hand of the corpse
Crack of bones,tearing veins,clots of gore
Taking the hand of the corpse in his hand
Smile on face.Puts it down in his bag
He looks at the skull,opens the mouth with the knife
Ossified flesh can't stand for itself
Pulling out gold teeth,nothing can stop him
Verminous mouth full of white maggots
He takes in his hand the knife
And cuts the mouth of corpse
Maggots are falling down
>From rotten flesh on dampy earth
He wants to leave the robbed grave
He stands on putrid corpse
His foot breaks rotten chest
And falls in intestines
Pungent stench of fetid goo
Splash of pus and broken bones
Clatches at the cold tombstone
Come out from the open grave
He goes to the cemetery,dead of night
Spade and bag at his back,empty sight
He digs up soil of grave under moon
Deep in ground,can't see him inside the tomb

7. Execution For Meat

Pile of guts lies on bloody floor
You see bodies gutted and dissected
Without heads are hanging on hooks
Their blood drops down from cut throats
Delectation to roast the human's meat
Digestive parts are ready to cook
Malformation.It's the end of sanity
Wild addiction.Lust of roasted meat
For dinner soup, ripping out the eyes
Sucking out the brain from hole of cracked skull
Sharp blade in my hand pierses into your skin
Warm guts now appear
Cut your heart in two
My clothes soaked with blood
Hungry in my eyers
Chewing on the liver
Drinking viscid blood
Bodies cut in half
Steam from open stomach
Dark possessed my mind
Blind desire to kill
Execution for roast meat
Unnecessary,unpalatable parts of guts
Pool of blood
Bleeding chunks of flesh spewing pus
Cut heads without eyes
Lie in corner slowly rot
Horrid kitchen.Induldgement
Execution for roast meat

8. Blood Thirsty

All my real victims are the children
I am killing them strangulation
The fresh dead bodies lies in the room
Look at their necks.I'm thirsty for blood
Hot red blood
Evil in my brain lives with cruelty
Blood tastes nice drives me nuts
Take the body little corpse
Carry it to the bathroom
Take my knife cut the throat
Fountain splashes aside
I drink the blood
Running warm stream down my throat
Belive in the strength that gives me the gore
My organism becomes younger
I feel liquid runs down my oesophagus
Soaks in my internal organs
Blood gives me intoxication
Child falls down before my feet
Drained dead body now turn blue
Take another little corpse
Cut his veins on the arms
Place the jars under wounds
Slowly filling sticky blood
Keep this drink in the fridge
Till I'm thirsty
Nothing want more
I drink only blood
I can't see any liquid
Pour acid into the bath
I must destroy all traces
Their bodies corrode by acid
Fizz and smoke.Dissolve for ever


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