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Across the Starlit Sky

"Across the Starlit Sky" (1998 EP)

1. Enter the Past
2. Tomorrow Knows
3. Starlit Sky
4. Distant World

1. Enter the Past

For years the Cheops laid to waste
A realm in the middle of east
In Egypts ancient world
The dynasty spread fear to men
A journey through the history
Where blood and pain unite
Stone by stone, life by life
Became sacrifice
For the whips and the chains
And the soul devourers jaws

Enter the past
In the ancient pyramids
And the temples built of stone
Where the Pharaoh king remains
After all and for all eternity

From dawn to dusk the Cheops ruled
His crown glanced with glory and pride
As others lost their lives
The circumstances reaped its men
A flight through the tempel of dead
Began in afterlife

Stone by stone...

Enter the past...

So the dynasty was ruined
The darkness fell and the spirits arose
To forever soar in ones mind,
In all ancient rhymes and here between the lines

Stone by stone...

Enter the past...

2. Tomorrow Knows

The future is calling
The past is behind
For aeons of damage, a world goes blind
Eech day's coming closer
The end of the world
So come, join our forces, A world's disturbed
It can't stop tomorrow
We won't stop today
We have to save the world from decay

As darkness falls
We fear the sun won't shine
Tomorrow knows
Sooner or later we'll face
The end of the world

The ocean's increasing
The ice melting by
A hailstorm, tornado disturb ones eye
The one who can stop this
Will be sanctified
As long as we're living, we fear the time

The doom of tomorrow
We fear day by day
A silent funeral without clay

As darkness falls...

3. Starlit Sky

I scan the dark before my eyes
A question's yet untold
The dawn awaits, roll the witches
To find out from the cold

I have to force to reach my aim
I have the power, the eternal flame

This tide I'm in is hard to win
So what am I to do?
They say I'm dead but I'm alive
To sing my tunes for you

It feels to me like a mystery
If I know tomorrow, the past is history

Before the storm
May I see the curtain fall
The curse will leave my tide
When I ride across the starlit sky

In the dungeons I search my way
My fortune may descend
To bring me light in this shade of grey
My power will transcend

It feels to me...

Before the storm...

Forever and after
The silhouettes will fly
Like a razorblade across the sky

whenever hereafter
The silhouettes alive
To foever stay upon the sky

Before the storm...

4. Distant World

I did not really knew her
One day she bid farewell
Leaving us forever
A nightmare hard to tell
For thee, maybe we'll be
Together someday
Forever in Wonderland
No Alice by your side
I wish I could be with her
Forever...In a distant world

Her life dried out in cancer
She's dying from inside
A beauty in existence
Until her soul divide
Ooh Lord!!! Please, tell me why
The mourning tears I cry

Forever in Wonderland...

All she left was memories
And sorrow to mankind
Her life is still another
Too young to fall behind
The gate, a wayward fate
For a lovely girl like her

Forever in Wonderland... [Twice]


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