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All Dead Here...

"All Dead Here..." (2005)

1. Intro
2. The Mask of Sanity
3. The Need To Kill
4. All Dead Here
5. Sanctus Perversum
6. Hategrinder
7. Shackled
8. Empty
9. Outro

1. Intro

2. The Mask of Sanity

Waiting to be unleashed
The eyes that see from within
Waiting to lose its grip
The mask of sanity, I stare in disbelief
Cannot close my eyes
What have we become
Soulless machines, so cold and lifeless
A malignant tumor
Devouring the planet
The feeling of hopelessness turns into hate
Mass murder, mass apathy, mass destruction
The path spirals down into filth and corruption
Extermination the only solution
Where life becomes an illusion
Mankind deleted, existence completed
A virus erased
Leaving the Earth burnt and defaced

3. The Need To Kill

Darkness comes creeping, cold, vile and cruel
Pure and strong it dwells deep within
The need to kill, crawling through heart and soul
Poison in your blood, venom in your mind
A spirit in chains, imperfection flowing through your veins
Turn loose the hatred
Beyond all control, unbridled raging anger, unleashed upon that which I despise

What I've harbored within can no longer be contained
Resed in a whirlwind of pain, No longer restrained
No room for mercy, empathy or compassion
Agony is what I bring
I have unleashed the beast, I have unleashed hell
Make them bleed, make them hurt
Make them sleep and turn into dirt,
underground they all now play
Breathing the fumes of their own decay
In the darkest depths of the mind, something untamed and sinister dwells
Hatred, disgust, contempt, the will to dominate
To rule, to destroy, I thirst for blood, for pain, fear and agony
A flame that burns in the heart, strong and clear
Make them pale, make them cold, make silence surround them and darkness unfold
Underground they all now play, breathing the fumes of their own decay

4. All Dead Here

Humanity on its knees, entangled in devastating apathy
Crushed underneath the heel of holy plague
Crippled, weak and diseased
The sky turned dark and the moon gleamed pale
The air was thick with the stench of death
Mankind festered in the scorching heat
and days were black as night
We are distorted, we are defiled, when we are dead, we are stocked and piled
We decompose, we putrefy, we all slowly wither and die
We walked with stumbling feet, chained together by our own common lack of sense
Lol by words spewed from static mouths, mouths of lies, pestilence and deceit
We are grotesque creeps, hurdled grotesque sheep
We are deceased, no longer bound
We lie to rot, stinking in the ground
An epidemic wave swept over a weak and dying race
Apocalypse rendered our bodies withered and decayed
Our souls were starved and famished
Dead clouds smothered the Earth's face

5. Sanctus Perversum

I give you pain, degradation and sorrow, absolve your sins and leave your hollow
Be afraid, be restrained, be docile and be weak
Be incomplete, be obsolete, accept defeat, be humble and be meek
So sweet when your hands are tied, so swallow your pride, then swallow mine
Save your soul or you shall burn in hell, You must obey or in fire you will dwell
There's no escape, there's no where to hide, 'cause God sees all and God is on my side
I am the flesh, the earthly limbs of God, I am the blood and the holy rod
Divinity that you must taste, Holy molestation, Holy degradation, sacred penetration, sacred violation

6. Hategrinder

Grind all my hatred into a solid cloud of pain
From all my anger into a crushing wave
Drowning you in a raging, spiteful storm
Becoming eve with fear, as I take its form
All that you are is all that I hate
The poisonous words you speak, venom that makes you weak
The soul is in chains
Your spirit is fucking dead
No room for prayers when God is in your head
I am the opposite of everything
I am resistance in its purest form
I am the anti that goes against the norm
I am what you don't want to see
Locked in a cage of misery, with blinding lights in your eyes
You cannot see, through the veil of lies
You cannot see, through the veil of lies

7. Shackled

Life is slowing, killing you, It torments you day and night
Night and day, everything is slipping away
'Cause you seek meaning where no meaning can be found
Crawling through existence with arms and feet bound
Your spirit detests the lies you are fed
Where is your pain? In your heart or in your head?
Spread your life on your knees - whipped and beaten
Reduced to a shadow of what you could have been
Always afraid, always hating, complaining, fading into nothingness
Willingly shackled by something that's in your head
Hanged by your neck until you are dead
Weak and forsaken, you plunge into disbelief
A sad end to a life poorly spent

8. Empty

We all sit down and we're empty in our heads
And we speak but no one understands, no one cares
I hate you all and I wish I was gone, I want to disappear
So we try to make sense but we're hollow and unpure
We turn into lifeless shells and I don't care anymore
I hate you all and I wish I was dead, why won't you disappear?
We all spoke the same words and the same thoughts kept coming back, I wanted to understand
But now I can't take it anymore

9. Outro


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