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Frostbitten Nakedness

"Frostbitten Nakedness" (1998)

1. Sorrow
2. Poisoned
3. Nightmare
4. The Room
5. For You
6. Mother`s Love
7. The Dialogue
8. Azrael`s Kiss
9. Buried Together
10. !

1. Sorrow

Dead silence in the valley
Stones are coloured dark
Only moon lights your way
Wind blows softly now
Little fire far off the road
Tired - falling down
Soil and grass is the bed
Dream cought you at night

Cold of night has opened your eyes
So alone in the Valley and the night
Silence comes after the scream
Brain was touched by fear

I have the same feeling, feeling in my mind
I have the same depression, depression in my sight

Morning comes with the storm
Rain's washing your face
Sky is dark and heavy
Clouds have merged with Earth
Dance of drops on the road
You don't want to go
Sticky mud on the feet
I was there before

Water from stones is running wild
Blaze on the sky till the end of time
Last tired movement on the road
Scythe of the death have finished your hope

Blood from heart is running wild
Light at the end of the tunnel dark
The last weak beat of the life
Go and enter the night

2. Poisoned

Your eyes are dancing, in the final flight
The world has changed to Mary - go - round

Life is like a ship
On neverending trip
Water sometime lies
Scream and cry

End of your life
End of your time
End for your mind
In this killing dream

Trying to escape, from from the circling storm
You feel the weakness and your body falls

Leaving the ship
It's not a trip
Poisoned and ill
You only scream

Feeling the wind
Caressing your skin
With opened eyes
Silently you cry

3. Nightmare

4. The Room

Doors are locked and the room is silent
In the chair is sitting the violence

What is love? What do you think?
You are blinded by fear
Words about love and peace
Open the door and you'll see

Jesus hangs on the wall
In his eyes lie rest
Hypocrisy hand in hand
With the priests the truth is dead

Room is cold and doors are open
In front of you is staying the violence

Hate and death are greeting you
Don't cry we don't want you
God will stop your time
Love him in your life

5. For You

One look to your eyes, can I laugh or cry
What a stupid tale, have you told me in this day
I discovered one mistake, that I believed you for a days
It is real, it is now, your eyes make me feel to cry

Standing like a statue
I don't want cry
What a strange feeling
Is running through my heart

When you told me this strange new
I was able nothing to do
Now I remember about all
What did you tell me before
Sweet words about me
Now are falling to the deep
When you see me you give me smile
And you think that it's all right

Your words come to my brain, and I try to understand
I'm looking to you like a fool, but I don't know if you are you
Now it looks like, like a game, where's the looser? Here I am
Only one question in my eyes, what are you waiting from me now?

6. Mother`s Love

I see and I'm trying to understand
I don't know what is going on in your head

I see
And I lie
That I know
Your life

I saw you dying with open eyes
Fear was there before
Blood in your mouth has hidden the cry
The cry for the hope

Now I know that you have truth
But tell me, why want you to die

My life should be the same as yours
But I don't want to live my life in chains
I know that my death will be big pain for you
But I don't want to live in terror as you do!

I hate
My life
The time has
Killed my child

7. The Dialogue

I'm walking from place to place
I'm looking to the sky
My hands are full of tears of sorrow
And eyes refuse to cry
I'm still searching for the meaning
Meaning of the life
I know that I'm again dreaming
Dreaming all the time

Open your eyes and look at me
I know your whole life
Are you really convinced
That your want to leave your life
Sometimes we try to escape
Escape from this time
But you don't know
What's waiting for you
On the other side

I had dream so many times
So many times in my life
So I don't know what is real
But I want to be free now

Exordium before the death
What do you want from me now!
Nothing from your words
Interests me
Leave me leave my mind
I know that place is not for me
I know it really now!!!
I want to finish this strange existance
I hate the life

Open your eyes and look at me
If you hate the life
Are you really convinced
That your wish is right
Remember if you do so
There is no way out
It will be your final journey
Are you ready to die???

8. Azrael`s Kiss

So alone in the night, the shine of the stars
Only moon survived, when the sky got dark
Soft wind is playing with clouds on the sky
Shadows are dancing on the trees and grass

Stars has sinked in the water
Waterfall of life
Enter the kingdom of dark mother
Death gives you the life

From the thick forest have yield the dark
Sun is slowly coming back to the sky
Hard as a rock is here the time
Thousand of tears hidden inside

Tears desappeared in the water
Waterfall of life
Enter the kongdom of dark mother
Death brings the life

Azrael's kiss, is the end of wish
Azrael's kiss, back to the deep

Sun reaches the point on the blue sky
It's power is lost before moon side
Night is coming with the shine of stars
River is empty water is out

In the water, the reflection
Waterfall is dark
Enter the kingdom of dark mother
Welcome in the other time

9. Buried Together

The road is covered with mud and leaves
Crying people are moving among trees
Following the coffin on the last way
Everything is past at the cemetary gate

Soil is falling to the cold hole
Dead flowers like a symbol of sorrow
Words of priest are carved to the trees
Rhymes of sad are whispering the leaves

Buried together - together with lies
Buried together - body has died

The road is covered with leaves and tears
No crying people only sleeping trees
Big cold headstone is the end of way
Echoes of burial whispers this place

Cold and darkness together in hole
Where is the kingdom from the priest's last words
The life was a one big lie
Here is no heaven only cold and dark

10. !


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