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"Epoch" (2006 EP)

1. Curse of Nothingness
2. Greenfield
3. Spineless
4. Alone
5. The Burden

1. Curse of Nothingness

I'm dead inside
Slowly I'm starting to ferment
I have no life
All that I can see
is the wall laughing at me
I can not feel
Same vision from time to time
is burning in my eyes
Same vision from time to time
filled with nothingness of life
I lost my power
I am a pathetic man
I spit on my self
This is the curse of nothingess
I don't want to exist
I wish I could sleep away
but when I close my eyes
that scene is haunting for me
Release me and open the gates
Let me free from myself
Release me
At the gates I'll say goodbye for myself

2. Greenfield

Filled with rage
Voices demanding to act
Young hate is existing
and now is time to shred blood
So many eyes blaming
but don't mind child of hate
Throw the tool of death
and watch deep when the life fades
Kill the life and see the end
You're a god young murderer
Ain't it great to be decider
Greenfield shaped the mind
and now there's no turning back to those times
When you are a god you realize
you are evil inside

3. Spineless

Can't understand!
You step inside
to the building of lies.
And you're bowing down
for that man before you.
You swallow all his tales
without question.
You spineless scum.
You make me sick.
I just can't understand.
Hey, addict.
What can you see
in that kind of slavery.
I just can't understand you fools.
Glory and life
if you choose his side.
Damnation and mourning
if you spit on his story.
You've been fooled by the king of the poors.
You're just one of his whores.
Don't you see he's a real vampire.
Just smiling while sucking your power.

4. Alone

Among the others but still alone.
I am that freak they're staring for long.
But be careful if I raise my head.
Then your eyes are elsewhere.
Field of vision limited by mind.
In the physical world ignore those vacuum-minds.
Keep your mind on that what matters
and shut out all useless.
It's my own life in my mind.
I shut my eyes and you disappear.
I decide when I'm alone.
I am the master of this time.
My time.
Prime time.

5. The Burden

Your life filled with nothing
it's just pathetic act.
Your mind is rotting.
What in earth made it crack?
Every day just the same.
There's nothing new to offer.
On the way to decay
while you try to hold your cover.
Hanging on the verge of bursting
trying to keep yourself together.
Frustrated and overloaded.
Withering away with your selfmade burden.
Where's the burn?
Where's the flame
that you once had?
Now you're stuck in your life
waiting for
savior that never comes.
Wasted time!


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