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Frozen Dust

"Frozen Dust" (2002)

1. Flashback
2. The Sun
3. The Forest
4. Wicklow Mountains
5. Frozen Dust
6. When Silence Fell
7. Again
8. Long Lost
9. Forced To Obey
10. Emptiness

1. Flashback

2. The Sun

I wipe the void from my eyes
The darkness passed away
Where ever I look I see...
The light of another day

I let your warmth embrace me
It forms an auriol of light
In which evil cannot trace me
Returning to the dead of night

You the one
My live has just begun
In my dreams
I was told you'd come
The sun

But sometimes darkness turns back
An eclipse that blocks my sight
It makes my past surround me
It puts me back into the night

I'm held back
I am trying to
Free myself
I yearn for you

You... The light
You... The loved one
You... The circle
You... The Sun

3. The Forest

I'm walking through the forest
Of my life

When I enter the forest
The forest of my life
There's not even a light
To lighten my path

And as the years of
Growing pains pass by
I expexperience hope
Like a beautiful sonorous lake

The lake is surrounded
By mighty trees
Sunlight pours through
The leaves of the branched trees

I persist the walking
Through the forest
As around me
Storm clouds gather

But I try to forget
The storm haunting me
By looking towards the
Deep blue sky

I'm still walking through the forest
My whole life will be in there
What do you experience
In the forest of your life

4. Wicklow Mountains

In mystic mist
These moorlands mourn
Leaving colours
Still unborn

The mountain road
By clouds concealed
Forever winding
Through fogbound fields

I, just I
And I alone
Am lost in heather
And stacks of stone

Graft and drizzle
Gloom and grey
Wicklow calls
I drift away

On the hills of the Irish lands
You will not see the sun
The ancient celtic legends
Will entangle anyone
And in the end when you descend
You'll be another man
You'll need a pint of Guinness
To regain yourself again

Sun for clouds
Blue for grey
Wicklow has let me
Go again

Life and laughter
Down below
In a town called

5. Frozen Dust

Softly the snow falls down
It forms a shroud over the barren sheet
The place where I've found myself
Gets softly covered...

Slowly I walk towards the trees of pain
My footsteps rape this virginal landscape
They're only witness of my unbearable pain
And as I arrive there with tears in my eyes
The memory begins

Now I'm facing my fear once again
So long unspoken, so long denied
Under the shadows of this forest
I will show you...
My pain

I will show you fear in a handfull of dust
Unfulfilled dreams, painful memories
In this cold wind, blowing through the trees
My tears will freeze
Frozen dust

Slowly I restart my journey
Freezing in the cold wind
That screams through the silence
In the barren wastes of my heart

No more shadows
No more fears
Take this pain
Away from here

Leave this forest
Behind me
Oh God
Make me free

Take me...
From here...
Let me feel again

I can't take it no more
No more pain anymore
No more painful memories
No more endless tears
No more screaming
No more bleeding
No more fear

No more...

6. When Silence Fell

When silence fell
Over the earth
The war has ended
But what's it worth

When silence fell
Over the day
The living colours
Were torn away

When silence fell
Over the night
The difference compared to day
Was nor the light

When silence fell
Over mankind
Forgotten is
What's left behind

What is silence like
When there's no one left to hear it
Armageddon's bound to happen
Yet no one's prepared to fear it
No one has made the difference
No one has made the change
Now smoke is rising
From our smouldering remains

When silence fell
On life itself
Even God is
put on a shelf

When silence falls
On you tonight
Then you think of how
To make this right

7. Again

These empty promises
Begin to hold me down
These aching momories
Turn back from time

Beyond my dreams
The past is closing in
Again I hear it's voice

I am not what you see
See me I'm dying again
Again I'm too weak for this
This empty life

Help me now
I'm choking
Against my will
Forced to smile and to live

Darkness fills my life
Again I slowly die
Life is to much for me now
I wish I were not here
Facing al my fears
Take my pain
And heal me now

8. Long Lost

I float away over a sea
Surrounded by darkest mist
Dark colours all around
And nothing left to see

But still I try to find my way
Where should I go 'cause I don't know
I point my eyes towards the sun
And hope it guides me to my goal

The darkest grey is high above
Will tear apart and drift away
The deepest blue soon will appear
And the light will start to shine
Where darkness was now light will be
And then I see what's around me
But still I try to find my way
Where should I go 'cause I don't know

My journey now goes on and on
And while it lasts
I see all those places
Some I like and some I don't
Some are frightening
And some are the most beautiful

But still I try to find my way
Where should I go 'cause I don't know
I point my eyes towards the sun
And hope it guides me to my goal
My destiny, what is that
Who am I, What should I do
What's my goal, my destiny


9. Forced To Obey

As I was laying
In the silence of the night
I heard voices speak to me
Looking around
For one who called my name
No human was there around me

Dark voices in my head
Commanding me...
Dark voices in my head
Forcing me to do...
Giving me thoughts
I never had before
I feel such anguish

I must, I've got to do what I don't want
Get ahead of what will happen

I can't stand for what I do anymore
Forced to obey the dark voices I hear
Forced by the fear of what will come
The control is taken of me

I can't lose the dark voices in my head
Maybe I'm better of dead
I can't find rest in my head anymore
Help me and take them away

Voices in my head

10. Emptiness

Floating thouhts
Like drifting clouds
Empty eyes
Like deep dark nights
Thoughts of sorrow
Thoughts of lost
Returning memories
Drowning my mind

Once they walked with me
And shared my hopes and dreams
My laughs, my cries
They are now far away
Living in an endless paradise
They created an empty place
Waiting to be filled

And I try to fill that empty
Place in my heart
I'm trying and trying
To ease my mind
My dreams, my wishes,
My longing, desire
They torture my thoughts
Day and night, and not by sight
They are somewhere
Will I ever see them again
Once in time

Tears falling down,
I follow them falling
Until they fade away
Like my loved ones
I have much to tell
I have much to show
I have much to give

Tears falling down
They leave behind emptiness
Tears created fears
Drowning my mind
I still feel that aching loss

A place inside my heart is empty


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