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Abandoned In The Forest Of Weariness (Call Of Fairie)

"Abandoned In The Forest Of Weariness (Call Of Fairie)" (2004)

1. ...And Reality Hurts
2. Following the Shadow
3. So Lonely
4. World Is Buried
5. Dying
6. Last Breath
7. Vampirian Blues
8. The Seducer

1. ...And Reality Hurts

I'm feeling so tired
And never-ending seem to be this way
Someone stole the fire
The only light in this painful way

This is the sound of misery
Sometimes the life looks so scary

Looking for desire during the whole life time
The world turned to fire
Please open your eyes
The time slowly whispers my unspoken words
The heartís still beating and reality hurts

The old wound still bleeding
And my mind still suffocates the pain
I cannot stop my feelings
Expendable is the last word to say

This is the sound of misery
Sometimes the life looks so scary

2. Following the Shadow

Drops of rain are washing my face
I am trying to look around
Surrounding world is so silent just whisperings fall from the sky

Walking on the road that no one knows trying to reach the end
Dirt under feet the legs start to bleed from wounds come the heart

Following the shadow, I slowly closed the day
I sowed my face
Iím still the same
Following the shadow, from life what remains?
Here comes the day
Iím still insane

I want to move but my body refuses knees hit the ground
Dark in my sight has changed the light what happened with my mind

Lying on the road that no one knows and thinking about the end
The noise in my head so sticky and wet is the blood on my hands

3. So Lonely

Listening to the warning, warning of the past
Nobody is talking, thereís left to trust
The sore point of living, somewhere lurks the truth
Embraced by the screaming, of damned youth

And I still donít know why
Why do you cry? So lonely

Poor root of religion, dismembered by time
The spirit has own reasons, to enter the calm
Sooth locus of rapture, where no life dwells
Dawn of the madness, the earth is part of hell

4. World Is Buried

The world is dying
And mankind is bleeding
From the deep space
The Nibiru arrive
People are hunted
For their own meanings
For such a long time
The gobernment still lie

World is buried
I donít cry
All my warnings
Are drowning in lies

Selective feelings
4 alternative healing
Who protect the secret
When Nibiru arrives?
The bells start ringing
And life is leaving
Chance for the humans
Maybe the next time

5. Dying

Heavy clouds on the sky
For the earth left
The last goodbye
Damnation of mankind
The same mistake
For thousand times

I am screaming
To the night
I am flying
To the sky
I am bleeding
For my wounds
I am dying
On the earth

So blue is the sky
No one left
For whom the sun shines
Lifeless way
Through the space
Death is all what now remains

6. Last Breath

Sorrounded by the hills and the forest is so deep
No light comes through the trees with darkness comes the breeze
Thick fog in the land is summoning the end
Death will appear soon accompanied with Doom

Shadows rushed by wind, the Fairy softly sings
The melody is well known itís the call of beyond
Despair is in the air and the blaze from nowhere
Last message of light in kingdom of the night

Last breath of dying world for escape no time
Everything is forgotten under sand of time

Morning born from tears the silence is still here
The sun denies to come madness is all around
When rain begins to fall from the forest come the cold
To clean all what left sometimes itís the best

7. Vampirian Blues

Silver moon on the winter sky
Wolfs howling is greeting the night
Loneliness and the endless time
Are the only friends in restless life
In a last time the saltly taste of blood
This memory diappeared in the past
Hundred years under famous names
Fame is gone just solitude stays

Hearing screams of all dead victims
Pictures come back to you
Hearing screams of all dead victims
Hunger is back to you

Now is the time for VAMPIRIAN BLUES
Abandoned castle hidden in the hills
Thick forest and strange whisperings
Nameless one arrived with the wind
Our world is really made for him

8. The Seducer

I am the voice of your seducer if you believe in God
I am the face from your worst nightmare, or maybe I am not!
Crucifix hangs on the wall and Jesus falling down
Priest are screaming on the knees
The serpents time becomes

Knocking on the heavens door the perdition is all around
Maybe the God has no time to listen to you now

The tree is empty and paradise lost, what will you do NOW
Also serpent has disappeared and you donít understand HOW
All the learing from religion that all now burns in church
Everything about Gods kingdom now is buried in dirt


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