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"Imaginarium" (2002)

1. Lost Within a Shade
2. Escape
3. Rising Higher
4. Nevermore
5. The Enemy Within
6. Dark Images
7. In Martyria
8. Revive for Awhile
9. The Secrecy
10. Reborn
11. Whispering Voices

1. Lost Within a Shade

Is this the way you want to live?
Is this the life you wanted?
Learning ways to fly
Sometimes too high to come down
You're pushing limits day by day
You'll push until you're flying
Burn thy senses
Burn them for a while
Tell me why?

You've built your own world
(Built of Cocaine)
To burn thy senses day by day
In a wasteland
Made by your own hands
You've built your own world
(Raised for a slave)
You will be dying if you can't
Stop this madness
It's up to you - It's your decay...

In Imaginarium
Where lives will fade
In Imaginarium
You're lost within a shade

Is this the way you want to live?
A slave beneath addiction
Realize and face insight
Before it's too late


2. Escape

I'm haunted by shadows inside
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
The lunacy strikes from behind
Planting its roots inside your mind
I feel so strange
I feel so lame in my soul
From time to time it's hard to tame
Doing things I can't control

I am lost to insanity
When will I break free?

I'm running away from my life
Knowing the lunacy's thrown the dice
I'm loosing the knowledge of me
Why can't you see that I...


Save me from insanity
Save me from myself
Breakable as it may seem
But trust me I have seen
The depths of hell


When will I break free?

Help me to escape!!!

3. Rising Higher

We'll take on the world
The final embrace
We've got the power
The magic and faith
Still we go - Still we know
There's no force greater
There's no stand away
We'll gather one day
Break these walls of never

There's no way to stop
We'll never give up
Our future's written
Our faith will remain
Heed the call - We won't fall
We'll rise together

Rise along the way
United we'll stay
Last eternally

Higher and higher we'll rise
We'll raise our power
Strong as a legion we ride
To keep our faith alive
Decade to decade
We'll raise our power
Higher and higher we'll rise
As long as we're alive


4. Nevermore

A journey through the ages
Returning to the past
Where ancient cultures fallen
Fear...will we be the last?
Atlantis drowned in silence
And Egypt raised its grave
We've gazed into the unknown our providence
We'll fall from grace
Without a trace
We'll leave this world
To die and to remain so far from here

We've seen the end of all
We've watched the coming fall
This world will be no more
Lost into nevermore
There's no way out of here
There's nothing left to fear
We'll say farewell and then
Lost into nevermore...again

Foretelling words of wisdom
A darkened future view
We'll reach a new horizon will start anew
The realm of Rome was burned out
The Babylonians fell
We'll be the next to enter the pits of hell


This is what the prophets have foreseen
This is the reality
We are damned for all eternity
We can't leave or flee

This is what the ages left behind
This intends the end of time
For a million souls, this world's no more
Soon we'll make a stand in nevermore

A coming war - Will burn the core
And open up the lock to heavens door


Forever...we'll be
A dying legacy
Whenever...we'll be
Lost into nevermore

Forever...we'll be
A piece of history
Whenever...we'll be
Lost into nevermore...again

5. The Enemy Within

In the still of my mind
I heard the words...and once again
When loneliness comes I know I'll be there
Those echoing voices now confine
What's left of me
The whispering sins, the cross that I bear
Set me free...before the numbness spreads
Before the fear has taken hold
In my hour of need
I'm drained of my thoughts
And my will is growing cold

Will this road lead me home?
Am I lost inside a dream?
Nothing is what it seem

Come follow me through darkness
Guide me through pain
Be the shelter I need to remain
Show the way where deliverance's to find
Give me reason
Salvation from this shattered mind

When bitterness forms your every move
The hate leaves scars
Your shadow encloses all in your way
Can't tell my memories from dreams anymore
The distance grows
Consuming illusions spreading decay

Let me be...before my senses fade
Before the fear has taken hold
In my hour of need
I'm jaded and weak
And my will is growing cold


6. Dark Images

In a time of mastery
Seducing lies were told
The wars were far behind us
But anger still crept cold
Words of infamy
Sowed seeds of blinding hate
And mesmerized by glory
The masses met their fate

The darkest time of man's at hand
Blind follow blind along the blood trails
Orders form a chain of command
While leaders wait and watch in deathly silence

Dark images of one man's hate
Still remember...the pain and sorrow
Dark images of one man's hate
Still remember...the years of devastation
There's no shelter
There's no peace

In our time of innocence
We can't neglect the past
The wars are far behind us
But seeds of hate breed fast

For the master race symbols are praised
While fires are fueled within the death camps
The deafening sound of marching raised
A haunting memory that will last forever


7. In Martyria

Guilty for nothing, treason took place
The Caesar's effacing thy grace
Once a commander but life's turning fast
Into a dark world you're cast
Pay the price for guiltless crimes
Enter the great arena
Raise thy sword, the martyr you are
Kill or be killed at once

When your fate is in the light
In a dome of watching eyes
You fight to keep thy honour
But you can't forget the lies
Pride once lost...the holocaust
The entrance to martyria

Gone are the days of imperial fame
When pride rose along with your name
Your future was lost in the merciless raid
When your loved ones were brutally slayed

Here you stand embraced with pain
There's no retreat or shelter
Keep thy trust, there's glory to find
Fight with no fear in mind


See through the lies
I'm your destined sacrifice
For the glory of Rome
Forevermore...I'm coming home



8. Revive for Awhile

What once was a dream
Now vanished in me
All that I've mourned
To the memory of thee
The love we once shared
The light that was there
Burned out too quickly
In sorrow and despair
I'm nailed from inside
A heart that still cry
Formed from that day when you died
The sadness will stay
Grief made my way
Into the depths of the dark
(Darker than ever, please...)

Save me...I'm frozen and cold
Tears keep on falling
Like rain from above
Save me...the memories take hold
Please, hear my pleading
"If you could revive for awhile"

Embraced by the pain
My pleasure's in vain
Since you were gone
To heaven now belong
If you could revive
And stay for awhile
Renew what we had
Then it wouldn't be that sad


9. The Secrecy

We're moving on
To a place where we don't know
All lives will end
For the good and for the fool
Life's turning on
To pass by what's growing old
What we don't know is
Where we'll rise beyond our fall

Ivory mirrors in great halls
Will reflect our fate and guide the fall
Into nothingness, heaven or hell?

The day will come
When it's time to reach the gate
Enter the great halls
Where the mirrors seals our fate


It's a secret...
Will remain till the end
It's a secret...
Where our souls will transcend
It's a secret...
Will remain till the end
Then the answers will be told
To where in afterlife we're hold

Listen my friend
The fate lies in your hands
Will seal thy destiny
Don't know when...
It's all in secrecy


10. Reborn

The hope is lost in the glass of time
To say a prayer's in vain
After all nothing will remain
The sins we've made still widen the wounds
A dying legacy
In the breed of new technology
Take us to a place where we can save our souls
From the ashes of the earth into nevermore
Our souls will remain

Fly...we'll reach the sky
Reborn here after remain in afterlife
Fly...from here and now
Reborn here after
Die...for a greater paradise

We've lived our lives, now we're left to die
The Armageddon's vague
Will arise with a fiery plague
The end of days lies before us now
We'll reach infinity
Then we'll breed a new mythology


11. Whispering Voices

For many years now I have been told
That I will pay for all my sins
But I don't know what, what I have done
Can someone tell me what I've done wrong
Trapped in a dungeon, chained to the bones
The walls are closing, surrounding me
My heart is hollow, filled with despair
Ooh hear my pleading, please hear my prayer

The voices in my mind
Please take this pain away

In times of darkness
I am scared to close my eyes
I'm scared to falling into sleep
My mind is tumbled
By the memories of my past
Can someone help me, save my soul?

I feel he's close now I feel him breathe
Can sense the fear Can sense the pain
This is my doomsday This is my end
My life is over, was it all in vain?



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