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Brutal Stab

"Brutal Stab" (2002 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Death Is My Savior
3. Rotted Victims
4. Dead Infection (Tuberculoid)
5. Hatred Inside
6. Brutal Stab
7. Vaginal Mutilation
8. Dead Cunt
9. Nocturnal Dissection
10. Rotting Cranial Trauma
11. Ripped Whore
12. Nital Abortion (Anal Cunt)
13. Sleeping In Gore

1. Intro

The intro was taken from "Cannibal" movie.

2. Death Is My Savior

Suicidal tendencies, in my mind.
Empty in darkness, smell of blood.
Knife and axe on the table, venom in my glass
Want to end this fucking life, my soul dies…
Death is my savior
Bloodlust execution, feeling awful pain.
I mutilate my body, cut my arteries.
Slice my skin by scalpel, smash my fucking teeth,
My tortured soul is full of hate…
Death is my savior
Cut my throat with hatred, rip off my tongue
Spill the black blood, from wretched neck
I'm bleeding and dying, my soul's free…
In this freezing darkness I'm lost and die…
Death is my savior

3. Rotted Victims

Dead victims are naked, hidden in the forest.
Putrid stench of corpse, kills my breath.
They're raped, stabbed and disfigured.
Hundred puncture wounds infect their cunts
Following the victims to the cemetery
Left brutal sickness they're butchered
Knife stuck in their trembling hearts
I hang on the trees, their disgusting guts
Throwing my wrath I dissect the flesh
Feasting on outpost, while it's fresh!
Mutilated defunct, filled the cemetery.
Worms fuck their bodies, I'm satisfied.

4. Dead Infection (Tuberculoid)

Mortal sickness inside of me
Blood flows from my month
Disgusting vomit knocks me dam.
Flesh consumption is devouring me!
I'm infected and loosing life.
Bloody wounds covered me.
My rotting mouth is full of worms.
Fever and plague kill's my brain.
My monstrous face became black.
I'm lying alone like a defunct!
Death came to my in the night.
Fucking mortal sickness took my life!

5. Hatred Inside

Fucking bastards strengthen my hate.
Their stupid faces surround me.
I have a dream , that wakes me in the inside!
Annihilating humans, my hatreds inside!
Hatred inside!
Something brutal and evil, drives my fist.
Sickening visions molestate my flesh.
My soul is cleaning, I kill the enemy.
When I kill, kill, my internal enemies.
Hatred inside!
Fuck you all - is my word!
I've lost control, watching the holocaust.
Internal hatred calls!
When I kill the bastards, I strangulate my
Next degenerate will die this night!
Hatred inside!

6. Brutal Stab

I hate the humans, I'm a dementor!
My mind are empty, mind of an animal!
Brutal!!! Stab!!!
I clenched my first, I took my chainsaw!
You'll be my victim, I'll smash your face!
Your face's beaten! Your ears are cut off!
Your liver's hacked to pieces!
Your heart's ripped and eaten!
Your body's related!
Your guts are regurgitated!
Your Hash's mutilated!
Your soul's raped and tortured!
Brutal!!! Stab!!!

7. Vaginal Mutilation

See the nightmare,
Wake in the night
To fuck in the darkness,
I took my knife!
Near the cemetery,
I persecuted her
I tore her clothes off,
And stared to stab!
I mutilate her crotch,
I cut her cunt
I fucked her dead body,
And buried to the ground!
Vaginal Mutilation!!!!!

8. Dead Cunt

It makes me sick, to rape the dead!
To gnaw the womb, to fuck the cunt!
Sadistic doings, are in my mind!
I wake in darkness, and search the victim!
Her mammary glands, are in my hands!
In her vernal ass, I summed again!
Rotting stench, seeps from her cunt!
Because it's dead, that's what I want!
I'm a necrophile, I lick her decayed crotch!
I fuck her dead cunt, I've lost control!
Dead are my victims, perverse sex after death!
My morbid visions, became my dreams!

9. Nocturnal Dissection

Born to hack, addicted to dead!
Axe is in forehead, murder is in the night
Nocturnal Dissection!
Body's still alive!
Fuck with the knife!
Eyes became blind, flesh's mortified!
Nocturnal Dissection!
You're dead, covered with blood!
Skull's crushed, corpse is dismembered!
Nocturnal Dissection!

10. Rotting Cranial Trauma

Your skull is crushed, by my pick-axe!
Mortal infection, came into your head!
Putrefied brains, stabbed eyes!
You're looked so ugly, you're lost your life!
I've killed you, I'll devour your arteries!
And with your severed skull, I'll have a sex!
Rotting, stinking cranium, lags on the ground!
And loss of your flesh, remember about the death!

11. Ripped Whore

Whores are my victims, they make me evil!
I rape their cunts, I fuck their crotches!
And have a trance! It's my hysteria,
Depraved by hymens, I search for virgins!
I've lost, I found a fucking raping whore!
She asked to left her, she was howling greatly!
I fucked her asshole, I summed with blood!
I smashed her face, I licked her genitals!
I cut her lips, and vaginal skin!
I broke her arms, and summed afresh!
I winded on her entrails on my dick!
She's got a hit, she's is slowly dying!
I empty evil, I left her injured!
Necro massacre, is my addiction!
Dead whores, ROTTED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

12. Nital Abortion (Anal Cunt)

What terrible screams.
That's scream from you.
You feel my dick.
My dick is big
I cut your cunt, your anal cunt.
Suffocate your ass, your sorrow will be dead
When my dick is coming in,
your suffering begin
I rape your corpse, your anal cunt
Your lips are big, you suck my dick
I hear your breath
The breath of the necrofilism
anal cunt, sweet anal cunt

13. Sleeping In Gore


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