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Severed Death

"Severed Death" (2002)

1. The Offering
2. Buried Alive
3. Humping the Dead
4. Misogynicide
5. Severed Death
6. Divinely Exhumed
7. Whom I Serve
8. Deliverance of the Beast

1. The Offering

I am that which you seek
I am that which you fear
Behold the image of your creator
Come now - taste the sound
Of once Lost - now found
Repent - turn around
Lift your spirit upward bound
I am nothing on my own
I am dust, flesh, and bone
I'm a stranger in a strange land
On life's fire i must roam
What is life? You hold on too tight
Let go to christ
And fight the fight
Vanity of vanities the eye clouds
What the mind sees
Virtual reality
The truth will set you free

2. Buried Alive

Carnal corpse shrieks aloud
Time has come to die
Writhe in pain ripped apart
Crucified one's self
Spiritual walk born again
Sprout the seed of life
Death to death, life to life
Natrual man no more
Divine deluge - baptisim of fire
Do not delay - be buried alive
Praise the lord for the gift
Righteous by faith
Salvation by his name
No one else can claim
Taste of god - jesus christ
Crucified for you
Raised to life from the dead
Paid the debt for you
See the hope his return
To judge the world's sins
Satan's pawns cast alive
Into the lake of fire
Spiritual death for all those
Who reject god's gift
Lamb of god slain for all
Now the king of kings

3. Humping the Dead

Humanist frightened and scared
Using satan as a scare tactic
Humping the dead
Too weak to turn to the truth
Just dwell and weep in his soon to come grave
Humping the dead
Forcing self to lust for the dead
Adopting ignorance as one's natural thoughts
Reiterating stupidities of other's failures
Blasphemies of nonsense
Contradicts one's own beliefs
Humping the dead

4. Misogynicide

Anger building up inside
Rage unleashed upon your wife
Half your size, twice the pain
First scarring her life - insane
Big man tough guy
Beat your wife will she die?
Perverted feelings begotten of fear
Looked upon as the inferior sex
Proving manhood by beating her up
Is not god says its all about
God pulled the rib from adam
Not to make a punching bag
Helpmate was the original intention
Separate but equal since creation
Jesus had a wonderful ministry
Scores of women by his side
Many disciples of the fairer sex
Love for god they had inside
Big man tough guy
Love your wife or die
Women are blessings
From the lord
Don't treat them with contempt
Wrath of god abides on him
Who hits a girl on a whim

5. Severed Death

Bloody corpses on the street
Gory flesh mangled meat
Bloody corpses on the ground
Screams of pain all around
Decapitation intense slaughter
Food for death demonic fodder
Had the chance christ to recieve
(you) didn't repent (you) didn't recieve
Judgement day has arrived
Take your part with the goats
Ignorant rebellion it's so vain
Eternal damnation feel the pain
Sulphurous caverns teething flesh
Skin ripped off, bloodshed fresh
Agony eternal torment forever
Life with god has been severed
The hell you chose is now your home
Rotting eyes brain is foam
Demon torture the price you'll pay
Rejection of christ on this day
Who will you serve its your choice
Believe in your heart speak with your voice
The lord jesus is the son of god
Recieve salvation give your knee a nod
Disown satan the father of lies
Be adopted by god into the vine
His yoke is easy his burden light
Journey to life apart from the night

6. Divinely Exhumed

Six feet under darkness surrounds
Years of decay rotten flesh growth
Slab of eulogy upon yonder grave
Thou rotten corpse image of decay
Call to life
Come up hither
Blink of an eye
Unbelief denied
Blow the trumpet blast of fire
Dead risen first flesh renewed bones
Caught up to meet them in the air
Unbelievers left to dispair
Do not deny the power of god
Believe the son accept the lord
Life after death eternal bliss
Up from the grave exhumed to life

7. Whom I Serve

Torn and whipped at the stake
All was planned no mistake
Cut open sholder to waist
Exposed the organs within
Whipped with leather stripes
Blood flowed for all healing
Wood rubbing open flesh
Dragging own death up hill
Golgotha the place of the skull
Fallen pushed rest of way
Nails through hands and feet
Cast lots under the cross
Holder of the keys
Of death and hades
Jesus the savior of
Those who believe
the right hand of the
Father sits at his throne
Glory to the lamb
Who shed his blood
Demons run frightened
Scared of his name
Hallelujah praise ye
The lord jesus christ
Mighty in battle
Greatest of all warriors
God in the flesh savior of souls
Conquered death
I serve jesus

8. Deliverance of the Beast

Eye of the socket
Aim of the gun
Standing in position
You better turn and run
I'm getting on my knees
Praying for pleading
Father, god, holy spirit
Send your only son
Time for repentance
God's the only one
Jesus christ my savior
Hold me as your son
Demonic possession
Your head in the clouds
It's time to do business
To claim back holy ground
Quaking - earth's shaking
Shaking - who's shaking
Praising - i'm praising
Faking - no faking
Deliverance of the beast
For those who can't find peace
Demonic manifestation
Recieve and believe in jesus
Deliverance of the beast


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