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"Forensic" (2002)

1. My Mind Bleeds Tragedies
2. Insect to Flesh
3. Chronicles
4. Monkey Cage
5. Beyond Forensic Knowledge
6. Recollections
7. Razor Slice Decor
8. Brutalized and Defiled
9. Driven into Hysterics

1. My Mind Bleeds Tragedies

You never can get used to the smell of burn victims, Or the sight of a dead child,
So repulsed yet I can't look away, heads separated, exhumed from twisted wrecks
Sifting through the debris, identifying the bodies, pronounced dead.
Adrenaline rush when screams and cries collide in such perfect harmony,
crosses on the roadside symbolize the shattered memories, I often envision
the broken bodies on collision.
The overwhelming pain, their final words, thoughts of loved ones watching
them fall dead...satisfies the morbid curiosities
Stimulating the crazed imagination. Exhilaration, inhaling the stench of
incinerated flesh, gut wrenching reality, the goriest of all homicides.
Thirst the blood of suicide, revisiting the crimes sights of nauseating
death scenes. Their brutalized, inanimate images in the morgue fascinate.
Witnessing appalling autopsies, victims of catastrophes crippled and
paralyzed, facial lacerations, pieces of the amputated. Anxious for more
when they bleed so viciously I crave for this world of violence. When the
shrieking intensifies in agonizing surgeries.
Life so sacred, yet defouled with such carelessness my mind bleeds

2. Insect to Flesh

Found in oral cavities of the deceased callaphora vomitoria. infesting
swarms devour, hollowing almost seems to animate, colonizing the decomposed
remains, orgies within the dead. Frenzied, feeding on the decrepit, forensic
entomology, studies of necrophillous insects generations of maggots blended,
analyzed, determining the postmortem interval. Infestation, complete
metamorphosis. Reproduction through the dead. Vile parasites, worms slither
through the rotten carcass. Process of decomposition, offspring developing.
Dominating the bodies, feasting on dead remains in gluttony. Violent
fornication, victims of homicide skeleton zed. Decomposed stench attracts
the multitude. Found in stab wounds and all orifices. Dumped on roadsides or
buried in wooden graves, left to whither without a trace, deteriorate.
Destroying bodily existence, numerous species, destroying forensic evidence,
creating forensic evidence. The splendid decomposition...

3. Chronicles

In my years of seclusion, the escalation of a minds insanity. Become
prisoner to my imaginings. A psychopath that society created. Horribly
abused as a child, violent impulses intensified, intoxicated through the
multitude of my crimes. All demented and perverted, grotesque diaries
document in explicit detail the chronicles of my life. I will forever live
in infamy...
I remember my first, she was 9 years of age. Shining with innocence, I kept
her teeth to remind me of her smile, no sexual acts, just the insane thrill
of killing, not to say I haven't had those urges before. Tens of child
molestations and sex slaying. Scattered morgue photos used for
masturbation, video footage of sex and torture with victims of my lust, soon
found dead from hideous forms of execution, dead remains dumped on the
outskirts of the city.
Many found headless with traces of arsenic in their stomach. I created this,
immortal in the annals of 20th century murder. I will always be remembered,
the dead will soon be forgotten...

4. Monkey Cage

Deep within secluded laboratories, minds driven insane. Sights resemble that
of macabre slaughterhouses, subjected to sickening experimentations. Testing
their thresholds of pain, deprived of muscle growth, caged, surgically
deafened, infested, shackled and vivisected, crippled from infection,
suffering depression physically exhausted. All for pointless research. Blood
discharging from blinded eyes. Improper autopsies on half dead specimens,
waiting to soon become corpses. Still trembling from electro shock. Chocked
by the noxious fumes in inhalation chambers, viciously burned alive,
inhaling jet fuel vapors. Blast injuries, ruptured eardrums bleeding
expulsion of gastric contents through their mouths dehydrated, deceased,
deformed, eradicated born of filth. Raised in misery. Blood, feces, urine
and vomit, the odors fill the air the terrified shrieks of agony, the
gagging, the retching. Science gone insane...

5. Beyond Forensic Knowledge

Discovering the decomposed bodies, awfully mutilated genitals gruesomely
removed, replaced with dirt thievery for grotesque memories, victims of
sado-sexual perversions...
Acts of genius, distorted, mastermind of the macabre art. Obliterating most
traces of forensic evidence DNA nonexistent, bodily lividity badly bruised,
abrasions from a violent struggle fractured skulls partially defleshed, jaws
severely shattered eyes sunken in from repeated beating, savage beyond
comprehension and all that is human. Chikatilo your sickness immortal.
Lusting the innocent, defiled. What are you thoughts as you rape the
children, molest and sodomize? To crave necrophilia, to devour pieces of
your victims. Bizarre envy, the fascination of your lunacy conquering the
unreal. Hunting the mysteries, unknown identity. Inhuman capabilities to
brutalize the young flesh. Pleasured by the hands of insanity. Fathoming the
homicidal rages. Maniacal sex criminal, pedophile, torture killer. Exhuming
the masticated, recover the horrid images both sexes violated, orally anally
penetrated. Human predator unidentified, eyes and tongues removed, torsos
viciously stabbed, enhancing the orgasm. Insane fucking brutalizing
creation, your mind a cavern of grave recollections...

6. Recollections

7. Razor Slice Decor

Oh, how you remind me of the others from your breasts to your dead eyes,
dozens of stab wounds decorate, inverted crosses carved in each thigh,
entire body bloody encrusted, legs left spread to nauseate covered with
gashes, sliced lips created such a beautiful smile on her angelic face.
Wrists slashed vertically, insane bloodletting her wounds cried crimson.
Acting out fantasies, psychotic obsessing, admiring the dead flesh, severed.
Intoxicating. Apparently dead for days. Lifeless body lies purple with
bruises and lacerations, multiple bite marks, extreme physical violent.
Naked, lying in a glistening pool of dark red . Diabolic lust, no traces of
sexual gratification, incisions resemble the previous bodies discovered.
Neck penetrated and broken, your sight aroused my perverse dementia. Your
beauty, your innocence, your violated sanctity. Razor sliced, disgraced yet
I worship your cadaverous display, pale, slashed and battered. The
overwhelming stench of sour vomit so vile. Sharp force injuries, postmortem
damage caused by rodent feeding, rigor-mortis evident. Intense facial trauma
suffered. Adorned with gaping holes. No longer struggling, eyes rolled in
back of the head. Another addition to my scrapbook of the mutilated...

8. Brutalized and Defiled

Describe to me in your screams the pain that intensifies. I'll be the blood
that leaks and the fear that fills your eyes. My insanity becomes your
violent reality. Recreating the brilliant acts of those before me. Studied
their morbidity to mutilate your entire anatomy, journey into a world of
inhumanities as history repeats itself you're the object of my fixation. You
are my Black Dahlia... everybody has the capability of murdering somebody. At
first I was sickened and horrified the exhilaration, the petrified feeling
of taking one's life. Bludgeoning, her screams were deafening. Bleeding
uncontrollably, bleeding all over me, desperately struggling in her moribund
state, and her crippling agony. Mother of three praying for me not to kill
her but I would not hear her. Brutalized and defiled... her body restrained
and glistening. Taste her perspiration, bitter sweet. Her incredible
strength when she came close to death. Her faith in god and miracles came to
an end. She bit. Drawing blood, fighting for her life, but I could not be
stopped it took 15 minutes before she died, brutalized and defiled... defiled...

9. Driven into Hysterics

Defiled by the hands of savagery, traumatized seduced by agonized screams,
depravities, excessive bloodshed, slowly slipping insane, raging anger,
uncontrolled hatred repeatedly raped, severely beaten. Uncountable days
captive, her body weakens from starvation, obvious physical deterioration.
Cripple with fear, shivering in horror. Terrorized as she gazed into my eyes
in a semiconscious state, seldomly passing out. Cries amplified in silence
increasing the agony, she feel into catatonia. Molested while unconscious,
oral insemination, violent intercourse, nipples bitten and removed, her
dangling body stained with blood and excretions, reeking. Driven into
hysterics. Mentally scarred forever hallucinations, constantly reminding.
Although she survived, she will always visualize the horrid scenes.


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