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In The Arms Of...

"In The Arms Of..." (1991 EP)

1. No Mans Land
2. Among Others
3. The Third Reich 3797 A.C.
4. Thoughts Of Distrust

1. No Mans Land

Live in fear of our world
Incautious thoughts of destruction
Go to sleep it will disappear
As a dream will be clear
You wish for earth the rebirth
The air won't encumber you any longer
As you reach for someone's hand
As we see no mans land

Your dream will end
And then you will take a stand
To this and make the world exist
The slave inside
Is the evil way of mind
For you there is nothing left to do

This is what life has come to be
See the end of technology
The day will come as you see
For us all that is left

See the light of unknown places
As we all have different faces
Reality makes you grow colder
As it brings you to your shoulders

You can not have
The no mans land
It is just a dream
For someone's hand
Do not look back
On the past
The fight for light
It will last

Look around on the ground
A lifeless form to be born
A face for earth to be lent
No mans land - no mans land

2. Among Others

Lurking in the darkness
The force taking form
Abomination beyond belief...
The hatred is mighty
Our saviour is born
The purest evil released...

The past repulsating
We harvest the seed
Fed with our anger and greed...
The quest for salvation
We no longer need
Our corpses forever are free...

Rise among others
See him burn
But no one bothers
From mistakes we learn

Seeking the shadows
To hide from it all
An outspoken curse
Together we starve

When the dark one is born
The silence will arise
We are all living in the shell
Of ourselves
Your darkest thoughts
Will come out in wrath
Forced out like a soul
That flies and fleets above

They try to find an easy way
Can't you see the day will pay
The chain of pain and death will stop
The loosely minded brain will rot

You are released when you are dead
If you can't go you will be lead
You are one among others that think the same
To live on this earth it is a shame

Among others - we live in pain, among others
Among others - day by day, among others
Among others - we lay to rest, among others
Among others - we kill the world, among others

3. The Third Reich 3797 A.C.

"The sky will fall it's grey of dust
And those whose prayers are about to be answered
That wretched life through all times"

The time is now 3797
The vision of declaim don't even think about heaven
The world is lost to the antichrist
He unlocks the door to the third reich
To be alive is to serve and to kneel
The process goes on until you know it's for real
Rest for now the day is over
A lethal sleep rests upon your shoulder

The third reich is now in stand
To take the world into it's hands
A long time ago the prophet has claimed
That everything is turning and this is the end

Look into the crystal ball
From this world the world will fall
Follow the evil master
In silence we see disaster

He sets the world in fear
He wants us to call him master
We are all fighting eachother
To reborn with another
Mankind will never live again
We all want to save the pain
The atomic blast will lighten up
A nuclear war that won't be stopped
The cries for help will echo high
All freedom's rebels now we die
The chain will always be unbound
In all our eyes a legend drowns

Destruction comes now
Why won't it stop?
Existence fades out
To be reborn
Which man will die for
A lonely cry
Fast death we will be
Deceased by dawn

This is what we call unholy war
The war for you to fight
Demons will rise up from creeping shadows
Shadows that lights the night

Death won't stop to seek
As sorrow will follow
No one will be immortal
We will prepare
Face up to reality
As the voices speak
Follow me now my child
The path of evil glory
And the pearl of unholy sickness
It will pure your soul
The shadows of darkness will arise
So the tale will end
And so we all shall die

The end

4. Thoughts Of Distrust

Thoughts of distrust
Will come to you
As you see
What he will do

The day of rejoicing has dawn at last
To feel vicious pain of the past
Raise your arms in supplication
As he brings you devastation
Exhaust all life in pain
Speak the truth to be insane

Can't you see
What your life will be
Thrown in fear
From darkness clear

The will inside
Can take control
Thoughts of hate
We now behold
His angry wrath
Has filled the air
The fate of god
We now despair

It doesn't have to be this way
Can you hear what I tried to say
Save yourself before it's too late
Can't you see what he will create

Deliver us from evil
Evil for us the deliver
The sight of god is near
The end is now near


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