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"Demo '96" (1996 Demo)

1. Regardless designs
2. Morbovia / My sick world of spirits
3. The horde of the devil dominion
4. Was bleibt, ist der Tod

1. Regardless designs

The evil will never die out.
All hopes fade away like the ideas of an optimist
It´s alive, the evil that tortures us to death,
takes away vitality,
arouses the envy and the hate
having the will to destroy all around it...

Is it necessary to make a mess of the fellowman´s life?
Has it to be that there are egoists who are only interrested
in exploiting ohters.

Brutes created by god, rules by god and killed in the name of god.
They use regardless measures for satisfying their sprouts
and then ignore fellings.

All of them will perish without realizing it.
Their flesh will not like the emotions of their victims.
Their thoughts will be delusions of misery.

But their insame designs will never change as long as they will be.
A life without sorrows, just a dream destroyed by the recklessness
of those brutes. For defeating these dregs, you must mutate to an
unscrupulous creature for yourself.

There are dark thoughts overwhelming me, indifferent towards my
existence, drawed to higher things, disgusted with irrevelances.

2. Morbovia / My sick world of spirits

Now you can hear a story of suiside, a tale wirtten as a farewell
letter, containing my deepest thoughts.
"Isolated from surroundings, disappointed by their mental attitiude,
left alon in weeping frame of mind!

A period of depressoin? Black clouds over my mind
and ending my life is the only desire I have

This is my sick world of spirits.
A dark world of sadness and grief.
"Isolated from surroundings, disappointed by their mental
attitude, left alone in weeping frame of mind!"
I burst into tears.

Cursed times of helpless crying, I see myself fading
away into the darkd endlessness.

Staring into solitude, I´m alone in my own world,
ignored by each other.
For me there is nothing that keeps me alive, no love, no hope,
only despair and hate. The rising hate drives me mad,
no common sense anymore.


I´m an insenible creature, destroyed by the over-estimation
of so-called fellows.
Not created for life, the claws of death seize my soul.
Not a dream that tortures me, but perhaps a brain-child of madness.
Take me away to your kingdom, show mercy to my screams.


Indifference causes my unfeelingness and my desire
becomes true. This is my end.

This was my life, a world couldn´t cope with.
The dying as the only solution I can imagine.
"Released from the sadness, from the pain
and cruel dimension called life.
to sleep forever, no longer tormented by earthly matters"
I failed....

That was the tale of my live.
A tale of despair and grief. I can´t cope with the agony
I feel. Alone I die in my sick wold of spirits.

3. The horde of the devil dominion

Here it is, that conquers our souls,
drives us mad,
turns us into beast,
carries us off into their realm
an empire that offers nothing but pain and fear.

- They arrive to rob the vigor -

For surviving you must alter to a brute,
a brute complied with hate
who can´t distinguish its enemies from its fellows.
Urged by blind rage they wreck us tith scorn.

No difficulties in overwhelming the primitive human race.
Your excessive overestimatioin will suffocate you.
Not the slightest chance of deliverance.
We are only whips of their evil designs.
Helpless, innocent we are victims of their recklessness.
No escape for the weak, cursed forever.

Being overwhelmed by its superior fore,
seized with fear, we persue its world of ideas.
As result of this we can never get away this vicious circle.
Our damnation is to rot in our own
weakness and want of principles.

The human race will never find a way out.
Forever they will be tortured by:

The feeling of becoming indifferent to life,
the lost dread for dying,
the acceptance of using all measures for self-realization.

Like black candles in a dark winternight, we all become
extinct and only lifeless obscurity remains.

This is our fate, to survive for dying. Perhaps this what we
deserve. As the last resort, to fight:

The final battle in which a human
lif is as much as worth as a heap
of dust. We will fall like the angels
created by the illusions of brainless cunts.

What I see, reality or just delusions of misery?
Like a vision of darkest thoughts. Something
I can´t describe, like a mirror of my soul. My
heart turns into stone, a stone that is condermned to
fall, broken like a heap of fragments which can never be
put together.

It´s the being drawed the evil, the belief in evil and
the total adoration of evil. What does it matter to your world.

Here it is, that conquers our souls,
drives us mad,
turn us into beast,
carries us off into their realm,
an empire that offers nothing but pain and fear.

The predominance of evil will conquer your heart, too.
And then you will understand your own failure.
The horde of the evil dominion in which I believe.
It´s not easy for me to be seized by this mentality.
But some time you will understand the thruth lying in this
mental attitiude. It was a hopeless fight,
dominated by their vandalism.
At the end the evil faces ourself gloriously
and its laughter destroys our brain.
Those called human....

4. Was bleibt, ist der Tod

Memories of the past determined my emotions, my
eyes drown in the sight of life. An appeal to humanity...
It´s time to be honest, to realize that we, the human
race, have failed in all respets.

It´s like a picture painted with blood.
The fire becomes extinct and laughter fullfills the
silence. It´s my laugther, I devoted to humanity, a race,
I can´t identify myself withe those creatures.

But what you hear are only words of my despair.
Perhaps I´m not better than any other, too.
And this words are only delusions of my despair.
I´ve not the right to improve the whole
world. The moving power in me is the persuasion
to something I can´t describe:

"Zu warten auf den Tod, das Haupt zu senken vor der Ewigkeit.
Ist es das, was mich treibt in einem Meer von Tränen,
ist es das, was mich bewegt, die Frage nach der Zeit,
bis ich mich von dem, was sich Leben nennt, lösen kann"

To worship death and the rising evil is my only intention.
Why do I still live?

"Auf der Reise durch die Einsamkeit, der Suche nach Erlösung,
gibt es nur den einen Auswege.
Getrieben von Hass und blinder Wut, ist es wohl das Beste,
in eine andere Form das Daseins zu fliehen:"

It´s the hope that keeps me alive, but hope is nothing
real. Together with myself it disintergrates into
nothing. I see the end is overwhelming our planet.
But what are all the prophecies of use in a society
which only consists of stobborn men?

You don´t know such loneliness as mine.
Cold wind waft the dust from our graves and voices from
beyond reach my ears like wouful cries
And until achieving our goal, the death, a dark
voyage through pain despair must be faced and
many tears will be shed.

"Ich habe begriffen, ich bin nicht geschaffen für diese
Art Leben, getrieben in den Tod durch Meinesgleichen.
Doch dies ist nur ein Mahnmal, der Menschheit gewidmet
als Prophezeihung ihre Schicksals.

Der Mensch, ein Wesen gleich einer Bestie, getrieben von
Rücksichtslosigkeit und massloser Selbstüberschätzung.

Der Mensch, er wird es wohl nie begreifen, was bleibt ist der
Tod, als einzige Erlösung für immer.....


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