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Sickening Erotic Fanaticism

"Sickening Erotic Fanaticism" (1997)

1. Decomposed With Nitric Acid
2. Sickening Erotic Fanaticism
3. Revived Half Dead
4. Meditating Through Mayhem
5. Apparitions
6. Opening The Graves
7. Columbian Necktie
8. Soaking In Entrails
9. Consume The Rancid Gore
10. Rejoice In Moribund

1. Decomposed With Nitric Acid

The butchered remains of twelve cadavers, hacksawed human puzzles, savagely beaten. Creating beauty through their mutilation.
Not leaving one fantasy unfulfilled... Solace in lifeless flesh, obsessive rages of brutality, pulverizing abducted victims. Ravaged
faces gaze exhausted, content with being dead, they all died hideously. Postmortem appearances, humiliated, horrified. Addicted
to my most bizarre passion, insatiable. The grisly aftermath of my crimes... Weeks of unmerciful punishment, unbearable relics,
grim decor scattered. Cleansed in acid baths for disposal, liquefied. Decomposed with nitric acid. Complete bodies jellied within
hours reduced to sludge. Oceans of hemoglobin, feces and human garbage. Clogging the acid vat, dissolving the human skin.
Destroying the evidence. Dissolving the human skin. Destroying the evidence. Decomposed with nitric acid. Dying, hideously,
anonymously. Decomposed with nitric acid. Missing victims never to be recovered. Strands of flesh dangled from the dead. Bones
clearly visible, the ghastly sight horrible. Melting the human body, identification impossible, beyond any forensic knowledge.

2. Sickening Erotic Fanaticism

Nude cadavers glisten in ecstacy. Extreme perverse addiction of unbridled sadism. Bound and gagged, bludgeoned. Fixating sex
with dead bodies, some still breathing. Collection of torturing devices and snuff films I've created. Photos of postmortem
intercourse, mutilation of vulnerable cunts. They're better off dead than alive to me. Often chloroformed, awakening in bondage.
Sickening erotic fanaticism. Broken under my control. Barbarically sodomized., achieving orgasm in the sight of what I've created,
a moribund fantasy. Fetish of deranged humiliation. Hogtied, weeping, quieted by a muzzle. Erotic asphyxiation, brutalized by my
hands. Enshrouded in macabre vestments of the dead. Genital weights dangle. Shackled in captivity. Inebriated, drugged.
Restrained, brutally violated. Pleasure through deviant sexual practices, horrendous suffering. Unparalleled perversity, uncontrolled
lust for dead flesh.

3. Revived Half Dead

I know I'm not normal, thoughts of ghastly mutilations. Recurring dreams of unspeakable atrocities. Envisioning the pleasure of
when these dreams become reality. Multiple murders, unbearable strangling. Laughing as I watch them gasping for air. Viciously
choking once they were unconscious. Stabbing continuously in the back, several times in the neck. Revived half dead, horribly
passing away, losing blood rapidly, left behind to die... These bloody hands eagerly choking to unconsciousness. Sometimes
snapping their necks, dying in these bloody hands. Bizarre lifestyle of gruesome crimes, living dreams of horror. Squeezing their
fucking throats, loss of air. Victims gagging, vomiting. Awakened to die. Living dreams of pleasure. I know I'm not normal.
Numerous bodies abducted then murdered. No longer dreaming.

4. Meditating Through Mayhem

Passing through spheres in my subconscious. Finding solace within dreams. Travel in subnambulance into the vivid. My only
reality... trapped within a maelstrom of loneliness. Escaping life's calamities I'll dream eternally. Fantasizing, premeditating my
own death. Sojourn into forever, repetitious patterns of failure. Enveloped by emptiness, the downward spirals of human evils. My
admiration of the dead, eternal is my desire. Searching for life worth living. Only to find suffering, only to find misery. Haunted by
life's expectations, my fears consume me. Journey into dreams of peaceful tranquility, meditating. No longer fantasies of dying, I
am dead. Focusing on anxieties, reality breeds. Meditating through mayhem... In altered states between life and death, wallowing
in maniacal turbulence.

5. Apparitions

Lurid visions dancing in the twilight, visions dancing exquisite. Ghostly images distorting, ghostly images of Christ. Controlling my
every thought. To receive blessedness in heaven I must mutilate the human race... Apparitions of Christ. Recurring faint
semblances. Pallid and enchanting, horrid illusions provoking. Unexplained visions haunting. Corpses like mannequins lie lifeless
before me, bleeding. Continuously they speak to me. Uncontrolling murdering, twisting reality. Disembodied spectres heinously
cackling. Their dying voices echoing, shrieks of unbearable suffering. The flesh of eternity, the blood of eternity.

6. Opening The Graves

Opening the graves of local women. Robbing the corpses of the blessed earth. Collecting buried bodies of the recently deceased.
Grim harvest of the dead unearthing their beauty. Necromantic worship of the dead. Salacious obsessions. Portions of their
corpses blanket me. Staring into their vacant eyes, expressionless. Naked, pallid torsos lie scattered. Weeks have passed, their
bodies hanging dead. Dead, human ornaments embellishing me. Cuddling with limbless pulps, dismembering putrescent trophies.
Photographs of the deceased in assorted positions. Decorated with female body parts, pubic hair for souvenirs. Numerous peices
preserved, memorabilia of the dead. Mummified lumps of appendages, the smoldering stink nauseating. My basement now a
charnel house. A gathering of human artifacts of bodies I've exhumed.

7. Columbian Necktie

Scattered on the roadsides, bloodcaked bodies, unsolved slayings, methodically mutilated, sliced ear to ear. Tongue yanked from
the throat dangling. Jugular spitting blood as if a faucet. The urge to watch them die, muffled screams seemed to pacify. Victims
found, teeth removed, sperm coated throats. All shivering in chaotic spasms, I quaff the gurgling plasma in postmortem orgies. The
beauty of the lifeless. Embracing the dead before disposing. Sanguinary jugular wine splattered, how many more bodies. Dead...
Arousal through barbarism, remaining anonymous, undetected. Naked corpses dumped for all to see. Slit throats, stripped of all
clothing. Pasttimes of sadistic amusement. Remembering, gloating at my achievements. Documenting the various phases of
mutilation. Sliced during penetration, before and after death.

8. Soaking In Entrails

There she lies, the victim of my horrendous crime. Disabled and prone, delightfully I amputate. Completely ripped open, I smear
the blood onto my face. Leaking bodily fluids saturate, saturate her battered corpse encircled with scattered stumps. Rummaging,
tearing through her stomach, the horrid beauty so arousing. Soaking in entrails, I stand over her dead body. Mutilated with
passion, I bathe in her disgrace. Beheaded now, intestines decorate her torso. Goresoaked, disemboweled, drenched in her own
waste. Horribly molested, lacerated body hemorrhaging. Disposal of her body parts after days of sick pleasure. So peacefully, so
beautiful soaking in entrails.

9. Consume The Rancid Gore

Bodies dismembered artfully. Twisted heaps of human debris slaughtered with joyous intent, geniously butchered. Splattered,
famished corpses in the process of decay. A sanguinary lust to jugulate, decapitate... or debone, gutt, disembowel, I feast on
carnal remains. Bodies horrificly masticated lie rotting in my polyandrium. Gouged carcasses gourmandized. Bodies blended,
reduced to mush. Pureed innards liquefy transposed to a human goulash. Corpses skinned, diced, then cooked. Human meat my
delicacy. I long for you, I long for your decay. Unearthly devourment, a human recipe so edible. Esculent decadence resulting in
eupepsia. Excruciate, hear the whimpers of the suffering. Succulent corpses lying in their own intestines. Inhuman, cannibalistic
pulchritude. Consume the rancid gore.

10. Rejoice In Moribund

Unholy delirium, hallucinations controlling. Dismal shades of reality fade away. Twisted obsessions of bizarre inhumanities,
involuntarily torturing. Watch in fascination, agony feeding the insanity. Sadistic, macabre lust, pleasure and misery now become
one... Shackled bodies cauterized, departing from existence. Quivering, suffering oh so slowly. Deranged acts of cruelty,
celebration of disembowelment. Witnessing these blank expressions as they wonder hoplessly. Eulogies of heinous laughter as I
revel in sacrificial corpulence. Rejoice in mortal blood, rejoice in moribund. I feel no emotions as you slowly pass away. Dying lives
now perish, I writhe in ecstacy.


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