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"Cybergods" (1995 EP)

1. Cybergods
2. Plataform S1
3. GF-15

1. Cybergods

techorganic life, cybernetic research
cyborgs projeted to substitute astronauts
during thousand of lightyears cruising space
search a new planet for his race to colonize

the cybergods'll create a new race

artificial life produced
in laboratories at the spaceship
cells germinates and ovulates in reservoirs
inside incubator machines

the cybergods'll create a new race

searching uranium to refill the spaceship
"atlantis" flies to reconnaissance
the cyborgs lands to extact "u"
from planet... blue

in the dust
hide their faces
the gods arrived...
from the stars

the cybergods'll create a new race

2. Plataform S1

entry code 0091
year 2060 new age
space platform s1
mission: exploration

red planet
searching for energy
in the melancholic vision above the liquid surface
the platform hovers the vicious liquid
extracted energy rides through the tubes
under the atmosphere space probes everywhere

exploration, the energy is reversed from the platform

intruders in a new world
don't have life span
turned into pure energy
prepare to die

the vicious liquid it's alive...
the whole planet is a living being
an evolued from of life
a sphere of perfect intelligence

forgotten in space
the platform deteriorates
human lives
left to die

canceled the mission
left to die

3. GF-15

weird forms of life
appear on the earth
atmosphere contaminated
regions without condition of life

in the end of the 4:th world war
bacterium gf-15 is used in uranium development
and in decontamination of radioactive areas
where the radius is intense

this evolution of microorganism
begin to multiply
at high speed

removed from these regions by water
and wind storms
they begin to show their effects
in contact with dwelling areas
little by little the becteria install itself
in the human body

intoxicating the human organism
the bacteria has a four month incubation period
in antecipation to the death of the
contaminated being

antecipating this death


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