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A Call to Martyrs

"A Call to Martyrs" (2004)

1. Khampa Nomads
2. Walk in the Woods
3. War Within
4. A Call to the Martyrs
5. Feed on the Weak
6. Bride's Last Kiss
7. Beneath the Shadows
8. Todd

1. Khampa Nomads

Rocks thud against battered bodies. One must die to see life. Take me.
Strike me down. Let me bleed. Let them see. Rejoicing in what's happened to
me. Let my screams attract you all. My call is your great fall. One must
sacrifice his life to save his tribe. Better one than all. Captured by a lie
and put to death by his own brother. Take me in. Strike me down. I will pay
for your life. With my blood and my pain, you will be saved from death. By
my price I paid for your sins on the cross. I will purify you and give you
life. My sin, my shame, takes its toll on my heart. Oh how I long to be
pure. Purify me Lord. Take my pain away. Purify me. Daddy where are you?
Take my pain away. Cover me in your precious blood. I came to this world. I
bled. I will save your soul. I bled. I will give you new life. I bled. I
will give you peace now. I bled.

2. Walk in the Woods

Fall into my hands and sleep forever in these ashes of sorrow. Your chains
hold me down. Your words keep me bound. Death cries out from these ashes.
Fall into my hands and sleep forever. Forever is so long to have to wait.
Who will save your soul? You must pull your own way out of hell. It's all
you have to live for. Christ, he will save your soul. Life has passed you
by. It's your time. Turn your eyes to the sky. Breaking glass eyes to free
your mind. It's cried for so long. It's crying for something. A broken heart
will free your mind. Empty sight will bring you life. Will bring you life.
My life falls to the ground only to shatter and be put back together again.
Renewal of my heart. A new beginning. Born of the son. Born of one. Life has
begun. As beginning goes to end, against evil I win. Christ has brought me
out of death, saved my soul. Christ has saved me from the pits of hell.
Giving life once more. This time it's in your hands. I will follow you
forever. Now I'm taking back my life. I'm taking back life. I'm taking back
life. Taking back my family. I'm a warrior of life. I hope my words get
under your skin.

3. War Within

Stand, stand up, stand up. Salute Him as your king The Lord who reigns over
heaven and over earth. Yea,ÿ you can't ignore it. Why, it's in your head.
Now, you can't forget it. Why, it's all been said. Pushing,ÿ it's coming.
Rising, laughing in my face. My head is spinning. Lord help me please. I
need you now. Come into my life. The time stops. It rises. Now is your time.
He suffered for your sins. He'll suffer again. He suffered. He suffered. Now
I feel it racing in my mind. Stop it. You can't take this inside. Why do you
run and hide? His blood it flows freely from His hands tonight. Take it or
leave it. True love is hard to find.

4. A Call to the Martyrs

Mass murder for the sake of Christ. Time has come to live, to die, to pass
away, to burn away. They're beating me down. I feel no pain. Life inside
this world has come. It lived. It died. It passed away. Now is the time for
selfish annihilation. Hail Jesus, hail Christ. Hail to the King. Blood
covered sight. Open my eyes. Why can't they see you in this life? Life has
cut me down to size. My heart is open. I can hear you calling my name. As
you do, open my eyes. Your life reigns. I can hear you screaming out. I
could never ignore your call. Now is the time. Selfishness under my feet.
Now you can never hide the pain that lies in your heart. It will push you
straight to your grave. Live for the Lord and you will see the truth

5. Feed on the Weak

Deception is your name. I cried out for your hand. All I see is your foot in
my face holding me down, down on the ground. I fall to my knees to praise my
Savior. Your eyes are so cold, your hands stained with the blood of
children. So you think you can hold me down forever. I will rise and fight
till my last breath. You put me down to make yourself feel better. The time
has come. I'll stand up. Fight for Christ. He is all I have. I will stand
for my King. I'll praise him every day. Rumors of men in the night, coming
to take my life. They came and took your life. Rise again from these ashes
and fight. Fight forever. We'll stand every day to praise His name on high.
I will stand and fight forever. I will stand and fight forever more. In this
life, you can't take it. You're not real. You can't prove you're. You're

6. Bride's Last Kiss

Steadilyÿ it pumps, over and over, knowing only the present, past forgotten,
futures unknown. Deep inside we all have fear. not knowing what's next
scares us all. If I could only overcome this beast. It has become my life's
goal. Your pills, your weak minds can't heal me now. I must walk alone. Your
thoughts of me, they'll fade away. What's real will remain. Why all that's
false rots away. Walk away from yourself. Spit in the face of all men. Turn
your head up to the sky. Confront the coward that lurks beneath the shadows.
Call him out. Slap his face. Walk away. The truth remains the same.

7. Beneath the Shadows

Love kisses me on the cheek. Taken my weakness away. Weeping for these gone
astray, for the lost. For the souls, I cry out to you. Please pull me
through. I love you. You are my all. You came unto me to set me free. Won't
you set me free tonight. I feel your love tonight. For it lies in the wind
of change. Accept it now. For it may never come again. For all things
change. Except his love. It remains the same. You came up to me to set me
free. I love you. You are my all. Now you are all I need in this life. I
feel your love. I feel your love as it passes in my mind. An ever present
peace that reigns. Now is the time. Run for your life. Accept the Lord into
your heart.

8. Todd

Rise rotten corpses from your graves and meet Him in the sky. Leave life's
burdens behind. I want to die. Take my life. I want to die to be alive. I
can't take this life, living in this lie. Come take me away with you
tonight. Come take me away with you to die. Lord sacrifice me to bring you
glory. Take me. Make me a warrior. I have stood your test. If I can't go
home with you, I will stand and fight. I've been through hell and back. I
know you are the only way to life. Look in my eye and see the way to freedom
is through the Son. Take His hand. He will save you from your casket life.
Your church can be your casket.


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