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Frightening countries

"Frightening countries" (1999 Demo)

1. Frightening countries
2. Season of survival
3. Liquid putrescence
4. Commemoration of the dead
5. Service for a vacant coffin (Autopsy cover)
6. Dark divulgations

1. Frightening countries

Lost in the gorges where grotesque buried itself
away from the beaten paths of communication
it rises from the mud clinging to a slope
as ivy tries to hide the eye-like windows
sleeping dwellings forgotten through the woods
remote and lonely places and tortous routes
proud puritans aloof from their fellowmen
grown up with the taint of repulsive bizarre
dark ways of dealing tracing back to prehistory
the gory taste of sin that marked the
frightening countries

2. Season of survival

Piles of dead after the nuclear death
Darkened sky, this is a premise to die
Radioactive ground
On the body lots of wounds
Did you survive but now you have to die

Thereís no food, first sign of your doom
Thereís no work, all effaced by the war
Around is cold, thereís not even a soup
Human skeletons ridden of the soul

Dying mutants walking down the streets
Oozing infections appearing on the skin
Staggering zombies screaming for the pain
Rotting persons, corpses with no name

Putrefaction, stink of putrefaction
All those corpses lying in the streets
Decomposition, corpse decomposition
Infestation, hell of thermonuclear infestation

3. Liquid putrescence

I was dreaming uncertainty seized me
disquieted by images about an ossuary
I went to that place surmounted with a belfry
god's house enthralled with rosary

Melts the burning wax and the hot incense
mixed with stench of liquid putrescence

Ogival rose windows friezes and incisions
embalmed their expression as they used to rot
air of death chambers underneath they sleep
marbled in the floor putrefaction sets in

Melts the burning wax and the hot incense
mixed with stench of liquid putrescence

Sealed up down the altar giving off the fumes
flies settle on the cross infected is the stoup
addicted to the dead a christian usage
sickening the minds inherited from the middle age

4. Commemoration of the dead

On the November first
We remember the dead
Our late parents see our grief now and then
Millions of persons dressed in black
Their weak affliction at the requiem mass

They buy the flowers
Then come to the graveyard
A vase full of water and visit of the sepulchre
They now youíre dead and speak to you
Their weak devotionís a joke
To the entombed

Church bell tolls awakening the graveyard
Itís not time to rot, must rise from the dark
Evocations of death, smiling of the dead
Commemorated ones leave their mortuary chapels

5. Service for a vacant coffin (Autopsy cover)

After the casket's put into the ground
Loved ones crying walk away
Corpse unknowingly left behind
Other needs for sick human prey

Casket closed as mourners read
Pages from their holy book
Waiting in a meat locker
Morticians meal hangs from a hook

Storing dead carcases to dine upon
Chewing on rotten arms and legs
Brutal desecration of the dead
Hacking bodies until he's fed

Service for a vacent coffin
Corpse is being digested
Chronic hunger for cold flesh
Remains of the dead are molested

6. Dark divulgations

Something creeps in the dark
while the lights change
a sickening cloud vaporizes
from the ground of the graves
when i began to dwell the house of the shadows
the seas of desperation brought the horror

Searchlight show dead bodies
on the mounts of desolation
festering scars bloodshot eyes devoured by fever

My room looks towards the hills
and now the day is dying consumed by the shades
disease has become my obsession
I can join the long awaited state of unconsciousness
black planets are mine


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