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Dimensions of Death

"Dimensions of Death" (1992 EP)

1. 15 Seconds to the Death
2. Dimension of Death
3. Sand (Welcome to Extinction)
4. Pollution (Early Death)

1. 15 Seconds to the Death

2. Dimension of Death

Thousand light-years
In another dimension
A king of life reigns
walking to its extinction
Mad machines
Glide without control
in the core of the morbid
glass mountain

By extinguishing of the
natural means of survival
The last lives
agonize in solitude

Just this glass mountain
separates life from death
where beams light up
Fear of silence
of large corridors
There's no hope for life
Only those who have got D/four
Will live four months outside the mountain

Just a sentry leaves crawling
from the glass mountain debris
To the mid of the desert darkness

3. Sand (Welcome to Extinction)

A frozen wind goes through the whole desert
Seven hundred and fifty three degrees in the darkness
The first heat degrees reach the sands
Negative temperature reaches the point of six hundred positive degrees
A sentry walks adrift leaving a trail of agony
which is rapidly covered by sand
Sand everywhere...
Four months living together with sand

Day after day, everything repeats
And darkness still
D/4 drains away
agony gets stronger

Inner and inner
A sentry walks adrift
Sand and desolation everywhere
Gray sky... red ground
Few days of living and agony
There's no hope for life
Neither for those who have D/4
For the sand flows down from the sand glass

The sentry is dead, only the desert knows
and with him all his civilization saga
The desert gradually eats up his flesh
And corrodes the glass mountain

4. Pollution (Early Death)

Toxic gases incubate death
A biochemical nation builds our grave
heat, cold, greenhouse effect, climatic disturbances

Human incomprehension, polluting, killing life
Miraculous technology doesn't find solutions
for the garbage of its civilization

Whose scenery is littered with trash
and industrial waste
who confuse themselves with mankind

Decompositions under open sky
a fetus without a brain
the terrible certainty of our tomorrow
devastating, burying mankind

The earth's belly is rotten
everything inside it too
Mankind keeps on eating the bowels of the belly
they will die

We keep on throwing industrial dust and toxic gases
into the athmosphere without caution
We'll be doomed to carry gas masks
through the dead metropolis
killing, burying mankind

Gases, drains, running free
polluting the water and bringing death
gases poisoning the air bringing diseases
polluting the water
early death


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