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...Your Funeral

"...Your Funeral" (2003)

1. Spell Of Blood Tears
2. Awoken Death
3. Uncommon Despair
4. Forgotten
5. Feeble Corpse
6. Steeple Fuck
7. Your Bloodstream
8. Decadent Suffering
9. ...Your Funeral

1. Spell Of Blood Tears

2. Awoken Death

My desire and lust for you has driven me
out of my grave I want to feel your
flesh, though it is decayed
On this unholy ground,I spot you next to
me Buried under feet of dirt I can smell
you like a fiend I bury my hands in the
frozen ground until I reach your flesh
Lying dead,rotten below,and curdled in
your evening dress My hands upon your
skeletal face,I feel the curtains of flesh I
climb into your deathly domain and you I
begin to undress Awoken from your
deadned leep, your eyes so gently and
my heart you find Beating rapidly,beating
angrily our bones crush into dust Now we
shall be together forever in a puddle of lust

3. Uncommon Despair

Awake in the hours of despair,alive in the
alley of death Stripped to just my bones,I
have nothing left
Driven into the tunnel of wrath and drilled
into the funeral of depth Stripped to just
my blood,I find there's nothing left
Writhing in the cristal of darkness,smilling
in a world that's sad Stripped to nothing
but my soul,I find everything's mad
Fucked into a layer of ice, lauged into
tears of doom Stripped to nothing but my
heart,I find the Devil's room Walked into
the freak-show,shwon to a table of tears
Stripped to nothing but my mind,I find
there's nothing to fear Forgotten in the
mausoleum of life pushed into the box of
death Stripped to just my lust,I find there's
nothing left

4. Forgotten

The auro of death surrounds my ticking
mind Forcing my thoughts to be anything
but kind And making me violently sick and
diseased I am plagued with a burning
agony Fantasies about insides that I shall
slowly burn And all the stomachs the blood
will turn And all the bones I shall break
And the flesh I plan to take Slicing
through innards,I can almost feel the pain
If I weren't so so cold,so caloous and crazed
Your flesh I lust,your flesh I desire You
my friends are my lost empire And all the
blood that could from sea
I grin at you so wickedly This life, I have
slowly taken away A gift stolen and
replaced with pain You,mean nothing to me
other than a thrill And another fantasy is

5. Feeble Corpse

A gutted corpse walks to me
Disemboweled in misery
Cold,lonely and living dead
Cut up flesh,drips bloody red
A gutted corpse encounters me
Disemboweled with misery
Cold,alone and not quite dead
Burned flesh peels bloody red
A gutted corpse holds me
Disemboweled and happy to be
So cold,lonely and undead
Eyes cry out bloody red
Though he's not dead,he's still alive
Speaks to me and he takes my life

6. Steeple Fuck

I've been buried by the commoners of
unbelievable misery Buried into a hole,a
grave of pure malice
Gutted out by the commoners they bring
such enlightment
I'm departed from organs that once kept me
It was not I, surely not me that thought her
to be dead
It was not I,it was my mind that stabbed
her in every orifice It was my mind that
lied her down...upon my bed of thorns It
was not I,it was my mind that captured her
in my home The pigs go in,the hogs come
out...commoners they do stray And they
gut me...they come to take my corpse away
And it was only my mind that pulled her to
the steeple Only my mind that cut her up It
was myself that undressed her But my
mind performed the fuck

7. Your Bloodstream

Let me into your bloodstream so I can feel
your agony
Let me into your most intimate
thoughts, and I promise not to tell And if I
could get into your head,perhaps I could
cause real misery And if I could get into
your veins, I would burn like Hell let me
into your sould...let me feel every piece I
would run my fingers over your bloody
ribs if you would let me I would kill you a
thousand times and writhe in the ecstasy
And if I were in your bloodstream...I
would cause such agony Let me into your will not feel a thing Let me into
your pleasure and I will make it real And if
I could kill you,I would find something
good inside me! And if I could feel your
organs,you I would kill

8. Decadent Suffering

My precious sweet offering
I lure you in my bed of thorns and misery
Welcome to my kingdom,he said with
giddy ple
We do not welcome many,we kill and live
all in agony
You wrecked perfect entity,you ravishing
stature so soon to mine
You vile mammal of purity,you insipid
figure,you do not suffer time
And how I wish to make you ill-looking to
turn your looks into a gallery of what I
feel A gouged out,burned up,gutted,
split-open,creature that must forever be
concealed! To suffer in silence the tortures of
loneliness, hatred, rage and sorrow Today
you are pure splendor, yes, but a fiend you
will be tomorrow And how I wish to
mutilate you into perfect image of my soul A
blackened wicked slab of flesh consumed
by many jagged holes Welcome to my
world,he said with a grin We know not
pleasure,only miserable sin You incorrigible
work of art...your beauty is a delight I
shall corset your flesh until it's maimed to
my fright Twisted I shall make you,my
new work and envy Come and join the others
in great misery!

9. ...Your Funeral


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