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Rancid Disembowelment

"Rancid Disembowelment" (1990 Demo)

1. Exile from Existence
2. Cremation
3. Rest in Pieces
4. Rancid Disembowelment
5. Annihilation Benefactor

1. Exile from Existence

Exile from existence
Cast out from society
Cut off from their wretched world
And told to deal with reality

Broken bones, veins are split, spine is cracked
Sanguine mess, of bones and flesh, entrails hacked
Am I alive? Am I dead? I cannot tell
No one hears, no one cares, am I in hell?

Rancid stench, death presence, I await beyond
Mounds of flesh, ripped from my chest, still I live on
Maggots bore deep within, secretion of a chunky bile
Fermented reek of severed skin, suffer a septic death so vile

A pungent smell, from infested fecal mass
Little remains of masticated, cankered ass
Intestinal exremenent, a visceral mess
Succulent, dripping carnage, a fetid cess

Oozing pus, a putrid lust, a pool of blood
Mangled flesh, innards wretched, a heap of crud

2. Cremation

You're dead...
You're burnt...
You're dust.

3. Rest in Pieces

A fresh carcass splattered red
Crimson acid shed, not long before you're dead
Just one massive clot, will soon decay and rot
If this bloodshed isn't stopped

Assumed dead, on arrival
Wheeled down, to the morgue
Removal of, vital organs
Drained of, life's own blood

Spectral visions in my head
Dreaming of when I'll be dead
Life short lived not long ago
Dismembered corpse six feet below

Rest in pieces, cause of death is still unknown
Rest in pieces, and no signs of life are shown
Rest in pieces, they perform an autopsy
Rest in pieces, hack you up so brutally

Last rites have been read
Sad to see you dead
Don't care that you bled
Just let him lie and rot
Is just what they thought
When your casket was bought

Lowered down, darkened earth
Waiting for, undead rebirth
Rest in peace, the stone had said
Here lies the unknown dead

4. Rancid Disembowelment

Rancid disembowelment
Molten intestinal excrement
Regurgitated viscera
Discharge of an acrid aroma

Innards become putrescent
A bubbling hot effervescence
A purulent disgorgement
Internal dismemberment

Mass secretions of pus
Dripping from your orifice
Veins and arteries cut
Mangled organs are your guts

Exudated entrails
Vomited chyme and pepsis
Excretion of gastric juices
Emetic forve of mucus

Sanguinary mess of guts and gore
Chunky innards on the floor
Defecation near complete
Buckets of bile lay at your feet

5. Annihilation Benefactor

Look to the the bloodred skies
The hate and fear behind their eyes
Born to kill at their command
Annihilation is at hand

Once again the dead will walk the earth
Until that time we'll wait for the rebirth

Of the devil's child, the bastard son
Whose reign of terror has just begun
Chaotic thoughts run through his mind
Can't see because we're so blind

I will reward you with a spider goulash
Dominate, world of suffer, world of lies
Annihilate, total destruction, prepare to die

Twist of fate has been foreseen
Feared by all of living things
Slaughter of the human race
Nothing left, not a trace

Sadistic plans will go into effect
Nuclear war is what we expect

Demented madman must be stopped
Before infernal bombs are dropped
Extreme damnation to be done
Extermination, earth is gone


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