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"Window" (2007 EP)

1. Window
2. Shades of Cruelty

1. Window

I have seen every sun and moon
Constant watcher in my lighthouse
Flammable/Absorbing being
Under the rain/Into the fire
On my ship I’ve scattered waves
I’ve torn the myst in my eyes
I should be watching you from above
Well, above is a single sky

I fear this transparency
This doorway in for the frail
Please take the key for granted
Feel free to steal my scales
I bid this curtains to fall
I bid this inner comfort to fade away

This land’s still ocean bordered
I’m the blind with an air clear sight
Your void stands on the other shore
I would’nt flood my precious realm

You cannot sleep forever
You’ll wake up with the burning fever
No need to wet my feet...
Till the water crawls to me
Seeking for a far away catharsis
My nightmare starving dreaming shadow
Am I supposed to touch the wind
When I take a look through that broken window

It is cold outside
If your window is made of frost
Mine is a frame without a glass
And it’s cold outside...

Lid closing eye
Blindfolds hiding light
Still healing night
In this refuge of mine
Never dragged out from my magma shell
No… I set the anchor
And it is cold beyond
I’d never dare to set another foot outdoor

2. Shades of Cruelty

All of these words
Out from these caves
Where a serpent tongue hides
Ready to strike the conscience from backside
With a bladeless knife, they hurt from inside

Never white neither black… the words we say
Never clear neither opaque… when everything’s grey

We promise out loud poisonous needles that bite innocent minds
Where is that bottle...? Truth elixir... A cure to heal the blinds

Deep inside... where is throned the jesters
Floats the riddle, but who knows the answer?
Not me… and it’s the venom I spit
You swear, do you lie? Do you really know it?

If we could only raise our hands to grab the sky
Then tear it apart to break the night
Our fingers stretched to hold the light
Then keep it in to enlight the lies

This mask I wear... I forged it
This look in my face... I drew it
What remains of dream... of life
Artificial smiles

Destroying it’s own birthplace
To create a shameful illusion pit
A liquid lie now runs through the veins
And shades of cruelty appear to hide it


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