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Brutalizing Creations

"Brutalizing Creations" (1995 Demo)

1. Apparitions
2. Revived Half Dead
3. Opening The Graves
4. Soaking In Entrails
5. Delirium

1. Apparitions

Lurid visions dancing in the twilight, visions dancing exquisite. Ghostly images distorting, ghostly images of Christ. Controlling my
every thought. To receive blessedness in heaven I must mutilate the human race... Apparitions of Christ. Recurring faint
semblances. Pallid and enchanting, horrid illusions provoking. Unexplained visions haunting. Corpses like mannequins lie lifeless
before me, bleeding. Continuously they speak to me. Uncontrolling murdering, twisting reality. Disembodied spectres heinously
cackling. Their dying voices echoing, shrieks of unbearable suffering. The flesh of eternity, the blood of eternity.

2. Revived Half Dead

I know I'm not normal, thoughts of ghastly mutilations. Recurring dreams of unspeakable atrocities. Envisioning the pleasure of
when these dreams become reality. Multiple murders, unbearable strangling. Laughing as I watch them gasping for air. Viciously
choking once they were unconscious. Stabbing continuously in the back, several times in the neck. Revived half dead, horribly
passing away, losing blood rapidly, left behind to die... These bloody hands eagerly choking to unconsciousness. Sometimes
snapping their necks, dying in these bloody hands. Bizarre lifestyle of gruesome crimes, living dreams of horror. Squeezing their
fucking throats, loss of air. Victims gagging, vomiting. Awakened to die. Living dreams of pleasure. I know I'm not normal.
Numerous bodies abducted then murdered. No longer dreaming.

3. Opening The Graves

Opening the graves of local women. Robbing the corpses of the blessed earth. Collecting buried bodies of the recently deceased.
Grim harvest of the dead unearthing their beauty. Necromantic worship of the dead. Salacious obsessions. Portions of their
corpses blanket me. Staring into their vacant eyes, expressionless. Naked, pallid torsos lie scattered. Weeks have passed, their
bodies hanging dead. Dead, human ornaments embellishing me. Cuddling with limbless pulps, dismembering putrescent trophies.
Photographs of the deceased in assorted positions. Decorated with female body parts, pubic hair for souvenirs. Numerous peices
preserved, memorabilia of the dead. Mummified lumps of appendages, the smoldering stink nauseating. My basement now a
charnel house. A gathering of human artifacts of bodies I've exhumed.

4. Soaking In Entrails

There she lies, the victim of my horrendous crime. Disabled and prone, delightfully I amputate. Completely ripped open, I smear
the blood onto my face. Leaking bodily fluids saturate, saturate her battered corpse encircled with scattered stumps. Rummaging,
tearing through her stomach, the horrid beauty so arousing. Soaking in entrails, I stand over her dead body. Mutilated with
passion, I bathe in her disgrace. Beheaded now, intestines decorate her torso. Goresoaked, disemboweled, drenched in her own
waste. Horribly molested, lacerated body hemorrhaging. Disposal of her body parts after days of sick pleasure. So peacefully, so
beautiful soaking in entrails.

5. Delirium


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