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Sunrise over a Sea of Blood

"Sunrise over a Sea of Blood" (2005)

1. Best Case Scenario
2. Worst Case Scenario
3. Dig Your Own Grave
4. Abbadon
5. The Falling
6. Sunrise Over A Sea Of Blood
7. Taste Of A Bitter Soul
8. These Evil Days
9. One Hour From Forever
10. Death Is The Beginning

1. Best Case Scenario

2. Worst Case Scenario

Stop running from your pain
Open your eyes
All I do seems meaningless
Still I try
Every day my heart breaks for you
My heart breaks everyday
I wonít let go
I wonít let you go
I know you hurt
I see you breaking down
Yet hope is found in a broken heart
Yes hope is found when your heart breaks
Your heart breaks

3. Dig Your Own Grave

There are thousands of people as far as the eyes can see;
you can sense the suffering as you draw near
Standing before them you can see the pain in their eyes
It breaks the mind and weighs on the heart
Standing before them you can see the pain in their eyes
In their eyes now we are wading through this sea of souls
The smell of rotten flesh brings me to my knees
Now they gather, to march on to the grave
With shovels in their hands, with death in their eyes
Longing for a time of peace, longing just to die and the heavens cry
Tears fall like rain from the legions of angels weeping in pain
As they dig their own grave
They dig their own graves by the life they lived and the choices they made
Dig their own graves by choices they made; now itís too late
The bridge has been destroyed
Now we are wading through this sea of souls
The smell of rotten flesh lets me see

4. Abbadon

Numb inside, tears eyes now dry
Take this purity
Break this beautiful child
I hope youíre happy with what youíve done
You murdered for the sake of one moment of pleasure
Laying alone with a broken spirit
This child is broken
This child is dying inside
This canít go on
We must stand and fight
Fight for whatís right
Fight for life
A choice must be made
Sever the hand of the abuser
Strike his face
Make him bleed
But no it wonít stop
Itís out of our hands
Judgment shall be served
Your judgment shall be served

5. The Falling

Awake to a demonís cry
Looking up to a darkened sky
Seems like all thatís good has died
Just trying one last time
Fight hard, yet losing the war
Standing so weathered and sore
We know the end is near
Yes, Hell is upon us
Doubt seeping in
From light to darkness, my world falls apart
Losing faith, losing heart
For the angel of darkness, he has come with sadness and oppression
Hatred is born
Through our weakness the angel gets in through which salvation is gone

6. Sunrise Over A Sea Of Blood

Silent and still she lies and waits
Twined with darkness
The morning fog her companion
A violent force she holds tight within her fists
Her task has been assigned
Her mission is her reason of being
Each day her heart beats faster
Her horse saddled and ready to ride
With her she brings death,
never has the world seen such fear as their dreams of tomorrow shatter before them
Oh the cries of suffering and anger
No mind can comprehend as death falls like a whisper or a drop of blood
The billions of souls screaming as theyíre forced to escape the bodies
These lifeless bodies
And on this day, the earth shall be washed with tears,
and they will fall as rain unto the heavens
So the time draws near
She is counting down
She is ready
She is the end
She is new life
Death awaits
Will we embrace her or will we run, for she is swift
Not one will escape her
Not even one

7. Taste Of A Bitter Soul

I see the end of all life as death unfolds on us
The wrath of God has drawn near, as we knew it would
Our foolish thoughts and careless acts have brought us here and if we fall we die, so cold inside
How the wind blows cold in the night
She brings suffering one canít imagine
Those who lay down in wealth will do so never again
And woe to the innocent whose faith is the sword whose faith is gone
The last seed is sown and harvest begins
Terror must be over
Take the earth
We have chosen to die
Just as we have chosen to lie
The Almighty has deafened His ear because we have turned our backs, and so we fall
We all die
So cold inside

8. These Evil Days

Read the words of prophecy
See the fate of this world
Hear the cries of mankind
Ignore the pain
Watch them die
Pushed aside no one cares
Out of site, out of mind
Why must we kill the one we love and why do the ones we love put knives in our backs
Looking at all this hate, so many hearts, theyíre all black
Itís these evil days
A time will come
Weíll be tested
I know what I believe
I know
So put a knife to my throat and put a gun to my head
Take my life
I still win with faith, with truth in my heart

9. One Hour From Forever

It begins with and endless darkness, awaiting that ray of light
Suspended in solitude, anxiously waiting for that breath of life or the kiss of death
No one knows the way the wind will blow
To be conceived is to die
To die is to live
As the womb opens, it springs forth life
Taking in all surroundings, big eyes curious and truly fragile
God take this life
Hold it in Your hand
We can never know the true meaning of our life
As a child we have dreams, though some never see another day
The ground breaks open and takes the dead
We all will see the day.
We all will stand before the Lord

10. Death Is The Beginning

I love You
Youíre my all
I will bow down before You
Youíre my God
My everything
When I fall You pick me up
Youíve always been there
You always will
I spit in Your face, You wash my feet
I drive nails into Your hands
Broken is Your heart because Youíre pushed away
Canít we understand?
Broken is the groom who mourns for his dying bride, for their eyes to open once again
I want to see You in my life
I want to know Youíre in my heart
I want to touch You and be free
I want to fell You
Open my eyes let me see what You see and what You feel
Break my heart; make me desire more of You in my life
Let me know what it means to leave this world behind
Christ forgive me for running from You
I will give You all my life
Take it away now
Take this broken man
Take this tired spirit and renew me now
Renew me Jesus, I love You
You are my true love
Let my tears clean Your feet and heal Your broken heart
Hereís my life
Hereís my heart
Take it away with You
Take it away


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