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Damned To Suffer

"Damned To Suffer" (2001 Demo)

1. Intro Words
2. Bloodcrypt
3. Necrodementia
4. Ritual
5. Oral Torture
6. Death Depravity
7. Bloody Mess
8. Guttural Fleshfuck
9. Fucked Corpse
10. Half-Rotted Cavity
11. Brutally Excruciated
12. Mortal Dreams
13. Outro Words

1. Intro Words

And now Mortal Massacre is begin

2. Bloodcrypt

Starving for the blood
Want to taste the flesh
I become a butcher
I'll rip off your glands
Taste of dead meat wakes me
Addicted to blood
Exhumate the corpses
Regurgitate the guts
Corpses redesecrated
Taubs're burned down
My damnable doings
Are unknown
Worms eat your body
Mutilate your flesh
Rapidly devouring
Brains from your skul
l Insects strip your skin
I dissect your torso
I'll smash your face
Want to see your drenched
Stench of rotting corpse
Watch the bleeding meat
I crush your body
You're consumed
Soon I choose the victim
I'll knock it down
I'll dissect its body
I'll taste the blood

3. Necrodementia

Now I'm dead
My dreams are mortal
I'll rise from grave
I'll crash you twice
Necrolust is leading me
To knock you down
To eat your rotting corpse
Your blood will flow
I exhumate the tombs
Devour the rotting organs
I cut your cavity
And slice your flesh

4. Ritual

Bloody ritual suddenly in my life
Rape in the dark
With bloody defloration
Mess of blood
With arms and hands
With hearts on the wools
And bloody massacre
Flesh on the desk
But arms on the table
Knife in the heart
And smile on the face
Nose is crushed
And legs are broken
Your hope is dead
Like peace of shit

5. Oral Torture

Hungry for your cunt,
Your mouth is calling me!
I'll fuck you twat,
Then waste the corpse!
I felt a pleasure!
Feel your moist tongue
You felt a brutal fuck
I lick my bloodsoaked face!!!

6. Death Depravity

Waiting for a death
I take an axe
Young victims fallen
No vacant graves!!!!
I'm depraved by death,
Hate the fucking mankind!
Want to kill'em all,
And nail to Hell's wall!
All bastards still alive,
I took my knife!
They'll meet mother-Death
Life will rise!!!

7. Bloody Mess

Stab the bodies,
Chop in half!
Licking blood,
Put them dawn!
Leave your body,
A bloody mess!
Brutally hacking,
Your filthy flesh!!!
Castigate the mortals,
Sacrifice the dead
Living your body
A fucking bloody mess!!!

8. Guttural Fleshfuck

Chainsaw in hand,
Stuck human's flesh!
Ripping it's throat,
Draining it's blood!
Guts are pulverized,
Flesh slowly dies!
Naked body bleeding,
Disfigured and hidden!
Chainsaw in hand again,
Human'll are in pain
I'll do my ritual
My brain's dementor!!
Guttural fleshfuck!

9. Fucked Corpse

Fucked, tortured!
Corpse's trembling!
Knife is mutilating
Face is horrifying!
As I fuck her, I felt satisfaction!
As I stuck her, I saul putsefaction!
Corpses chopped,
Rotting blood's flaving!
Sadistic intent's,
Make me suffer!!

10. Half-Rotted Cavity

Dying in gore,
Living in cold morgue!
Trapped to brutality,
Half-rotted cavity!
Organs are bloated!
Veins are rotted!
Innards putrefies,
Decayed stemch'll rise!
Smell of corpse,
Filled my nose!!
Work in morgue!

11. Brutally Excruciated

Tortured, raped, mortified!
Trembing before death!
Lost in torment,
Drench the flesh body,
Like a corpse!
Want to end the life,
Need for suicide!
I'll help you,
You'll slowly

12. Mortal Dreams

13. Outro Words

Mortal Massacre is over
You win, because you still alive!!!


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