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Possession of Power

"Possession of Power" (1999)

1. Possession of Power
2. Dragonlord
3. Cast a Spell
4. Ending of Time
5. The Signs
6. My Own Majesty
7. To Live Forever
8. The Vision and the Temple
9. World of Steel
10. A Northern Rhyme
11. Ancient Prophecy

1. Possession of Power

Welcome to the hall
Where the legion is standing tall
To reach thy senses from within
With Possession of Power...
So let the feast begin

2. Dragonlord

By the blitz of dawn
The Dragonlord will rise
To show his blaze
With anger of the beast

BEWARE! He controls the ones to burn
In flames without return

Dragon...The Dragonlord
With his roaring beast (Above)
Fate and death conspire
To those who bring him war
Dragon...The Dragonlord
Steer the evil beast (Above)
Wings of steel turns higher
The choosen burns below
Oooh! The Dragonlord

None prevails in sin
The lord remain as king
In this scenary
Evil magic he will bring


Dragon...The Dragonlord...

Do or die
Wings of steel curse the sky
Stay away
To avoid a mortal fight

Dragon...The Dragonlord

Evil magic he will bring
And the magic brings
Evil magic he will bring
And the magic brings...Onto THEE!!!

3. Cast a Spell

If I was an enchanter
I would fix my eyes on you
To watch thy secrets
In disguise and out of view

All I'd seen before my eyes
Is a vision filled with lies
A trust is dying hard

When I'm told excuses
There's no meaning to believe
In a common liar
I don't need no point of view

All I'd seen...

How would it be
To be slave beneath a spell?
Being bewitched and seduced
To the empty nothingness
How would it be
To feel fear against a spell?
An act of obedience begins
When thy passion burns in hell

How would it be...

4. Ending of Time

The world keeps turning faster each day
The evolution proceeds in it's pace

At the edge of sanity
Awaits insanity

The years of damage lies under the sun
A selfish mankind with minds lost in time

In the atmospheria
Awaits hysteria

In the ancient times
A wise man told his prophecy
He had seen it all
The perish in fire - The end of it all

The ending of time
A prophets prediction
Foretold soon will rise
And prove us the truth
When the world is falling down
The ending of time

It's time to change and understand why
Our Mother Nature's got tears in her eyes

We're the ones who holds the key
The key of destiny

In the ancient times:

The ending of time:

5. The Signs

The future is written
A dark prophecy
Telling the truth `bout tomorrow
Beyond the horizon
Of black moving clouds
Lies the fortune drained in sorrow

The world's turning further
Damnation is near
Facing the signs in the sunrise
Today or tomorrow
We'll burn in its ray
Judgement day is coming closer
Hear my prayer!

As time goes by
Right before my eyes
A world will die
In curse of the future signs

The time's moving faster
A clock strikes from hell
Mephisto's risen to bring madness
Watching the signs
On the dark moving clouds
Mephisto's turned us into sadness

The world's turning further...

As time goes by...

Signs in the sky
Has cursed each soul to die
Lost to be found
In the afterlife on distant ground

Mephisto is calling -
A fatal deadly warning
Mephisto is calling -
Behold...The world's now falling down!

6. My Own Majesty

Once a king to be
A king for all eternity
Deep within my dreams
Where I can make-believe

Within my dreams I'm reaching thrones
As king with inner force
To strike a dome

I am my own - My own majesty
King of all kings
In my land of dreams
I am my own - My own majesty
One with the crown
In a land unseen
Where I am dynasty

I am the righteous one
The choosen one of mighty sons
King within my dreams
Until awakening comes

Within my dreams...

I am my own...

7. To Live Forever

At birth was given power
To rise through blood and fire
Armed to command with sword in hand
Its days shall last forever
Prevail the chains of never
A spirit's born to soaring high

Here to stay
Without to decay
Glory of the ages
From the past to nowadays

Here to live forever
Here to carry on
Break the chains of never
Forever - never gone
Tantalizing - mesmerizing
Powers of thy sword
Here to live forever
The spirit still lives on

In time of blood and fire
Its power's rising higher
Behold its fury conquers all
It holds the sword of glory
The power and the courage
It's here to stay, too strong to fall

Here to stay...

Here to live forever...

We wont force thy mighty power
Rather be the disciples of yours
Break the chains and let our power
Prevail to hail thy iron force

Reaching higher...Feel the fire
Powers of thy iron force

Here to stay...

Here to live forever...

8. The Vision and the Temple

A traveller against storm and rain
A journey trailed by fire and pain
Doomed to follow the inner flame
Drags a child through grime and shame

The burning heat from my deepest core
Allows my struggle to reach the shore
Into the fire - I sense the gold
Beyond the moon and the earth so cold

Obey the call
From the star of fate
Proceed or fall
Lightnings from the damion of my heart

Lead me and regain my inner force
The vision...Once foretold
Take me to the temple damion
The vision...Guides my course

A traveller against storm and rain
A journey trailed by fire and pain
Doomed to follow the inner flame
Drags a child through grime and shame

Fallen the star
Black as it passes through my heart

Lines through my life
Drawn by the edge of the star

9. World of Steel

I dreamed about a free world
I dreamed that I was god
I ruled the kingdom Tellus
Without no reign in blood

If dreams were true I'm free
To deny the reality
Where steel and madness reigns
[1][2] In a way too hard to change
[3] Now it's time to make a change

Lost in a world
Tell me, why am I here?
Lost in a world
Left with anguish and fear
In a world of steel

I saw a million faces
I saw them there before
The violence was taking over
And masters came with war

If dreams were true I'm free...

Lost in a world...

Lost in a world...

10. A Northern Rhyme

I'm an ancient warrior
And I ride the northern sky
Like a brave man I will die in Valhalla
You can hear the thunder roar
I'm the lightning in the sky
Follow me and live to die in Valhalla

I may fight until I die
Death or glory, pride or pain
I've got fury to regain in Valhalla
And when my body's turned old
All I need to do is pray
Let a warmaid guide my way to Valhalla

When a warrior's fallen
By a warmaid he fly
To the hall of the fallen
Upon the northern sky
The northern sky

When a warrior's fallen...

When a warrior's fallen...

11. Ancient Prophecy

["The Message"]

[Guard:] "HALT!!...What brings you here?"

[Warrior:] "Please let me pass, for I have an urgent message for the king!"

[Warrior:] "My Lord, my errand here is of the outmost importance.
Evil forces of the dark side have crossed our lands and they are heading
towards our kingdom as we speak...What shall we do!?

[The King:] "So...They came at last...The prophecy came true...Damned!"

[Warrior:] "Forgive me My Lord, I don't understand."

[The King:] "You see, a long time ago there was an old man who told everyone:

"We shall all come to face Evil one day, it is to be many years before this happens, won't be us, whom shall find It...It, shall find us...!"

Well...Arm for battle at once! And gather my knights, we shall ride at nightfall.

["The Battle"]

Out in the darkness the warriors went
The knights and the sorcerers were guiding the way
After a long way they came to a plain
And sighted an army from hell must've been sent

Warriors and blacklords they all came to blows
Bloodshed and sorcery came side by side

Words of enchantment bowstrings were drawn
Voices of mourning were echoing loud
Many were wounded when morning set to dawn
The field was in chaos and still men stood proud

Screaming and crying they fought for their lives
Magic and thunder and meeting of steel in the night

...And the time has come...Ancient prophecy
Now the time has come...Ancient prophecy
It's an ancient prophecy
Ancient prophecy

After the battle few men were left
Although the victory came for the good
The old mans foretelling now had come true
When Evil's inferior the mankind will rule

Screaming and crying...

...And the time has come...[Twice]

"At last, all evil had vanished and the people had prevailed
To achieve victory in life, one have to fight for his
cause and never be oppressed
So...Evil was beaten...At least for now..."


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